EvenVajert D´Eroudur

Born: 2005-11-30   Dead: 2010-07-28

03-10-2007 The official reading of Evens x-ray came back today. He is freeee!!!!!!. I can not remember being so nervous waiting for the result before. Now there is a female waiting for her heat to start and Even is the lucky guy the owner has chosen for her.

30-11-2007 Happy birthday "little" man! Even is getting 2 years of age today! I do hope the ice was tasty =)

The plans that Even should breed during 2008 did not happen, but next year my "little" boy you will go into breeding for sure =)

2008-11-30 Today Even turns tree years of age! Will that mean that he finally will grow up so we can do some serious training? Asked him, but he just shakes his head..... hahahaha.... 


2009-01-10--12 If you ask Even he will tell you that 2009 started in the best of ways...... he got "married". The great girl is Vajert Xena and Even just loves girls with power and SHE got it for sure! Now we keep our fingers crossed he will be a dad around 15-16 of March. There where no puppies inside this time.



2010-07-28  After extensive veterinary investigations it showed that Even had atypical Cushing (overproduction of cortisone) and so severe the veterinary asked permission from the insurance company to put him down. He is no longer with us.

You left a emptiness in my heart deep as a aperture, but to see you suffer did hurt even more.

We will pick you up at the same time with the others, my beloved boy and then we shall never be apart.
Run on the green fields under the rainbow (the same rainbow we saw just a couples of hour after you left us), together with the others until we meet again.

Thanks for all the laughs you gave us your "madcap". Promise that you will continue to be the "Dad Baloo" of the dog's world. Thank you for your wonderful demeanor, your wonderful attitude and kindness - more Laekenois should be like you!
See you later - "Mum with family".

  • Testicles - UA
  • Correct Scissors-bite
  • HD-B
  • ED-0/0
  • Small mentally test - done with no fair of gunfire.
  • 2010-07-28 Put to sleep because of Cushing.

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