.......Then it happened, a breeder’s worse nightmare.....

A very large, dead puppy was stuck and causes the whole birth to end up with urgent C Section. There was nothing to do to save the litter, so it will not be any puppies this time.

Qinza is, after the circumstances, good and we are very happy that she made it thought this. The veterinarian does not see anything that indicates any problems with taking a litter later on.

First of all she has a lot of recovering to do. Then we will start up her training slowly and when she have gone into heat ones more, so we know for sure that everything is normal, we will think over a new mating of her.

This is unfortunately something that could happen and do affect a lots of breeders (mostly of them in fact) sooner or later. Everyone have not the fortune that the bitch makes it at all or the uterus could end up so damages there is nothing to do but remove it. Some times the results will be a healthy litter, some times not and, thank God, there is a lot of times when everything turns out for the best for both litter and mother.

We had hoped for, that if something like this should affect us, that is would come much later when having much more of experience. Well, now it has happen and we are a sad and hard experience richer. There are nobody's faults these things to happen. It is simply a state of nature. Even if that feels like a poor consolation in the moment of seriousness.

Linnéa and Göte
Kennel Vajert.

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