Atiki Van´t Isabellahofke

Born: 26-12-2004  Dead: 20-11-2006

Welcome home Atiki!
Atiki 8 veckor Foto: Kennel VajertHere is Atiki when she is 8 weeks old. The photo is taken in Lamber and Jacqlines lovely house
. Atiki is looking at her father that is outside in the garden.
Sorry that her lovely deep red color does not show on this photos. At least it is something to look at =)

Atiki 8 veckor Foto: Kennel VajertPhotos from the airport and the flight will come later! She was great with the trip and behaved like she had never done anything else in her life but travel =)
Atiki på flyplatsenHer she is waiting to enter the plain. Susanne and I just got some rest with a nice sandwich and coffee after "running" around in the stores!

Atiki flyger Now we got our seats in the plain. We are already in the air when Susanne takes this photo. This is how it was! Atiki slept in my lap in different sleeping-positions (just like a good Laekenois can do!) the whole trip.

If there is anything Atiki likes except food, then it is SNOW! Atiki

  • 01-05-2005 Smålandsstenar Working club. Atikis first show! She got HP, BOB puppy and BIG-3 puppy =))) Some debut, right!

  • 21-05-2005 Timrå Working club. Belgian special. Atiki got HP, BOB and BIS-3 puppy! The judge today was Sonny Ström and he liked her allot =))
  • 22-05-2005 Timrå Working club. Belgian special. Atiki got HP, BOB and BIS-3 puppy again! The judge today was Kris Malinowski from Scotland. She thought that Atiki was a very promising puppy (and that must have been hard for her to admit, when it was so obvious that she did NOT like Laekenois at all ;).Atiki juni 2005

    The caravan-life is something that Atiki just love =)) She loves the "Öggestorparn" as much as I do - GREAT!!

    Atiki juni 2005

  • 23-07-2005. Atiki is at Lövudden International show. She got HP, BOB puppy! The judge today was: Ulla Eriksson.

  • 06-08-2005 SBU 2005. Judge: Gilbert Schaffner & Michel Griol, France. Atiki made the public scream loudly when she today got BIS 1 Puppy at this years SBU. Words like: "At last", "how nice that a Laekenois got the BIS", "she if any one is really worth it, fighting so hard for the Laekenois", "Wonderful" - came out of the public. I .... well, I stood like a nuts for two breath not quite knowing what was going on. I "almost" fainted (if it was because of the 5 laps in the ring we just did, or the fact we got the BIS-1 .... hmm... got no comments =).....!)

  • 07-08-2005 SOLO. Belgian Special. Judge: Griol and Schaffner. Atiki got BOB puppy and BIS-2 Puppy today! =) We are so happy over the weekend that now has ended and are just wondering how long it will take before we truly understand the happening of it..... =)))

    The 20th of November, only 1 month before her 2ond birthday, we decided to let her go to the land beyond the rainbow because of a long time of aggressive behavior. We misses her allot. Sleep tight and we pick you up with the others later.  

  • Correct Scissorsbite.
  • HP, BOB, BIG-3 puppy, BIS-3 puppy
  • HP, BOB, BIS-1 puppy (SBU-05), BIS-2 puppy (SOLO-05)
  • Dead: 20-11-2006

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