Vajert Ihana "Maiken"

Born: 2001-05-14   Dead: 2011-04

u. KORAD, LP1, SW-99-00-01-03, NORDW-00, DKUCH, NUCH, NW-02, KBHV-03, DKK-rasW 2003

Ihana is exported to kennel Acktiva in Finland. (The breeder of Ihanas father)
The plans for Ihana is to go into breeding in the future. She is training obedience, tracking and agility. P1s is x-rayed and is laying under the gum. = That means that she got complete bite.

2002 During this year Ihana took two CAC in Finland and several BOB and CACIB. Thae CAC was taken before her second birthday.
2003 Eyes checked - clear!
16-06-2003 Ihanas X-ray is now official HD A/B and ED-UA (0/0) JIPPIE! =))))
16-08-2003 Ihana got CK, BOB and her second CACIB in Finland! Super!

2003- Ihana made the big mentality-test in Finland. It is very much like our "korning" and she approved with nice 98+. Congratulations from us!

09-04-2004 Ihanas puppies arrives! 3 males and 5 females! Good work and congratulations to the small ones!

2011-05-03 Got the sad information that Ihana has gone over the rainbow. She went in end of April because of a sever pneumonia that could not be treated. Our thoughts goes to Annika.

  •  Correct scissors-bite
  • HD-A/B
  • ED-0/0
  • Eyes - clear 2003- UA
  • Mother 2004 (3+5)
  • Died April 2011 because of an pneumonia that could not be treated.
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