KORAD SW-99-00-01-03 LP1 NORDW-2000 DKCH NUCH NW-02 KBHW-03 DKK-rase Winner 2003
Vajert Qinza

Born: 09-05-1997   Dead: 09-11-2004
17-05-2003 Åhus working club. Belgian special show. Qinza got CK+HP, BOB, BIS-2 Champion and BIS-3 total!! =)

02-06-2003 World Dog Show in Dortmund, Germany. Qinza became 2ond best bitch with R-CAC (VDH), R-CACIB, R-WW-03. =) WOW!! It was a very special feeling to be at the show. 24 Laekenois were signed for the show and I found a lots of very nice males to think about when I got home =)

14-06-2003 Belgian special show in Knivsta. Qinza got CK, 1btkl, BOB (champ), BOB, BIS-4 (champ) and BIS-4 total! She was also in the breeder-group that ended up as BIS-2 this day!
The day was lovely with nice weather, good food, very nice friends to talk to and be with. A big eclogue to AfBV-ULO for a great show this year again! =)

16 to 19-07-2003 4 X Vadstena Show. Qinza got CK, BOB and CACIB all four days!! She was alone representing the Belgian Shepherds all verities the first two days. How often have that happened, a Laekenois alone in the group-final?! Never before on Sweden anyway! =))))

02-08-2003 Ågesta. SBU-2003. Qinza got CK, 1btkl, BOB (champion). She was also in the breeder-group that ended up as BIS-3 this day.

21-09-2003 Copenhagen Winner Show in Denmark. Qinza got CK, BOB, CACIB and the title COPENHAGEN WINNER 2003

11-10-2003 Swedish Winner Show in Växjö. Qinza got CK, BOS, CACIB and the title SWEDISH WINNER 2003

13-12-2003 Nordic Winner Show in Stockholm. Qinza got CK, ended up as 4 best bitch behind her daughters in order Inja, Xtra, Inka! =) This bitches and Qinza was in the breeder-class all of them with CK and got HP! In Qinza´s progeny-class was also Xena attended and the group got HP as well. It was not hard to got to sleep this night I can tell you =))))

  • Correct Scissors-bite
  • HD-UA
  • ED-UA (0/0)
  • Eyes checked -clear Character tested
  • MH. Done with no fair of gunfire
  • Approval try-out for military-guarding dog
  • LP1
  • Moved up to lower class tracking
  • Norwegian Champion
  • Danish Champion
  • Swedish Winner 99-01, 2003
  • Nordic Winner 2000
  • Norwegian Winner 2002
  • Copenhagen Winner 2003
  • DKK-rase Winner 2003

  • (Photo: Bo Eriksson)

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