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2013-12-27 This morning I and Alpha went to the vet for progesterone sampling. Then we went on to the hospital (yes, they are they one doing it here) to submit samples for analysis. 2 hours(!) later the answer came back 7.2 nmol /l. So no ovulation yet. Now - you never know how fast prog. could rise and, in addition, it may be different from heat to heat. I therefore decided to go as planned, on Sunday, and make a stop in Denmark before further travel down to Netherland on Monday. Exciting and a little scary that I have not been able to find anyone who can come with me. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go well and that it will be a nice mating when I go so far away all by myself. Since I will be away over the New Year I hereby wish everyone A Happy End of 2013 and A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

2013-12-26 The Christmas calibrations was great and the girls, well we adult as well, where very happy over the Christmas-gift we got. Today we went to Grästorp for archery competition called "The second Christmas-day arrow". While Cassandra competed Göte and Stephanie went to Tibro to bring Alpha home for our journey down for mating in Netherlands. Cassandra got new personal record again and this time with 463 points and won her class!!! Congratulations girl - you rock!! Absolutely incredible!

2013-12-22 Yesterday they came from Finland with the female and they also had Jey with them. The couples liked each other a lot I can tell you. On the other hand I would be very surprised if Rex would not like a female in heat, but one should never say never. The important thing is that the female gets a nice mating when it is her first time and when it comes to that Rex a gentleman with a big G. Fine mating was done and in the evening we ate a good dinner and drank a toast to for the success and for luck. Today they had one more successful mating before the female went home with her owner to celebrate Christmas. Now we keep our fingers crossed that there will be a whole bunch of puppies! Good luck from me, the family, and Rex of course.

2013-12-20 Today it was Cassandra's turn to have closure before the school holidays. I baked out the landscape of gingerbread today and I did two trade sheds and even a Viking tent (could not resist .....) During the weekend when Jey also come home, the girls can pull together to decorate it with icing.

2013-12-19 Stephanie stopped school before the Christmas break today. It was a great time in the church and afterwards we bought pizza to bring home for dinner. I also got email from Finland saying they will come for mating during the weekend. Rex will be so happy!

2013-12-18 This evening we had the last practice of archery at the club. Very fun special competition and the balloons template so it boomed in the hall when the arrows hit them. Back home I got the message from Maria that Alpha, finally, has stared her heat! Fist day yesterday :) YES!


2013-12-15 Third of advent and now it is just a few days left before the girls stop school for Christmas. Today we put lights up outdoors in the trees. Very nice! I also cleaned the house before I put up some more Christmas-decorations. I am almost done with all decorations as well and feel it is nice to been able to just concentrate on the food. Tomorrow the herring will be put into different sauces. :)

You know the girls are growing up when they are getting in the age for disco! This evening it was Cassandra's turn to be driven to her first one. While she was there I and Stephanie baked a special bread for Christmas and two more cookies - now everything for the Christmas table is baked :).

2013-12-13 Lucia! Again time, early in the morning, to have breakfast in front of the TV watching Lucia of this year. Very nice and spiritual even though I do not like when the Lucia sings along with the rest of the choir. My guess is they needed her because she sang the lower pitch. The rest of the day I "run" around in the house Christmas decorating. I want to have it don earlier than the years before and one reason is that it do take time to do it. The second reason is that it looks like we will have visitor next weekend and then a lot of time will disappear. It kind of going slowly because my mind is with Alpha who has not started her heat yet. I do not get why she has to keep us in expectation like this ;) On the other hand, as it looks now, the New Year celebration seems to be done in Netherland. Super to celebrate the new year with Laekenois-friends in one other country. A bonus if it will be! 

2013-12-08 Second of advent and Cassandra is ok again. The snow still comes down and it has been the whole night too. Heavy wet snow and the roads are terrible. The police is warning of getting out if you do not need to. The food is refilled in the birdhouses and we have birds outside we never seen before. A bit fun to sit and look at them - the time flies by.

Yesterday Göte went down to Växjö to swish Christmas gifts with Angelica and Oscar. Cassie has been laying over the toilet several of times during the day -winter flue? - good she did not wanted to come along with Göte. On his way home there where a terrible car accident so bad the road was closed. He had to drive around and was back here later than expected however prefer later than not at all.... 

2012-12-06 A big hard storm went over Sweden this night and this morning we woke up to a white world. It has continuing to snow the whole day and it is very slippery on the roads with a lot of accidents because it rained yesterday! Have no wish to drive when it is like this - thank God I do not need to either. The wind is so hard we only have TV now and then. Very hard to follow a program when you have to guess what is happening..... sigh...

2013-12-05 When the girls came home from school today we made cookies looking like small chessboards. ;) They became very tasty indeed! Now we have "only" a few cookies to bake before Christmas and then everything in bakery is done.... eh well almost - we do have the landscape in gingerbread to do off course. And speaking of landscape and gingerbread I saw on FB that a Viking friend of mine had made a landscape with Viking tents! Boy, how about that great or what.....?!! Something I felt I wanted to do also, on the other hand I saw photos of  trade sheds in a magazine the other day and want them too....





I also remember that someone had mad "working dog in action" in gingerbread a couples of years ago and that would be something... well, you get the picture... the landscape would be so big that we would not have any space left in the house.... lol.... however it would be great ... a landscape where worlds kind of meet ;)

2013-12-03 Today I bought pastries at the bakery in Åtvidaberg to celebrate the baptize day of Stephanie. Like every other baptize days she asked for her Godfather and Godmother and  hoped they would call her, but it never came any call this year either.

2013-12-01 First in advent and the day has gone to put up Christmas-curtains and stars in all windows. The plan was to do it yesterday but when we got home from the archery-competition we where way to tired to do anything.


2013-11-30 Yesterday when going home from Linköping we drown threw the first snow. It is something special with the first snow. Beautiful white flings whom is coming down slowly, but this time it did not feel so nice thinking of the fact we had to start early this morning for the archery competition in Motala. Slippery roads is never a nice experience and it takes a while before peoples understand to drive safe on winter roads.... Cassandra did a super competition with only 3 points away from her personal best. Lovely girl! Back home in the evening we had a calibrationdinner and in front of the TV we had coffee and the first spaced wine of the year! Cosy!

2013-11-28 When the kids came home from school I had already prepared for baking. We had very fun making saffron-bread. We also raped in Christmas-gifts and now almost all gifts are done. I am just waiting for some that is ordered to come by post. Nice to just have to concentrate on the Christmas-decoration of the house, baking and all the food for now on :)

2013-11-27 Finally this years last club-magazine is at the printer. I have had some problem with the format but manage to solve it. Unfortunately the program has started to behave strange. It suddenly stops working and closes down and I have searched for virus,  looked on internet for upgrades - did not help at all because I already have the last upgrades, looked for similar problems and hopefully solutions by others - and nothing. I guess I just have to do a re-installation or.... anyone that can InDesign?....

2013-11-26 Can you believe it? Today 4 years ago the A-litter was born. Congrats to all of them I say with a smile on my face when remembering. I also smile because I am sitting here waiting, waiting and waiting for Alpha to start her heat, but nothing yet. Alpha is the second puppy on the photo - the one with the red necklace. Going to be exiting to she her and Cyrus off springs so certain they will be great! :)

2013-11-23 Now it is time to get the boxes with the Christmasdecorations, at least the advent box. Find it hard to get that a year has past by already. Still have the feeling I just put the Christmas boxes away!

Today, after getting the boxes, I started the manufacturing of towels. You have them hanging over the handle of the stove door in the kitchen. Now I just have to saw the buttons on and then they are done. Not so bad, right!?! ;)  ;)

2013-11-22 All our waiting will be long..... nothing new on the "heat front" yet. So far it is cool - Christmas is not yet in danger so to speak... well there is nothing to do but wait ... sooner or later she will start her heat.

2013-11-16 Cassandra went with the archery club to compete in Finspång today. I sat home to work with the race-magazine to get it done for printing. Like always it is a bit hard to not be there in person to been able to help her if needed, but when the result came I understood the competition went great for her. A new personal record with 440 points and a 4th place in total. Super! Girl - you rock! Back home we had a calibration dinner :)

2013-11-12 Today I order a Christmas gift to my self - that is allowed right?!! ;) Two necklace for the girls here. One in pink and one in "hallon" (raspberry) ;) Nice!

