Dogs that earlier have lived with us.

They are now, for different reasons, living with other families.
A decision that was very hard to make when we had to, and all of them
 have a special place in our hearts and we love them and misses them a lot.

Black Blossom Lady Christine "Kiila"Black Blossom Lady Christine  "Kiila"

Sadly it turned out Angelica was allergic to  Kiilas coat, so 2006 she moved to Kennel Black Tracks.

Ruby River´s Misa Mi "Missy"

Because of the fact that Missy is missing a P3 she moved to  Janne and Helene 2008.

GaïaVajert D´Eroudur
This girl is imported from Belgium 2007.

Sadly it has shown that Gaïa is afraid of gunfire so she is back with her breeder. I am so unhappy...... 2009

Vajert Raika

2011. We have, with love, let Kennel Acktiva in Finland take over our beloved Raika. They where the owner of  Vajert Ihana to the day she left earth.

Vajert Anouk

On agreement this male has been staying with us for 1,5 year before he could go home to his owner Annelie Lindqvist (previous owner of Vajert Lobo) in Enköping. Now he is with his owner and I miss him so much it hurts.  

Vajert Hexa

This girl we kept out of the H-litter. So nice, open friendly and fun to own. Then it turned out she had HD-C and my plans for her in future breeding went down the drain. Now she is living with a wonderful family (previous owner of Vajert Diva) in Enköping. I miss her very much. Her stopped into breeding, and all bad luck with the imported dogs, became the drop that made the cup overfilled and I was serious thinking of stop breeding for good. 

Vajert O´ Boy

This boy we kept out of the O-litter. He became crypt, so breeding is out of the question. I am so happy he now have his own, nice family, in Småland. We miss him very much. 

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