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Compis is "talking" with Cassandra Look what I can do... jump side less...
Chezz find herself a soft pillow. Trying to bite mum while she is occupied with other stuff!
... Ah, total filled up... Head study
.. I do smell something.... ... yes! Found the food!
... hm... it should be here somewhere....
In training for typical Laekenois way of sleep ...... ..... starting to get a hang of it....
Nice sleeping place! Sisters leg is tasty!
Find an ear to try out I will give you for biting ears!
Chezz walks away - do not want to have her photos taken! lol This was exciting to pull backwards .....
... so nice food Cazziopeia has to stand eating ... A gang sticking together .....
... then you can take a nap at the same time!
Alpha tries a new way to give milk.... ... the older way is better because .....
Female 3 - Chakira Female - Compis
Female 1 - Cezz Female 2 - Cazziopeia
14-03-17. 2 weeks old!
Compis would like to try the topposition too.... Cazziopeia got her head jammed by the weight ... He was not on top for long....
.... still wobbly. Need some pillar here ..... ... that will do!
On the way up to sleep on top..... ... a bit wobbly ......
Female 1 - Chezz Female 2 - Cazziopeia
Male - Compis
Female 3 - Chakira I am stuck.....
"Sleeping hill" on top, on top ......
Relaxing .... .... also a way to sleep
At the restaurant The females
Female 2 is sleeping on the top The whole litter
Female 3 Male
Female 1 Female 2
140310  One week old ;)
Alpha got a special pillow The litter 4 days old
Female 3 Head study and sleeping Also a way to lay when eating!
Yummy food! In the food bar!
Male/ 4 days old Male/ 4 days old
Female 3/ 4 days old Female 3/ 4 days old
Female 2/ 4 days old Female 2/ 4 days old
Female 1/ 4 days old Female 1/ 4 days old
Nice to have mum as a pillow Female 3 is having female1 as a pillow/ 3 days old
The litter 3 days old Alpha and the litter/ day 3
The boy/ 1 day old The girls/ 1 day old
Male Blue ribbon/ 1 day old Female 3 Yellow ribbon/ 1 day old
Female 2 Red ribbon/ 1 day old Female 1/ 1 day old
Male Blue ribbon Female 3 Yellow ribbon
Female 2 Red ribbon Female 1
140303 New born ;)

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