2013-11-10 Yesterday I packed my bag and Boyo into the car to drive down to south of Sweden (Åhus) and the small mentally-test (MH). Sad that Hindra could not attend but being in heat she is not allowed to. In the evening we had a super nice dinner with very nice people at Kirsi´s house. Today it was time to do the MH and Boyo was first one out. He did great with no fear of gunfire = approved MH :) Second to go up was Heidi. She did a really nice MH and had no fear of gunfire either = approved MH ;) Super! Hazta with owners was there to, but they did not recognize her behavior today and because of that took the great decision to stop the test. GOOD done! Now she will be given the chance to mature a bit more and do the test later. All the figurants where very good and thank you Lotta Olavi for the photos. The drive home went by Växjö where I had a brake at Angelica and Oscar. Nice to see my oldest over a cup of tea.  

2013-11-05 Now it is decided that the male for Alpha will be Cyrus Joli de FeJa and I do hope that she will start her heat as expected. I do not want Christmas to be the days for mating if we can avoid it..... 



2013-10-31 Hahahahahaha.... Agree that it never fails.....?!! As soon as you pay the fee for a show entering the dogs starts to shade and now when put them up for the small mentally-test..... well, THEN Hindra starts her second heat in her life!!! SIGH!... that means she will not attend on MH in November after all. She is not allowed to being in heat. 

2013-10-22 Now the invitations for the small mentally-test (MH) in November to the H-litter and O´Boy is out. Hexa will not attend because she just started her heat. The MH is in south of Sweden this time and Hilex lives way up north... wonder if they got any snow yet? so he will not attend on this one either. It is also to far away for the exports ;) and for Ozzy too. Hopefully we can find one for him and Hexa closer to spring and then closer to their homes too ;)

Once a week I have got nice emails from Agneta about how things are working out for Hexa. It works just fine, and in today's mail Agneta told me that now even Hexa has started her first heat. Note day one as yesterday, because it was discovered at the workplace today. The little girl has now become a lady :)


2013-10-15 It is manufacture days now. ;) Today I did struggle rolls out of fleece. A narrow and long and a short and thick with a handle at one end. When they were done, I tested them on Hindra and yeas did she like them or not! Now I just have to come up with how to get one that is thick, long and with handles at both ends. In addition, the handles must be stronger/thicker because Laekenois teeth goes right through the fleece as nothing .....

2013-10-14 The tracking line is shorter than the once in Swedish working track. Today I made one and it become ok. However I think the material could cause me problem. It is slightly too narrow in my opinion, which in worst cases will entangle and messing up. Well, we will see .....

2013-10-13 The articles in IPO/BSL tracking is a bit different from the once I am use to from the Swedish working track. Therefore I made a few after the regalement today. Now I can start to teach her what to do when she found them and that will be done outside the track in the beginning. They did not became that bad :)

2013-10-12 New day for tracking. 200 meters, two angles, lying time 1 hour. While waiting for the track to get ready I talked to Angelica by cell-phone. Then it was time to walk Hindra and to put her on the track. The first thing she did was to pull up the start-stick ... she is just crazy ... Put her at the start and waited a bit, said track and off she went immediately - tracked great! At the end I had put a struggle and it was appreciated. We played for a long time. Back home we trained a bit when called and contact. It is actually going better and better with the contact.
2013-10-05 Yesterday I went to my mother and when I got there my brother, Nibbe, with family, Jey and aunt Monica where there. We toasted for my mother, whom had birthday the 3 of October, and ate hot sandwiches. Today we all are Viking dressed for the annual autumn feast. Just when we it was time to go my top row of the necklace brok and all over the kitchen floor the pearls went : ( Luckily I have taken pictures so I can re-thread it. The feast was nice and the food very good. A band played music downstairs and outside in the darkness, we saw a great light show. Back home again I, mother and Jey were talking in the kitchen to the day light started to show. Pleasant! Tomorrow I will go back home.


2013-09-29 Today I checked at the database of SKK myself and then discovered that also Hazta has been x-rayed!?! Had no idea!. Now it turned out she is the first out of this litter to x-ray and the result is HD-B/B and ED 0/0! WOW!!! That means that Brizna again been proven to leave free off-springs! A trend I hope will continue :) Soon it is Hindra´s turn and I feels it becomes harder and harder for each time I have a dog in age for x-ray......

2013-09-28 Today I and Cassandra packed a picnic-hamper with hot chocolate and sandwiches and, while Stephanie was at a children-party, we went out for tracking with both Brizna and Hindra.

I did not expect anything from Hindra, because I have never seen her tracking. WOW! What a positive experience it turned out to be. Warmly thank you to both Angelica and Mats - who have put out some tracking for her and and obviously made her understand the what this is all about :) It was pure joy to walk behind her today. WOW! (again) I so much needed this reply! Actually I became so happy it was not long gone to the tears and Cassandra became very impressed over Hindra. It was Cassie whom laid the track and took the photos - great photos too!

Brizna is outstanding in tracking and usually you have to hold back hard -very hard! Today it was no different BUT "outstanding in tracking" where kind of blown away until she found the first article - THEN she remembered what this was all about. After the first article I had to lean back to been able to hold her speed down - it is a shame that she is to speedy and, as always, she is rewarding herself by the track = Just showing the articles by raising her tail once or twice without stopping. You have to be very concentrate not to miss when she show the article! (if you can call it "show"....). Today I missed her tail one of the articles so that one is still out there - sigh.

In the evening wile we had a quite time in front of the TV a good friend called. We talked about the tracking of the day and about x-ray etc. while talking she enter the database of SKK and told me that Heidi's result was already there!!! - HD A/A and ED 0/0! Yes! Thanks! Nice! Just had to send a text massages to Heidi's owner saying congrats - and she did not understand anything..... lol.....

2013-09-15 Inja was put up to a big show in Helsingborg today and got: CK, BOB-veteran and BOB in total. Congratulations! It became extra fun this time because the judge actually gave Sussi his appreciation for letting HIM jude Inja!!! Nice! More statements of this kind, please  ;)

2013-09-13 Got a text massage from Kristin saying that Azka got approval at the try-out test for wild-animal tracking today!
Very nice and congratulation - now we are looking forward to get information about how she will stand the different levels in her future competing :) Will she be the next champion from our breeding? Izor was the first to get that title ;)


2013-08-25 Today we got the news from Maria that she and Alpha attended a big show in Norway today. The result became: CAC, BOB, CACIB Norwegian Champion, NUCH, and when it is confirmed by FCI also International Champion, C.I.B. Huge Congrats :)

2013-08-24 Today we got a nice visit from Germany. It was a daughter from Dimma´s b-litter (Bjelle) with owner, Sarah, and her partner and other dogs. They also had their friend Katrin and her Malinois female, Dusty, with them.

We had it very nice and talked, off course, a lot of dogs, laekenois, mentality, tracking, agility and a lot more related to dogs and training. After a nice lunch we had coffee outside in the summer heat. Sarah showed some tricks she learned Bjelle - fun! and useful when they do agility. They became very fond of our dogs and especially in their open way with strangers. Boyo charmed himself into their hearts. Thanks for your visit and warmly welcome back :)

2013-08-18 Is a bit tired after yesterday's walking and walking. Started the day by the computer to print out contracts and to collect all Hexa´s paper. Today Agnetha will come to take Hexa home.

We sat outside and had coffee while we went through all the papers, sign them, fetched food and talked about the summer that has been. We also talked about expectations for the future, obedience classes, x-ray etc. Then it was time for them to go and for me to start dinner. Good luck now :)

2013-08-17 Viking Festival Linköping. Did not mistake of the right day this time... ;). We all changed into our Viking cloths and today I had my new apron for the first time. When all was ready, we went in to Linköping to visit, and represent Stallarholmens Vikings, at the festival. However our first stop was at the goldsmith in the city center. Jey and Juhan wanted to buy a birthday present for Stephanie.

