Vajert Ilex

Born: 2001-05-14  Died: 2011-08-21

u. KORAD, LP1, SW-99-00-01-03, NORDW-00, DKUCH, NUCH, NW-02, KBHV-03, DKK-rasW2003
Ilex is living in Almunge. The plans for him is competition in Swedish defense-work.
14-02-2002 Christopher tells me that Ilex got correct scissors-bite and the testicles is ok.
2002 Ilex HD and ED is now official. The result came as a chock to both the owner and me, because the vet. said it looked grate! HD-C and ED-3. With this result he can not continue his training for Swedish defense-work.


2003 Ilex is in training for tracking and is going to swim-training during the summer. The next autumn he will do his small mentality-test and new x-ray. Our hope is that the swimming will at least give him a B on the hips. =)



2007 Ilex has moved to a new owner and we got this lovely photo of him! No trim there, right!!!! hahahaha. Thank you so much  for the photo - we love it!




2011-04-28 This lovely photo was taken in April this year. Thank you for it =)

2011-08-21 Ilex walks over the bridge. He became 10 år years old. Our thoughts goes to the family.

  • Correct Scissors-bite
  • Testicles: UA
  • HD-C
  • ED-3
  • Died: 2011-08-21
  • (Photo: Christopher/Kennel Vajert)

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