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2012-11-30 Yesterday I put up the traditional advent calendar on the wall. A tiny problem came up because I do not have that long wall here as I had in Olshammar = all 24 bags could not fit in.... hahahaha... some problem, right? I will solve it by hanging up the rest when number 1, 2 and 3 have been open.

Today we went to Linköping for shopping. The last Christmas gifts, weekend food and all the ingredients for the upcoming baking. Sometimes you should have some luck on your side and we had it for sure during our shopping. I promised the girls they will have new advent stars to their rooms and they have chosen a blue and a purple one. In the store the only once left in that color was the one hanging way up on the wall as a show example. Well only thing to to was to ask if it could be possible to get them down for us. No problem at all! Beside we got the electric wire and lightning as well with out extra charge!!! The staff made the girls day - can tell you that ;))

To get back home was not that fun. I got a nice bowl - handmade glass- from Angelica when I turned 40 and it was now laying in "a drilljon" pieces on the kitchen floor .... sigh... on the other hand I managed to get a tooth from Hexa, as a memory, the first to be saved so far. Well at least something even thoug the bowl can not be replaced..... stupid dogs.....

2012-11-28 Well! Is it going to be winter after all? Not that I mind this mild weather we have had during November, except for the darkness that brings. Now the snow (wet one) is falling heavily since a couples of hours. Boyo and Hexa became nuts! well.... hm.... that is when I let Boyo out, Hexa´s first reaction was a to hit the brakes on the doorstep! What on earth.... lol ..... She does have the funniest expression ever from now to then and the snowing today sure made that happen!  After a while I let Boyo out and they ran crazily around in the garden. Hexa is very fast but that does not help much when "recer-dog" Boyo is right behind? He is use to try to get away from Brizna and to manage that you have to be way more than VERY fast, so to speak!

Right now I am feeling a bit nervous that the temperature outside will go down to minus closer the evening - gulp - going for archery practice and even though I am taking it easy there are other drivers out there and some seems to think they are safe from everything having snow tires on (if they even got any) also because it it new roads for me and I do not yet know where the slippery parts on it will bee. This evening we will pick up a school friend to Cassandra whom want to try archery out. Looking forward to that!

2012-11-26 The weekend has been calm. A brake in all you could say and a chance to reload the batteries for the new month to come. December is a bit of a hectic time with everything to be done to celebrate Advent, Lucia, Christmas and New year. For us it is a bit exciting while it is the first time in our new home. It is also the first time we celebrate Lucia here, and it is always interesting to see how they do it in other places. Years back we did celebrate Lucia with big L you can say, while both Angelica and Jennifer was in music schools. It did take a while to miss that kind of celebration, but now we actually do - except for the stress around in - honestly thinking of it 12 Lucia walking´s at 3-4 days X 2 children was to much...... on the other hand, from that to none, except one at the daycare IS a big difference. This year it is Stephanie that will attend in the Lucia walking in school and because the school is to small (they have no aula any longer) they will go from classroom to classroom to sing 3-4 songs in each... hm... the parents has "begd"  for a separate walking  and that will be the 11th of December. NOT what we are used to in other words.

In the evening we had the second shooting in Korren. I was pretty sure that last weeks 217 point on 30 arrow was one-time doing and my guesses was around more normal for her age and time in sport at 160-170 points. Once again I was in for a surprise and big joy when Cassie scored 201 points! WOW... could it be that she actually will shoot over 200 points on 30 arrow from now on? 1st Advent will give a hint, if not something strange happens, when she then will compete in "The Christmascheese" at her home club in Motala.

Today it is also the day when the A-litter is turning 3 years of age!... 3 years... my God the time past by quickly. The searching for a good male to mate Alpha, in Mars 2013, is still going on. Sorry to say but it is not easy and I am afraid my wishes, except for the normal demands in health, probably have to be lower. It is so clear you can not have it ALL how much you wish or pray. Well this is how it is and the search continues. Congratulations to the A-gang says dad + mum and "kennel-mum" :)

2012-11-21 On the practice today Stephanie was allowed to shoot for her first time! I think she is to young and to week to even manage the bow herself but ok if they let here whom am I to protest - was I in for a surprise...  HA she was strong enough to manage the bow AND to shoot the arrow in target at 12 meters!!! The training hall was full of people and ALL of them started to applaud! Super technique, hold it for a long time zooming in the target and then perfect shot with a hit!!! Just 6 years of age - WOW!

One of the new boys came up to me and said... You know Linnéa - you can tell she got archery in her blood! hahahahaha.....

2012-11-19 Today the correspondence-cup called (Korren) started. A cup for all archeries in Sweden that would like to participate. Points on 30 arrows, once a week in 7 weeks. They are all competing against each other in the whole country - well in their own classes off course! Cassie did not want to participate this year (?) but changed her mind and did incredible first round with 217 point. That is a new personal record on 30 arrows.... hm... what will become of her in future....