When you go somewhere in Viking clothing, you meet people who make big eyes - that never fails - even today, but we also met other Vikings in middle of town and that is not unusual you do. Well, except at the supermarket in Stallarholmen in connection to our own festival of course. They, the staff at the supermarket, do not make big eyes anymore, just states; ok - this weekend it is time again AND they also reduces the price of some food in the store for us.

In the goldsmith shop Jey found a pair of earrings that she decided to buy. When we stood there I heard a lady behind me saying; Oh my God you look so beautiful in your dress and your jewelries. I looked around to find the one she meant and she started to laugh, put her hand on my arm and said; I did mean you! Lovely looking! What to say, besides thanks? When we were done in town we went to the festival aria.

The aria was located by the canal. A very small festival with comparing to the once we have been to before, and especially against the one we have ourselves, but really cozy. We went around among the sellers and looked what they had to offer, then we decided to go by Viking boat on the channel and Juhan became one of the rowers. Cool experience, but Cassie was unable to let go of the pole .... hahahaha .... my special girl ... Back on land again we went over to the vendor who told different stories. Outrageous stories and with a very captivating narrative style and body language. He also told some in English and has recorded some of the stories on a CD. I do want to remember that he has been with us at our festival, but are not quite sure. Anyway he was very funny. After listening to him for a long time, we went over to the axe- and knife throwing where both Stephanie and Cassandra tried to throw. Stephanie had the right technique from start and Cassandra the right strength. A combination from both had been successful in other words ;)

We walked around on the field and Juhan found a really nice ring in one of the sellers tent, which he bought. The girls danced to to the music and I was talking to friends about Viking gear, Viking festivals, sewing and manufacturing of accessories. The girls also tried to get sound our of a clay pigeon and by horn blowing. To my surprise even Stephanie could get sound out of the horn. That they would get sound out of the clay pigeon I already knew and both Cassandra and Jey already knows how to blow the horn.

Then we were and looked at a drinking-horn manufacturing and after that the fakir started up his show. Maniac! Among a lot of things he did he walked over crossed glass with an ok on his shoulders with buckets full of sand - heavy! He stood on a bed of nails and he also went up for a sword ladder after he had thrown a cucumber that off course got stuck on one of the swords as a demonstration that the swords were extremely sharp and when that was concluded, he went up - with caution I might add. At the top of the ladder, he told us he was no juggler at all and yet he attentions where to juggle with big knives on the way down again. Said and done! He was very skilled and funny.

Then we went to one of the tents where they had fabrics and other stuff. There Jey found a similar wicker-basket that I always wanted and she bought it for me as late birthday gift. Thank you honey!
Back home, it was nice to get out of your clothes we had a good dinner with dessert and celebrated Stephanie, again. Then we had cozy-time in front of the TV.

I also got a text massages from Kristin saying that she and Azka competed in obedience level 1 today and got a 1st prize and the 1 place out of 9 that came to start. WOW! Congratulations and good luck with the next level :)

2013-08-16 Today I had an appointment at the veterinarian for a healthcertificate on Hexa because she will go to her new home this weekend. The place she is getting to is the family that owned Vajert Diva "Ruffa" until she passed away. Now Hexa is moving to them on breeding terms. It does hurt a bit in heart, but I KNOW she will be given a super home and that gives me comfort  :)

Later in the evening we picked up Jey and Juhan at the train station in Åtvidaberg. Went home for a very nice dinner and to extend Juhan's Viking tunic.

2013-08-12 Today Stephanie is turning 7 years old. It was celebrated with breakfast in bed and gifts. We went to Linköping to a café and we also had a booked time at the eye doctor. When all that was done we strolled a while in Linköping waiting for Angelicas train to come. The girls took opportunity to eat ice cream and then it was time to wave Angelica off and go back home for dinner.

the photo will open in new window2013-08-10 Stephanie's big day has come!
The first all children had to do was to decorate their own glass and then the whole tablecloth. Boy, did we get big eyes.... actually DRAW paintings at the tablecloth without getting in trouble! Once they realized that we really mean it they started and it became a lot of very nice drawings on it. When the decorations were done we put the lemonade, cookies and cake at the table. The children sang and Stephanie blow out the candles. The cake with caramel layer and applesauce layer became a success indeed! The kids ate I thought it would come out through their ears. Chessboard-cakes also became a big hit and if we had not stopped them, they had put several together to actually made a board. Oh! how they laughed and joked. Lovely kids :)

Then all of them had to sit down on the couches and we told them what to expect of the rest of the day and in wish team there were in. Then the first race started with the questions we made the day before. After that Stephanie got to open the presents before we went out for the race Part 2. Eating caramel laces. Not so easy, and profits went to the team where all had eaten up and swallowed. Part 3 was to empty a bowl containing water of grapes we had put in. Each of them received a tablespoon to stick into their mouth (hands on the back) and with it  put the grapes into a cup next to the bowl. Oh what fun they had. Lot of laughter!
After this we went down to the backyard where Part 3 started. They had to run around the house, give the stick to the next runner and so on! Tiresome but great fun according to the kids! Then started Part 4. Nail the nail into the board. Difficult and fun! I was a bit surprised they all did everything we had plan for them with joy and with big enthusiasm too. I did not think kids was like this any longer... you know computer age.... anyhow....
Part 5 was boot throwing. Oh how we laughed and the kids were puzzling indeed. They throw high, far and wide :) (note the boot in the air high up in the picture to the right) Then we went inside for Part 6. The crowning glory! If the kids had laughed earlier it was nothing compared to what they did now. The crown was put on the eye, in the stomach, over the mouth, into the corners, etc. This was so much fun that they did it several times and I have been told that several of the children have done this game at their own party afterwards. Fun!
Time to sum ​​up the race and the winning team got lollipops. Then they where given the first part of the treasure map, which led to the second part, which led to the third part and finally it led to the fish pond. Now the cooperation skills of the children where tested but they did it like nothing! To juice up the pond a little the fist try gave a brush, or a comb, washcloth, piece of paper, pen or other strange stuff. the children screamed of joy. The second nibble gave the candy-box. Then the children ran around in the yard and picked balloons and they also got to choose a fish from the fish pond. Shortly after this parents began to dropping in to pick up their children. The party was very successful and several of the children told their parents that they want to come next time Stephanie have a party! That is a good score!!!

2013-08-09 Except for cleaning the house we have boiled condensed milk for several hours today to make the crème for one of the layers in the cake, blown up balloons, prepared the candy boxes, set the table and tested that our timetable for tomorrow will be functional. We have also made the questions for the that game and split the children into two teams. We are ready - hope they are ;)

2013-08-08 The preparations for Stephanie's birthday party is taken all our time now and today Angelica came home to help me with everything that has to be done. Planning, time taking, shopping, setting table and baking. We did fishes to the fishpond and instead of doing the "tail on the Donkey" we had in mind for the children to put a crown to the princess head instead therefore we draw two princess on a paper and put them up at the target. We also made a treasure map and cut it into tree peaces. Tomorrow we will clean the house. Stephanie is very exacted and I do believe the dogs are feeling something is going on. We are almost falling over them every turn we make here..... 

2013-08-04 Inja was put up to a show also today. This time in Södertälje. She got CK, BOB veteran and BIS3 veteran in total! Boy is she doing great or what! - Congrats!

2013-08-03 Today Inja was at the Swedish Belgian show, SBU, and got CK, Best female-3, BOB-Vet and BIS4 Vet. Lovely! Congratulations! (thank you Callencos for the photo - taken 2009)


2013-07-24--28 Ozzy with family came for a long visit. It is peerlessly what you can mange to do in just 4 days! 4 super great days it become - a shame the camera was not used as much as we had activities....sorry! Beside archery-shooting, all bade, except me, in the lake including Ozzy, Hexa, Hindra and Rex :) We had ice-cream and took a tour in Åtvidaberg (Claus lived here as a child so he showed us where the apartment was) We went to the old town of Linköping where we looked into historical stores and walked on cobbled streets true small alleys and where the girls went for horse-drawn conveyance and saw a funny doll-theatre sitting in the grass like in old days. they also experienced how they printed books back then and a lot of handmade products within wood, hemp, smith etc. At home we did macramé and in the evenings the grill went hot and we stayed outside in the nice summer heat - talked, laugh and just had quality-time. Jenny and Billy with their dogs (Heidi from our kennel) came on Friday and we had a lovely day and evening with a lot of laughter good food and training tip on the agenda. Poor Jenny had thug an play time with all dogs. The dogs became very tired and happy and Jenny got very tired as well and also got stiffed as a reward for her performance ;) Thank you all for coming and next year we try to do it again and then with a real kennel-reunion. Did hear something about tracking etc....

