Black Blossom Lady Christine "Kiila"

Born: 17-09-2004

e. Lapinlumon Hauska Herkko
u. Black Blossom Miss Finesse

Now, after looking at this race for 5 years, we have found what we where looking for. =)

Kiila 5 ½ vecka Foto: Pia Juhlin The 12th of November 2004 Angelica and I went up to Black Blossom in Mora to finally bring home our first Finnish Lapphund. Welcome home little Kiila. You are very longed for!

Kiila 9 weeks Photo: Kennel Vajert This is the right environment for Kiila! Almost a half meter of Snow =) She is 9 weeks at the photo and I had to "drag" her inside despite the minus-degrees.

Kiila 8 weeks Photo: Kennel Vajert Here she is 8,5 week. I took the photo the 17th of November, the same day that Stockholm had a bad snowstorm in the evening and during the night!!

  • 19-02-2005 In Sollentuna. Kiilas first puppy show =). She got HP and BOS! Her brother took BOB and BIG-R. Super! =)

    Kiila 6m Photo: Kennel Vajert

  • 19-03-2005 In Sollentuna again. Kiila´s second puppy show and this time with Angelica as the handler =). They got HP and BOB! Congratulations to both of you, you did a great job!

    A show is tired you out! Nice to get home and get some sleep =)))

  • Pedigree
  • HP
  • BOS & BOB puppy
  • Kiila 21 days
    (Photo: Pia/Black Blossom)

    (Photo: Kennel Vajert)

    (Photo: Kennel Vajert)

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