Vajert Izor

  • 09-02-2005 It came a mail from Denmark that Pelsens Vanille fot her puppies. 3 males and 4 females and the proud father is Izor! Congratulations!

  • 04-03-2005 Debut in Elite-class tracking - exacting! The result became approved in the class! Big congratulations from us!

  • 22-04-2005 Gun and Izor competed in Elite obedience in Danmark. This was their first competition in obedience outside Sweden. The won (5 started the class) and Izor was the only one that got a 1 prize! - By that he also got the titel: Dannish Elit obedience Champion - DKELCH!!! All Vajert-dogs owners says CONGRATULATION!!!!
  • Gun and Izor have competed in Elit obedience in Finland. It was a double competition at Åland and Izor took 1st prize and won both days! Because of that he is now also: Finnish obedient Champion and Nordic obedient Champion!!!!! HE IS THE FIRST LAEKENOIS IN SWEDEN with this lovely merits. Actually he is the first Laekenois in whole Nordic with this merits. I do not find any words...........

    The 12th of August 2007 Gun and Izor competed in wild animal- tracking again. Also this time they manage the 1st prize, the second one! Congratulation and we will keep our fingers crossed for the third to come =)

    The 27th of August 2007 I got a sms in the morning from Gun that wanted to tell me that now Izor has taken his third 1st prize in wild animal-tracking. They also got honor-prize and that means that he now has a new title to all the others:


    Izor is the first Laekenois in Sweden with this title =) VAJERT and BIG BIG Congratulations! So now you can ask yourself - Was left?....... well there is no Laekenois in Sweden with working Champion title yet........... ;)

    2008-12-04 Got a massage today from the owner of Izor that he became a father during the night! 1 male and 4 females - WOW! Congratulations and good luck Annette =) There is still a chance to get a female if you are interested and hurry up!


    2009-01-09 Today I got the terrible news that Korad SUCH DKUCH INTUCH NUCH NORDUCH SLCH DKELCH FINLCH NORDLCH INTLCH SVCH Vajert Izor went through the ice yesterday and lost his life.

    Our thoughts goes to Gun with family - great owners of Izor and Gun has made him one of the most winning Laekenois males in Sweden. They where, for example, first to get Obedient Championship in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and International (INLCH). They also manage wild animal tracking Champion. He became Show Champion in several countries and is father of two litters. One in Denmark and one in Sweden (they where born the third of December 2008)
    Now he is gone and I am out of words......

  • Pedigree
  • Correct scissors-bite
  • Testicles- UA
  • HD-B/A
  • ED-UA
  • MH. Done 
  • Moved up from level 1, 2 and 3 tracking
  • Aproval in Elite tracking
  • Swedish Champion
  • Danish Champion
  • International Champion
  • Norwegian Champion
  • Nordic Champion
  • Swedish Obedience Champion
  • Danish Elite Obedience Champion
  • Finnish Obedience Champion
  • Nordic Obedience Champion
  • Wilde animal tracking Champion
  • Father (3+4) 09-02-2005
  • Father (1+4) 03-12-2008
  • Dead by drowning accident 2009-01-08

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