2013-07-19 Since it today, according to the weather report would be partly cloudy, we decided to make it a perfect day for Kolmården! With expectant girls and prepared lunch we packed up the car to get there. Neither Cassandra nor Stephanie have been there before so this should be exciting and the highlight was supposed to be the dolphin show, which is a total new one form this year!

We got there just in time to see the bears' release into the overhang.
When the large wrought-iron gate flew open and the male rushed out Stephanie became terrified at first. She got over it when the little kids and the mother came out into the overhang. Oh, how sweet they small once where. So cute! This litter is out of two males and one female.

The Tigers are a big shot when you get them really close. Only a thick pane of glass separates the visitors from the big cats. Wonder if they see the visitors or if they only see vague shadows behind the glass - thinking you are indoor and the tigers are outdoors. Got the feeling they do see something anyway because of a little girl in a stroller put up her hand against the glass and one of the tigers slammed on the brakes and put his forehead against the glass to meet her hand. Unfortunately, my camera did not react fast enough, but I am happy I at least got this picture. The little girl became overjoyed of happiness I can say ;) If you go forward, you will come out and can see the tigers from a platform, or what to call it, which goes along the overhang. One of the tigers found something of interest in the water and showed that they are indeed cats - megasized cats.

In the overhang with all sorts of friendly animals such as goats, miniature pigs, etc. the girls got a chance to pet and cuddle. I became a bit surprised to se that Stephanie, who is so tough otherwise, was little unsure at first ..... hm .... but in the end even she could pet.

After eaten our delicious lunch we went to the dolphin aria. Since the show would not begin until one hour later Cassie and Göte decided to go for a rid at the roller-coaster. Do not know who had the most fun fun, but Cassie closed her eyes and made faces the minute she sat in the carriage. hahaha ... crazy girl. Well it was her first and, according to herself, the last time she went in one of those'.

Dolphin show was a great experience for the girls. I and Göte have seen the one they had before, and therefore we were a bit disappointed of this new one. Back then, when we saw it, Flip was a young dolphin and incredible. Now the show was about the planet earth, the water, the dolphins and man's destruction of nature. A sound and light show (hard to take photos) and a giant screen like in a theater. The dolphins were there of course, but they did not all that breakneck arts as in Flips time. Have not seen any of the previous shows, this is a pleasant experience.

After the show we had a coffeebrake. Earlier years you could drive into a safari with your own car. It is now closed, and instead to go by car you by cable car and we did. Cassandra was convinced that the basket would fall and we would then be eaten, anyway attacked, by those animals that were in the overhang the, in that case, would basket landed in. The reason for her "catastrophic thinking" was the fact that she is very afraid of heights and it was a bit windy so the basket tossing occasionally. If you like to see sleeping animals from above, it is a pleasant experience.

When the tour was over, we went to the monkeys and then to the elephant area.
As in previous overhang it was no big activity among the monkeys either. Chimpanzees usually scooting around the various in hunting games really tease each other, but not this day. They had a kid who did his best to annoy the others, but they ignored it completely. Cassandra did not like the gorillas. One was active. He tasted things and then took a long stick, got up and walked away with the stick as supportive cane, which she experienced a bit too much like us humans. lol.......

The elephants were not active either and they gave you a strange feeling when standing there. The explanation was that it any day now a baby elephant where to be born. In other words, all of them where expecting ...... I guess .....

In the overhang below the elephants the activity where however even move! There we namely found the meerkats! WOW these fellows can be for studying in hours. What a funny animal. Talking body language, curious, yet cautious. Simply entertaining! I have seen one or two programs about them on Animal Planet and do understand how filmmakers have been able to interpret them as they have. Really really cool and I would have no problem staying there and just observe them for hours to come, but the girls wanted to go to the Children's Village.

The Children's Village, will remember that it was called Bamse's world but are not sure, the girls went bumper car and carousel, tossing and climbed in all sorts of climbing and lecturer, etc. In the end, they also where very happy and tired. The journey home was strangely quiet ..... :)

On the whole we had a really nice day with perfect weather for the journey! Besides the meerkat the highlight of the day, for me, was the tigers.






2013-07-15 Today, in the afternoon and evening, we had a nice visit from Sara (kennel Kniinaxx -Rottweiler). We had coffee, ate a good dinner and, off course,  talked about dogs, training, breeding, temperament .... yes , EVERYTHING related to the world of the breeder so to speak. She fell in love with Rex, like everyone else, and also to charming Hexa. With her she had two Rottweiler-girls and it sure felt a lot in the old "rottweiler - gut" after a lot of touching and feeling on them. Super nice in character both of them! Stephanie has always said she want to have a Rottweiler one day. If she is playing she always owns a Rottweiler and now she also knows how one looks like. The visit did NOT changed her liking at all - the opposite !

2013-07-14 Up early to start our drive to Mats in Skåne. We took Rex with us for Mats to meet him and also as a "support " to Hindra on our stops when going back home. Strange feeling to go through Växjö and NOT meet Angelica, but this time it could not be done because she is a volunteer at the football center where the World Championships for women is taken place :). So today we actually went through twice without greeting her ... hm .... might as well admit that both times I talked to her on the cell phone.

Now we wish Hindra welcome home and if I find a real good home for her on breeding-terms so be it. If no - she will stay here. I also want to repeat THANK YOU MATS for the time you put down into her. Now I will make sure she will find her place into the pack and then it is time for the connection between us or, more correctly, the reconnection between her and I ... exciting!

2013-07-12 This summer has so far been absolutely amazing. Sun, warmness and a lot of chances for outdoor-bathing. Hexa is happy to bathe when the girls pin themselves down into the way to small bath tub.

Like they saying: " Where there is room in the heart there is always room in the house".

Now it is taken baths, more or less every day, in as well lakes as pools. The heat makes every possible opportunity to get some coolness not to be wasted and the girls think it's great fun when Hexa also press herself down with them.

Soon, we will go down to Skåne (south of Sweden) to bring Hindra back home.

2013-07-09 Right now it feels a bit heavy. Just been told that it is some Laekenois for rehoming. One of them is really critical and it is Omar. His mom has become very sick, so it's in a big hurry he needs a new home. Then it beloved Mizzy 6 years old. Her owner just lost her husband hand do not have the strength to give Mizzy what she needs. Additionally, we have for a long time been looking for a new home to our " Boyo ". Happy the experience out of the Viking market was as good as it got now requires forces to grab this matter to find solutions. A little fly in the ointment it's also the fact that Hindra will come back home again. It was not the idea from the beginning other than when it was time for her litters to be born. Well now it is was it is - just to bite the bullet and grab start to find solutions - I am sure it will work out just fine in time.  

2013-07-08 What a weekend ! Either the girls or I wanted to go home last night, when it was all over, but lets take it from the beginning.
On Friday, when we arrived at the aria it became a bit of a stress. My mother and aunt showed up and told us that it would be information at the information-tent just 30 minutes after we hit the piles. So in a big hurry we changed clothes and went to the information-tent. Finally there it turned out we had been given wrong information. Instead. I, Jey, Juhan and children went to ICA to purchase Saturday's dinner - then we went to the obligatory hug and greeting round among all Viking tents - so fun to see everyone again. After that we went to the archery and then it was time for dinner and socializing at Nibbe´s ( my brother ) tent.

