Vajert Brizna

Born: 05-06-2007

e. NLCH, INTUCH LongFields Boyo Baldwin 
FinW-06, -07 Vajert Daphne (L)

2012-01-25 Last Saturday I got the message that I may use the male, I for so long have wished for, on Brizna. That means that in April, when she starts her heat, she will go for "love-date".

12-04-26 Brizna and Runar had their love-date today =) They where stuck for 8 minutes and now we will keep fingers crossed there will be puppies =)

12-05-29 The ultrasound today showed a lot of small once inside. In end of June they will be born. How exciting =)

12-06-25 Early this morning Brizna gave birth to the puppies. The first one came at: 04.00 and the last at: 07.00. Rather fast done considering 7 pups in total. 2 males and 5 females and everything went great, smooth and calm.

  • Correct Scissors-bite
  • HD - A/A
  • ED - 0/0
  • HP, 2d best female (puppy)
  • VG,2 jr  WW-2008
  • CK, BOB, BIS 3 youth, BIS 4, Excellent, R-CACIB WW-2010
  • N-CAC
  • Gk exterior part korning
  • MH done with no fear of gunfire.
  • Mother to our A-litter (2+5) 20091128
  • Mother to our O-litter
    (4+2) 20110302
  • Mother to our H-litter (2+5) 2012-06-25
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