Vajert Indie

Born: 2001-05-14  Dead: 2011-07

u. KORAD, LP1, SW-99-00-01-03, NORDW-00, DKUCH, NUCH, NW-02, KBHV-03, DKK-rasW 2003
Indie is exported to USA. She is living with Vajert Lucke and his family. The plans for her is to go into the breeding program =)

28-01-2004 HD + ED and Knee-results is now official. This was very sad news. She got A/D (?) on her hips. Because of the fact that the result is bi-lateral There is reason to believe that an injury is behind the D-side. How ever that is something you never could say for sure or rule out by x-ray, so it means that she is out of the breeding program.

The ED was 0/0. Knees-UA.

In end of July the painful note came that Indie has been put to sleep due to cancer. Your thoughts goes to Cindy.

  • Correct Scissors-bite
  • HD A/D
  • ED 0/0
  • Knees - UA
  • Dead 2011 July - Cancer
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