On Saturday I was first at the archery and then in the entrance admission for a while. Very funny! Got so much praise, by both Vikings and other visitors, about my new necklace that I almost blushed .... almost ...  Anyway.... the day started when I was woken up by a dreadful thumping at the caravan door (and thank God for that! because it turned out the cell-phone did not alarm when it was time to wake up). Outside I found the family of Franssons - Claus, Gey, Ami and Ozzy - smiling. Good morning! Up and with quick coffee and dressing, which is not done in a flash with everything one should wear, we all went to archery where both Ami and Cassandra shoot. Suddenly Eja -Lena (photographer - thank you for this year's pictures) stood by our side with her Cairn terrier, Sussi (Inja´s owner) and her little puppy from the last litter. A female that two girls - Stephanie and Cassandra - just felt in love with. hm .... Later a an old work colleague came with his family and also my cousin, Anders (longbow manufacturer), of course. In other words we had "kiss and hugs party" most of the day :)
Hope you all had a pleasant experience. I had the chance to actually EXPERIENCE the market myself  this year, and not just see it from the cooker ....

In the evening, when all the visitors have left the area, and we have had dinner, we walked down to the lake where we got an incoming Viking ship with musicians on - incredibly beautiful in the warm summer evening. Then we sat by the campfire and sang songs, talked, laughed and just "hung out" in the heat of the fire.

Sunday. I spent the morning at the archery and then I went with Jey for some shopping. Talked to my mother and aunt and viewed my brother, Nibbe, and his fighters show - lunatics! He had roared for two and a half days now, so the voice was not there anymore, but it did not matter while facial expressions can produce rage .....  It is actually the first time I have had a chance to see the show and it was interesting. It put my heart in my throat a few times because it IS real weapons they fight with .... the slightest mistake and a lot of patches might get necessary if even enough ....... hu ....

The pancakes then .... well yes, next year I probably will sit there again - if some arrangements will be done and the cooker will be fixed of course - because me not sitting there this year brought a lot of disappointed visitors who had gone to the market EXPRESSLY for my pancakes (some of the from a very long distance). It was also a bit sad to see children's faces. One mother told me that as soon as her children saw the caravan arrives they came running after their bowls and screamed into the mouth of each other; Now she comes! - the pancake-lady arrives now! well, hm ...

Now the family is looking forward to a visit at the Viking market in Linköping. The one we missed last year, when I mistaken about the right weekend. By then, I hope that my new apron will be finished and that Jey and Juhan will come along. It will be nice to meet dear Viking friends again and to "just be" for a day. Also interesting to see how they do their market comparing to ours.

2013-07-04 Now everything that was suppose to be cut, stitched, and have embroider on finally done. The caravan is packed up and I feel total exhausted before the festival even has started. One, I hope, nice change is year is that I am not stuck at pancakes this year! Looking forward to do something different for a change, and since this summer has been absolutely stunning in terms of sun and heat, it is nice not to sit beside a fire all the time. It kind of gets liiiiitle hot. Now we feel ready to go early tomorrow morning.

Today I got a phone-call I did hope not to get. It was from Mats whom decided not to take Hindra in on breeding-terms after all. Now she will get back home HOWEVER I am so happy Mats took her in for the develop-conversations and for all time he has put into her while she was there. Then you can ask why I feel it was a shame he will not let her stay well.... Mats is a great dog-handler and super in training when it comes to the Swedish protection work and the idea was for him to train and compete Hindra up in that. Had not been in the way so to speak - right?! :) Anyway - a big thank you my dear friend for, without any hesitation, help out when Hindra needed it AND for everything you done for her when it comes to training and develope-conversation. Se you in one week when I drive down to bring her home :)

2013-07-01 Hectic time to finish all the Viking-outfits for upcoming weekend. Also Jey and Juhan will come home to get their out-fits in order for the festival. When it comes to Juhan we have a lot to do because he has no outfit at all!!! The idea is to give him at lest a shirt. Beside all this we are going to celebrate Jey whom turned 20 years old yesterday!


2013-06-30 Today we celebrate Ozzys little owner, Ami, and our beloved daughter Jey on their birthday. Ami is turning 9 years old and Jey is getting 20 :)

2013-06-29 Up early again, but this time for traveling to Söderköping and archery competition. The competition almost ended for Cassie before it started ...... and that with terror ... Cassie and the other shooters went towards the target after the first round up and Cassie bends over to get the protocol of shooting and I almost lost my breath when seeing her suddenly bounce back like if she hit her face into something. I, and several adults with me, run towards them to se what happen and it turned out that one of the shooter has arrows with nocks with an color that do not shows (most of them have bright colors or a color that is different from the rest of the arrow) and he had shot his arrow way low into the target, so when Cassie bend over to get the protocol she did not se his arrow and therefore she hit her face into it!!! Thank God she got glasses - because they stopped the nock to go right into her eye, instead it went in just under the eye. Talk about luck! Beside the protocol is not suppose to lay right under/or in front of the target, and for the reason that no one shall get hurt by the arrows that are in the target. The protocol is suppose to lay beside the targets! We managed to stop the bleeding rather quick and I said to Cassandra that if she wanted to go home after a start like this we do so, but she wanted to continue! What a girl! It had swollen up a little bit under the eye but Cassandra had no pain so I said ok if you promise me to tell me any time you want to stop and we will. What a competition she did. New personal record outdoors on 20 meters with the point of 438!!! Congrats girl!
Back home the swollen had gone down a lot and now you could se that it looked like she had scratch herself under the eye. I am SO happy it was not worse. Archery can be a dangerous sport even behind the arrows.....

2013-06-28 Up early and after Cassie gone to the summer camp I and Stephanie hooked on the caravan to drive down to Västervik for the survey. Everything was great! Nest survey is 2015, but I do not know if I will be the one doing it the - kind of hoping I can switch "Öggisen" against a smaller caravan - evenKlicka! Öppnas i nytt fönster though it will hurt because we just love our "Öggis" .....

2013-06-26 Today's concentration has been to finish my Viking- necklace and to get it nicely into the spreaders. It became like this  =9

2013-06-22 It is time to do the survey on the caravan now and the is shall shine, so today the "Öggis" had a big clean up! Vacuuming inside, wiping tables, kitchen aria etc. and a grand wash outside. It use to be Jey´s job to do the roof, but not being home, it became Cassandra and I that had to climb up. A biiiiiit scary, if you ask Cassandra, but she did great and look how nice the caravan become :)

After the check-up of everything like the electricity, lamps outdoors function etc. we could establish that the caravan is ready for both survey and to live in during summer. NICE!

2013-06-21 MIDSUMMER Celebration! This year we where alone at the midsummer-celebration, well without the older girls or other family that is, however we did send greetings to one other by sms.... what else?

First we had a super tasty lunch of hearings, then we played games inside. In the afternoon the weather became better and the sun came to warm us all up. We barbecued and had our delicious desert, the one I and Stephanie prepared the day before, well without the cream of course - that we put on just before serving. A compote of Rhubarb and strawberries. What a lovely smell and the taste then..... jummy!

After dinner we went outside to play King!

I, whom never wins anything, won all 3 times when playing! Fist with Cassie then with Stephanie and a last time with Göte.  Fun for me =))

Hexa also wanted to attend in the way she can.....  ;)  


The fist 3 weeks of the summer Cassie will attend summer camp. It started today and the kids will try out a lot of sports, swim and fish during the days. I and Stephanie baked and started the preparations for the upcoming Viking-festival. We also has started the plans for the midsummer-weekend :)

2013-06-12 End of school for summer. Prepared dinner and pastry with strawberry and cream for "Holliday-calibration" in front of the TV later in the evening. After all preparations I went to se the ceremony in the school. Nice, but a bit surprising they did not sing the national hymn ?!? .... strange .... it is a kind of must... right?

2013-06-08 20 past 4 the bell rang this morning - serious..... - up for breakfast and a walk with the dogs before we left for the Int. show in Vänersborg. There we hoped for Alpha to get her last CAC to become Champion. It has been very hot outside here and therefore we got Sumer clods on, I had dress and heals, not the best choice it turned out when we got to Vänersborg. Cloudy and only 10 degrees C .... Jesus, I was freezing. Anyway, when we got there Maria and Alpha was already beside the rings. We had coffee and one by one the other Belgians arrived. The warm sun brake true the clouds just before it was time for the Belgians to entre the ring! Today all four verities was there. Fun, because it is not that often it happens!

The Malinois, Laekenois and Groenendael went back home with everything they could take, the Tervueren got VG. In other words Alpha got Exc, CK, CAC, BOB, CACIB, new title. Everything! and with super critic! The Malinois was picked in out in the final, but then it was stop - a shame she did not got placed! What a lovely day this became - happy, pleased and tired (off course) we went back home to celebrate in fruit-soda.... what? - bubbles as bubbles right?....


