LP 1
Vajert Inka

Born: 14-05-2001  Dead: 24-07-2009

u. KORAD, LP1, SW-99-00-01-03, NORDW-00, DKUCH, NUCH, NW-02, KBHV-03, DKK-rasW 2003

Inka is living in Nässjö.
The future plans is that she will go into the breeding-program. She is training tracking and obedience.
She was first in the litter to get CK and BOB!
In Växjö Inka ended up as 2ond best bitch after Qinza! I think we have to watch out for this one =))
  • 05-04-2003 Made the small mentality-test (MH) with no fair of gunshots. =) Lovely!
  • 17-05-2003 Åhus working-club. Special show for Belgians. Inka got HP+Ck and 3d best bitch! She also did the description of structure part of korning - and approved. Big congratulations from us and good luck with the mentality-part later.
  • 13-12-2003 Nordic Winner 2003. Inka became 3d best bitch with CK and took the goal of the year.... to beat her mother! =))))) Qinza became 4 best bitch! Congratulations Sonja!

  • 21-02-2004 Inka got her first price in obedience level 1. She ended up as the winning dog out of 16 with 183,5 points! Just a couples of hours before the competition Inka was attacked by a dog and had to defend herself!!
  • 13-03-2004 Mjölby. Inka and Sonja made an other 1st price in obedience level 1!! Ended up on 5th place of 14. =) Congratulations!

  • 23-05-2004 Inka got her third first price in obedience level 1. So now she got the obedience diploma (LP1)! BIG congratulations to both Sonja and Inka!
  • 15-04-2005 Vajert Inka did her eyes-check today and she was clear!
  • 14-07-2005 Inka gave birth to 3 males and 4 females! Good Luck with the litter!!
  • 31-07-2009 Got a mail from Inkas owner, Sonja, that Inka where put to sleep the 24 of July 2009 after recommendation from veterinarian (Probably something neurologic disorder maybe caused by cancer, but not proven). Our thoughts goes to Sonja.
  • Pedigree
  • Correct Scissors-bite
  • HD-A
  • ED-0/0
  • MH Done
  • Eyes checked - clear 2002 & 2005
  • Ck, BOB, R-CACIB
  • Gk Exterior
  • LP1
  • Mother 14-07-2005 
    ( 3+4)
  • Dead: 24-07-2009

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