2013-06-06 The National day of Sweden!
We celebrated it in the garden by planting new plants, had lunch, coffee in the sun and went to Åtvidaberg in the afternoon to by lovely ice-cream - yummy! Later in the evening we had barbecue dinner with a nice glass of red wine. 

Speaking of planting, something is really crazy with Hexa.... remember that the H-litter had a special love for the lavender (special Harraz did) and because the last hard winter killed our BIG lavender I got a new one from Stephanie as a mother-days gift. I have also bought 3 new butterfly lavender well...., those and only those was missing in the new the flower-beds, right.... HEXA! She had pulled them up - without destroying anything else - and went to the back of the house where we found her rolling all over the plants!!! ...... Crazy girl! I put them back where they should be and now I am crossing my fingers they will survive!

2013-06-03 The community has decided to close the school where the girls are attending. Because of that they are now moving around the classes, also the once from the other two schools here, to get room for everyone. Today we went for a visit to the new school, Central school, for Stephanie to attend in autumn - class 1A will be her class. A very nice school and her new teacher will be one she knows from her last school and her preschool teacher will come along as well. :) Sorry to say it means that the girls will not attend in the same school anymore. They will move class 4 to 9 from all schools into, Alléschool, and there is where Cassandra will go from August - class 5 C it will be then. But before that it will be summer-holiday and it is just a few days left before that starts. The exam will be the 12th of June.

2013-06-01 Well, now we enter the summer month for sure. On the other hand it has been super sunny weather here the last weeks in May, so I have to say the summer is already here! Because it was a very cold spring (long winter if you like) the flowers where very late, but now when they are coming they come all at once so to speak....... Today it was a bit colder again and I was in the garden taken grass of places where it shall not be.... I did find something else that shall not be there either and.... it stopped with that I was shaken like a leaf and had to force myself to do the last grass -cleaning. Why you might wonder... well I accidently hold this figure in the tail.... brrrrrr, yuk, ugh, repulsive, and yuk again.... It has now moved! Do NOT want to share garden with a fellow like this, or even worse with an adder. No, nope, no - dose not feel ok at all. I know this one is not out of any danger towards me, the children or the dogs, but that does not help at all... if there is one it could be..... ugh, yuk! Beside it was way to close to the house for my taste.


2013-05-26 Woke up when the girls came with breakfast to my bed =) the rest of the day we celebrated in the garden and did some planting of my new mother day plants!

Talked to Mats and Hindra is progressing step by step! Wonderful! That is a lovely mothers-day gift as well :) - thank you for your time and work with her!

2013-05-25 Got a phone call from Susann that on todays international show in Österbybruk Vajert Inja got CK, Exc, Best female -2 and BOB-vet :) Lovely! Old lady still going strong! Congratulation!

In the afternoon a flower delivery came by with flowers from my older girls. Thank you Angelica and Jey - that was a surprise for sure :) I and the younger girls went to Åtvidaberg where Lions celebrated all mothers with cake and coffee! Nice!

2013-05-20 After a lot of problem with the program I am doing the race-magazine in, it finally is done and has gone for printing. Yesterday I went to the second gathering for trainers in archery. A lot of material talk and we experienced how to make a string - not so easy to be done...

Today I have learned a new world in dog training. It came from my good friend Mats in south of Sweden whom went up to Växjö to bring Hindra down to his place for some developspeech. He is to funny! Developspeech is something we have with our kids and their teachers in the school, to know how they are doing -  and now also in dogtraining it appears. Why you might wonder .... well, "Hatti-fnatti" has enter the "awkward age" and now, during her last days in heat, suddenly started to show insecurity in her first contact with strangers (the last 4 days to be precise). Not knowing what to do with this new feeling she is over reacting. At campus they now have the last week of this semester so it is a lot of drunk, screaming and singing -  and not so smart (in drunk condition) peoples everywhere 24/7. NOT an optimal place to suddenly start insecurity and Angelica has not got the time needed to train and strength Hatti-fnatti up. So, wonderful Mats, fetched her for some training camp and, as said, some developspeech. During the days she has been with him she has gone more and more back to happy self again ( not at all surprised - if anyone got "dogsfingers" he is the one for sure!) Her wrong behavior stopped the very first day. Lovely! Thank you lovely Mats - I would have been very sad if I had lost this wonderful dog while it is nothing wrong with her mentality from the ground. Before, during and after heat females can suddenly start with strange behavior and especially if they also are in the "awkward age" (with or without heat - goes for the males for sure)  Hormones is not to play with - no matter breed - but if you go for the "problem" calm and easy the dogs will "come out on the other side" as the wonderful creatures they where before it. If you do not act towards the "problem" the risk is huge the wrong behavior will stuck and it can be very hard to get rid of later in the dogs life.

2013-05-11 Dressed up we went to Ekenäs middleage market today. It was our first time on this market and the knights this weekend came from Great Britain. They where ok, but we are "spoiled" with the knightgroup from Gotland and so far non, that we have seen, have even come close to their caliber (goes for other Swedish groups as well).

It was so nice meeting our friends again and a lot of hugging took place during the day. Speaking of knights, we where told that the knights' of last year, a group form Hungary, was outstanding! ... typical - when we never went then.... We had a very nice day with lovely weather! This group had more fights on the ground with their swards and less of horse-action. beside the whole show was in English - of course!
The horns on the helmet of the knight (photo to the right) was no longer there after the first fight with the lances... ups!







Note that the knight actually is closing his eyes! Perhaps for the best thinking of how the sandbag landed on his lance (photo 2) after the hit. Do hurt if you do not ride faster ...... ;) Both photos opens in new window if you click on them. 

2013-05-10 Deadline for the race-magazine today. Have a lot to do, but it is coming around this time too :). It has been a big pleasure to set the result from the FMBB 2013 this time. The team representing Sweden and AfBV got SILVER in IPO (for teams) and also the 4th place individual. Great done and it is the best result so far at FMBB for "our" team! Next year it will be in Finland and I do wish I then can be there as a supporter.

2013-05-09 Today it has been two vajert-dogs in shows. Vajert Hedi at the rece-spesial on Ivö and Vajert Alpha at Nora Workinglcub.

Heidi behaved very nice despite being in her heat and charmed the judge total. VG was the result because, as a TOTAL surprise to both me and Jenny, it showed that Heidi unfortunately is missing both her P2or!?! Nor I or Jenny where aware of that, however we are very pleased with the VG and Heidi is in training for agility, and you do not do agility with your teeth anyway  ;)

Alpha and Maria "run home" a CK, Excl, CAC  BOB at Nora Workingclub. This was Alphas 2nd CAC = One more to get the title Swedish Show Champion. Keeping fingers crossed and the next show is not far away. Then an International and we do hope a CACIB will be given then too ;)


2013-04-27 Early this morning, right after midnight to more precise, I became an aunt again =) My brother, Nibbe, and his fiancée, Zarah, got their second child - a daughter. Congratulation!

I also got the messages today that Vajert Dimma now can titular herself INTCH :P Congrats Danni  - nice done! :)

Today Alpha went back home. Feeling sad about that and so do the family as well. Hexa do agree too. There is no question about her being out of the heat for this time because she and Hexa have played a lot this last few days and Alpha does not play like that in heat-time. Now we keep fingers crossed that some semen found their way in, despite how the the mating as been. But I doubt it. If not we will mate Alpha on her next heat in about 8,5 month from now. The male then is not yet decided. 

2013-04-23 Today I did the yearly survey of my car and that was not a nice outcome at all..... 5 things was found that has to be repaired!?! and a new survey after that. Sigh! Hate old cars..... a bit fun though was the fact that it came to my knowledge I got both ABS and SRS.... had no idea... I have always thought the car was to old for that, at least to have SRS.... lol.....well what do you know :)

Way more fun is that Rex off springs in Denmark are turning 1 year of age today! One of the males there got a special place in my heart - very look a like to Rex, but a better copy if you ask me. Or what do you say?

2013-04-21 To break the tiresomeness of waiting I and Susanne wet to the flower market outside of Vetlanda. There Susanne bought a lot of spring flowers and I bought two strawberryplants with PINK flowers!! Never seen before. Back at Susanne's house we planted her flowers while Achilles and Alpha had love dates again and they did not got it fully this week end either. Thinking of it, theoretical, it is enough if 8-10 semen find their way and it can be puppies even though the male never got a hanging, but it does not feels like that in this case. Today it is day 17 and Alpha is still standing patience.

In the evening I went back to Växjö to pick Cassandra up and leave Hatti. The plan was to pick Achilles up to bring him with me back home again, but Susanne called to tell me she had to take him to the veterinary right away because he was wobbling around. Therefore Cassandra and I went strait home and got there right after midnight. At the same time I got a text-message from Susanne that the veterinary did not find anything strange on Achilles - he just needs resting, but they wanted to keep him over night just in case. 

2013-04-19 Achilles and Alpha have had several love dates during the last days but Achilles has not yet made it fully. You have to look hard to find a more patience female than Alpha. She stands, and stands, and stands... Achilles has injured her back pawls on both sides and every time he is there stepping in the wounds she whine a bit BUT stands total still anyway. MY what a female!

Today I packed up the car to go down to Småland agian. First a stop at Drömmeshult and then of to leave Cassandra by Angelica in Växjö for this weekends archery camp. Angelica and Cassandra will go by train and buss to Ljungby next morning. =) After a very nice dinner I went back to Drömmeshult and stayed for the week end to let Achilles and Alpha mate with hopes that he would finally make it fully. With me in the car I got Hatti-fnatti ;) whom will be with me over the week end. 

2013-04-16 To be a breeder is to be in a lot of waiting - constantly. It is actually not me saying this (not this time anyway) but Cassandra! First you wait for the female to start her heat, then you wait for her to go into the optimal day, then you wait for her and the male to actually mate, after that you wait for signs of her being pregnant or not. If she is the waiting starts for the day of delivery... Boy how right she is! At Susanne place it came very clear, the two played a bit, figure the other out, accepting the partner (more Alphas doing off course), "tried out" but never made it fully. While waiting for "real action" Angelica phoned and told me that Hindra "Hatti-fnatt" has started her first heat! Small has gone grown up =)

Though nothing had been done fully by the night we decided that I should bring Achilles with me back home for mating the following days. One good thing with mating on "home plan" so to speak - meaning not have to mate abroad. Laekenois is as Laekenois is as you can se (photo) why not mate like this ....

2013-04-15 Today I and Jey went to Linköping. A lot of walking because of everything we had to do while being there, and it turned out that all the places to visit was not in the same end of the town in the order we had hoped for. Because of that we had to go back and forth several of times - in to one place, back to the next with the important paper in our hands and back again for stamp needed etc..... hahahaha... well ... now finally all "have to take care of" is done. At dinner we lighted a candle for Alphas "small owner", Felicia, to celebrate her 18th birthday! The girls love the idea (even though Felicia was home at her place) and sang "ja, må du leva..."  (Swedish birthday song) for her.

Tomorrow I will go for the fist day of mating in Drömmeshult at kennel Ruby River´s. Exciting!

2013-04-12 Late last night we picked up Jey by the train. She will now be here when I am away for Alphas mating to take care of everything in the house. The plan is also to make nice things for the upcoming Viking festival in July ;) She needs a new dress.

Alpha came home today for upcoming mating. God what a nice female she is! So easy to deal with and no problem what so ever to adjust in the pack, despite being in heat (or because of it .... if you ask Rex and Boyo.....).

2013-04-06 Today exactly one year ago is the day we went to se this house for the first time. I do remember tulips blade and other early spring flower in the flower-beds - no snow anywhere. On our way back to Olshammar it did started to snow some. Here the same angle (photo 2 right) taken today!!! Then you shall know that the snow has melted away allot during the last week!

To celebrate, you can always find a reason for celebration.... lol...., we had target-open-ceremony and in-shooting of Cassandra's new arrows. Cassandra shot for the first time on the target we bought last summer. 82 arrows from 6 meters. The photo shows the first arrows in the target =P The more arrows she shot the better they became in collecting to middle of the target (yellow and red). In other words she shoot herself in great - NICE!

2013-04-04 This evening I got the messages I have been waiting for quite some time now (at least I feel it has been a loooong wait) Alpha has started her heat, now it is not far away to the day for.........
. Prepare Achilles ;)


2013-03-30 & 31 In two days I have been in front of the computer looking at the Swedish Mastership for seniors (indoor archery) by web-TV =)

Angelica participate for the first time in her new class (21 class -recurve) and at Saturday she managed to the finals on Sunday with a new personal record at 481 points! I am so proud but between you and me... she is not happy with a score not higher than it became this time... I do not agree because the main thing is to get to the final - THERE anything can happen.....anyhow it was very exiting to follow the shooting and fun to help out by sms to her boyfriend that could bring it on to her :-P, Got a print-screen (the photo) and Angelica is the one in red shirt, pony-tail and glasses.

On Sunday it was harder not to bee there in real life.... final shooting is final shooting - Angelia is very good at it and the other shooter do know so too. She ended up on 9th place total and we just have to be trilled over that result! Good work done girl - still among the best 10 in Sweden - take that in my beloved daughter, Angelica!!!

2013-03-28 Today, or rather this evening, we went to our home-club (Motala BSK) for competition in the "Easter egg". They did not managed 2 fully series (2x30 pil) before the time of the hall ended. Cassie did 177 on the first 30 arrows and 124 pints in the last series (18 arrows). Good done and we all where total exhausted when we finally got back home by midnight. Lucky we got Easter weekend to look forward to (and rest on) and after that the girls are off school for a week. 

2013-03-22 This morning was the first one for a looooong time we woke up just to find out we did not have snowstorm outside! Is cold, still, - 15C but no snowing. The temperature has been going up and down a lot lately between -8C down to -17C and it has not been "warmer" during daytime. Our fence is just a memory now - somewhere under all snow you will find it - and a new "problem" has started the dogs do not know where the yard ends anymore and are walking over the fence into the road-aria without knowing so..... sigh ... I am eternal tired of all snow, cold and ice-wind now. The dogs, however, will not agree. They just love playing in the snow!
I want spring, sun and warmer weather now! OK, ok ... I will try to see it in a positive matter - it did not snow when getting up today - on the other hand we did not have any water either!!! The pipe outside our fence had frozen and got broken. It took the community the whole day to restore it and about 16:00 in afternoon the could put the water on again. LUCKY then we got so much snow as we do. Out to bring some in for boiling and at least we could use that water to for the WC.... lol.....  

2013-03-11 As you might have known I have been without computer for over a month now. Sorry to say my computer could not be "rescued" but the data on it was! All material was given to me on an usb-memory (Thank God). Today I got a new computer! Now I just have to install all programs again and try to catch up for lost time. Will probably take some time I guess... but I am "back on track" at least! 

First! My decision is taken when it comes to the right male for Alpha. When she starts her heat in March she will be mated to "the gentlemen": FJV-06, FIN UCH, SE UCH Tjh (FM) Ruby River´s Achilles (photo)

He is a very nice male and, as Alpha, is a force dog. Some of you already know this because I was able to put up an add at the start site (from a borrowed computer) and also an add on Facebook. Now I am sitting in times of waiting.... ;)

Well - the month that has pas by without computer has not been so fun. I and the girls where sick for 3,5 week in both nasty cold and the "winter sickness" (like the flue). As soon as one of us got better the next started and it kind of "walked" around and around.... not fun at all ...

A bit of joy was that Cassandra the 4th of March got a challenge prize from Åtvidaberg archery club for the best developing junior during the indoor-season! That came as a total surprise and as a big joy for us!!! Congrats girl!

The 9th of March we went to Södertälje for archery competition. There we meet Ozzy´s "small owner", Ami, with family. Ami is an archer as well but in the class for longbow. It seemed that both girls enjoyed to be at the same competition and we adult did have a nice time for sure :) Cassie got nice score at 332 points and ended up on 4th place total. Ami (do not remember her score - sorry) took the gold medal in her class!!! Super done both of you! Suddenly my mother, brother and his girlfriend stood in the shooting hall! They came by to se the girls shoot and to take me and Cassie to a Café to celebrate her birthday with presents (they could not come the actual date of her birthday). A very nice gesture indeed!
On our way back home in the evening we meet a heavily snowstorm and it has been snowing since for the last 5 days!!! At the most it came 1,5 meter snow within two hours!!! Like if we did not have enough anyway.....


2013-02-08 Today Jey, Juhan and Natta came home to celebrate Cassandra's 11th birthday. We had a nice dinner and a lot of "catching up" to do ;) Tomorrow we will have sandwich-cake etc. to celebrate her. ;)

Thank God the magazine, Belgaren, is done an up for printing. Why? well... my computer is living its own life, or rather do NOT LIVE at all. Today I hand it over to the support and crossing fingers they can save anything on it - and soon.

2013-02-02 Cassandra and I went to Oskarshamn today for archery competition. Great score of 390 points, best points this year, and a 4th place in total. Great done girl!

I also had the fortune that Jenny came and gave me the chance to "pet" Heidi a bit. God she is nice! Great structure of body, super coat and very nice in temperament. Thank you, Jenny, for taken the time to come =)


2013-01-31 Today the girls and I celebrated my birthday. After good dinner we had "cozy time" by the TV. While at it I like to thank all of you that sent me congratulations by mail, sms, phone and on facebook. Most of them came that way... on FB that is...  strange when I still got phone, cell phone and mail... anyhow.. BIG thank you!

2013-01-28 It has been quite hectic days here. The budget and annual report of both AfBV shop as well as for the magazine has been done and sent to the board this week. At the same time the deadline for the magazine past by and it is now almost done for printing. My computer has also started his own life - again - and I am afraid it will go total broken.... keeping my thumbs crossed it will hold for a long time but my stomach-feeling says otherwise....  :(

Outside it has been snowing for several days - again - as if we need more of it.. and now I can not get the car up to the house because of all snow. Scary when you slide backwards and can do nothing about it.

2013-01-20 We have the strangest of weather right now! or rather strangest of temperature.... first -18 degrees C for 3 days and the - 4 one day, just to go down to - 22! Way to cold if you ask me....

2013-01-19 Today Cassandra competed in archery in Linköping and it was probably the toughest one so far .... for me that is... I was not with her, sat home, by the phone, waiting for sms or a call about how thing was going and THAT is worse than to actually stand there and see what happens!! Cassie wanted to try to go alone, well with the other archeries of course, but  when she got back home she said she wants me to come along (coach/trainer and "mumsupport") from now on. Mums girl! Well it did go very well anyway. She came home with a new bronze medal! Congratulation girl!

2013-01-17 At last the plumber came. Now we do not have to stand in water every time we put laundry into the washer.

Right now we do not go out more than "have to" - 18 degrees C and it will stay for some days they say... brrrrrrr...... Not even the dogs have any enthusiasm to stay outside for longer time. Rex take it the hardest. He seems to be very sensitive for the cold under his pawls and is doing like the lizards in the hot desert - lifting one leg at a time, sorry but I can not do anything but laugh because it looks to funny - how ever I do feel sorry for him. I do understand him because it feels like the nose will leave the face every time you go outside now - it do hurts and it is not nice! The other dogs are making the cold much better and Boyo would probably stay outside 24/7 if I should let him. Nope to cold, the melody is short time and often instead.

2013-01-15 .... and I that had decided to update the blog at least once a week, but the news about Raily kind of took the breath out of me.

Today I do not have the time either because it is deadline for the club-magazine - Belgaren - meaning I have a lot to do right now. However I just have to announce that kennel Vajert has produced up "our" fist IPO-dog! Vajert Dimma & owner Danni ended 2012 with an IPO 1 competition and made it with - 70p, 87p, 80p = 237. I am not total (will check it up) but this means that she is the first Laekenois female in the whole Nordic with an IPO 1 title. She is for sure both Denmark's and Sweden's first at least. Great feeling with some news of happiness again.

2013-01-06 Today I got a mail that gave me a small chock and it is with big tears rolling down the cheeks I am writing this. Raily was put to sleep on the veterinarians recommendation the 23rd of December. He turned sick just one or two days earlier and the test showed he had no white blood cells at all! In the morning on the 23rd the veterinarian called Railys owner to inform him they found cancer in his liver. Good God what a terrible Christmas they must have had and despite that Tommy writes in his mail: Raily will be put in the dog-centenary beside one of my earlier security-dogs. He has been a lovely dog to us and a lot of my colleagues loved him very much. I would like for you to know that you should be very PROUD over yourself manage to breed such a great dog from you breeding. Thank you!

We also lost a dog close to Christmas, years back, and I do remember the vacuum the holidays was celebrated in. I wish I could find words to help the pain go away. Our thoughts goes to Tommy and his family and it is I that shall thank you, Tommy, for given Raily the nicest of years ever with you! THANK YOU! and a big hug of strength to you and your family. 


Back flashes on the year 2012
Time to look in the backmirror and it is with a smile on my lips I recall the midnight clocks banging between 2011 and 2012. I, back then, strongly felt that 2012 would be a good, but with some turbulence, year! Remember thinking "Now the winds will turn around" and looking at the year now I sure had the right feeling. The year 2012 can be put in two words - moving year! Jey moved to and later from Askersund, I and the small girls moved to Falerum, my brother and his family moved to Barva and Oscar moved in with Angelica!

Before I go into the success of the "Vajert-clans", I do have to mention the archery success of Cassandra. What a shooter she has become already! Amazing success able to higher her personal record every time she has competed and with a lovely attitude towards training and competition. She, as Angelica, really love their sport and I have the benefit to be their coach. Yes, I am a "bit" proud ;) In this context I do have to mention Ozzy's "small" owner, Ami, being her coach too and she has also become a tremendous shooter in such a short time! Looking forward to follow them all during 2013!

The Kennel then? Well, except for the obvious it has moved with me ;) we had the lovely H-litter born in June :) Also a lot of Vajert dogs with owners that have done great during the year and  I wont to write "as usual" but that might be to stick out the cheek a bit to much, so I will not write that. It is a bit hard, this time, to pick from the harvest and I do hope no one will feel forgotten. First out has to be Raily with owner that have done the obligated re-test for guard-dogs and, like earlier year, did it with grace! I also would like to mention all x-ray results that have come to my knowledge; Ozzy, O´Boy, Opal, Attli (could be more) - and all of them are free on both hips and elbows. That means that all offspring's of Rex and Brizna, that have done x-ray so far, are free!!! And it also means that the statistic of the kennel now is up on 90% free on both HD and ED! WOW!!!
Maria and Alpha went up on the big mentally test (MT) and what a test. Highest score on Laekenois ever - both males and females - with 482 points, Gosh! As if that was not enough they did the CAC-test for military-dogs (as a patrol dog) and approved with grace - Title:
Military dog (Tjh patrol) to put to the merit list and on top of that they moved up one level tracking!!! :)) In end of the year they did put a pawl to it by taken the fist CAC at the big dog show in Stockholm!!! Only to left to get SUCH ;)
Mary and Xena competed in second level tracking and moved up one level! A "bunch" of champion titles "fell" in to put among the already taken.
Swedish Show Champion, Nordic Show Champion and International Show Champion!!! In the context of shows I just have to mention the veteran of honor, Vajert Inja (11 years old). I am not sure how big her total success has been during the year but on The Swedish Belgian Show (SBU) she showed herself from the greatest side and got BIS, BOB Veteran and BIS 3 veteran!!!
Except for Club-CAC and a BIS placement at Denmark's Belgian Show Dimma did success on the few show (not that many because she became mother to a bunch of puppies and the father is Vajert Rex) she attended during the year. In Herning however she was put up both days and got Exl., BOS and CACIB on Saturday and the title:
Danish Winner 2012. On Sunday she got the same result as the day before and also the title: Nordic Winner 2012! She also became the fist Laekenois female in Nordic with an IPO1 title!!!

I could probably go on for a long time picking out of the successyear of 2012, but I chose to stop here. THANK you all with VAJERT-dogs for being so great with them and for really trying to do something with your dogs!