Because it was time left for training, she wanted to try to shoot with a Compound bow and, while we nowadays are training at a PRONOUNCED Compound-club, they where not hard to persuade at all.... thinking of it they almost "thrown" the bows after her.... hm... well, she tried and did great! so now the big persuasion from the club has started! First they want her to change club after the new year and compete for them instead of Motala. Second they love the idea of compound-shooting and also the fact she is a girl! WAIT, WAIT... here I would like to have a few words, or several thinking of it, to say about it...  why? because I am the one that 1 - is the coach, 2 - is the main trainer for her 3 - and, perhaps the most important, the one having the thin complaining wallet here....  

2012-11-18 Today it was our oldest daughter, Angelica's, turn to compete in archery. This time in the District Mastership in Växjö and she ended up on a very nice 4th place (probably the worse place to end up on when it, like in this case, are only a few points left to the 3rd...) Much nicer, for her, when her name was called out on the ceremony for her to get the bronze medal as the total placement in the Youth Cup!  JIHAA! VAJERT!

What weekends it have been a while now..... could that be the reason I want it to be weekend sooner and sooner..... :P

2012-11-17 It is today exactly one year ago Cassandra debutante in archery competitions and then at Finspång's archery club. Today we where back to "close the circle" so to speak ;) What a tremendous competition she did! Ended up with a new bronze medal and with new personal record on 402 points! God you are good girl!!!

After the competition we went to the city to buy some calibration-cake and a new quiver-decoration for the new PR. She got a very cute pet-shop dog ;)

Back home the news reach me that Dimma got club- CAC, Exc, BOB and BIS-4 on today's special show in Denmark!!! WOW!

2012-11-04 What a weekend! Still feeling a bit shaky when writing this, shaky of happiness and pure pride ;P

First both Angelica and Cassandra competed in archery at Munktell-arena in Eskilstuna today. Angelica ended up on 4th place in her class and Cassie took new personal record with 355 points and a new silver medal in her class - wow girls!

While waiting for the ceremony to take place Maria phoned to give me the news that she and Alpha made the CAC-test for military-dog (patrol-dog) today and got the title: Tjh (FM)!!! Thereby the kennel got one more approved "duty-dog"  - wow girls! Back home I got the news that Dimma had been on the two days show in Herning, Denmark. On both days she got Exc., BOS and CACIB. On Saturday also the title: Danish Winner 2012 and on Sunday the title: Nordic Winner 2012! Wow - girls (Danni and Dimma) Also the daughter of Rex and Dimma, Danrac Azira, attended and she became BOB puppy. Dimmas son Bekk von Burgkamp got both titles with CACIB and became BOB after Dimma both days...... I will write it again.... WHAT A WEEKEND! ..... and I did not even take part of any lottery..... hahahahaha


2012-10-  ;P hm...strange.. have no clue what have happen here, but all text in October is gone! Deep sigh .... strange!


2012-09-24 OH! The official reading result of the x-ray was up on SKK:s dog-data today. I thought it will take some more days before it was done.
HD-A/A and ED-0/0. Jippie! That means, again, that all offsprings, so far x-rayed, after Rex and Brizna are free on both hips and elbows! Wonderful!

One more thing that is wonderful is the fact that he, Boyo, is becoming more and more look a like to his father!

2012-09-23 Cassandra has competed in her first 3D tour today. 30 goals and several of hours forest-walking.
We where lucky with the weather but it did rain the whole day yesterday so the forest was very wet and slippery of mud. Some hills where terrible slippery and got worse for each team that struggled up hill and down dale. On of the adults in Cassies team fell and slide down quite a bit - despite the fact the track builder had put up big ropes in the trees to hold on to - and he did hold on to it, but it did not help. Except for the sometimes hard way to struggle true, this competition is hard because you have to judge the distance and the angel of the inclination towards the animal - every time. The nice part is, except for a nice walk in the forest, that you get points just to put the arrow into the animal - higher point the closer to the heart you get - exception to get points are some targets, like the horns of the deer for instants. Cassie did a good competition and ended up with the bronze medal! A new personal record off course and it was set to 84 points. Now she has something to go for on the next 3D track. Good work girl :))

2012-09-22 Now also Hazta has left us. Today a very nice couple from south of Sweden came to take her home. Stephanie was not so happy over the fact and already yesterday she was a bit sad. She wanted to sleep on the kitchen floor with Hazta, but had to settle with that Hazta slept in her lap for awhile.

All our best wishes to Hazta and the family of  Åkesson. :)

2012-09-20 On today's schedule it was x-ray of hips and elbows. Therefore I went with O´ Boy to the veterinarian in Söderköping. A super nice veterinarian that for sure gave you the feeling of great knowledge about what he was doing (he is a specialist on skeleton - and that was shown!). Now I "just" have to wait for the official reading by SKK. Just outside the veterinarian practice there was a store with fabrics so I went inside and found very nice curtains for the living-room - yes, finally!

2012-09-19 Hexa, Hazta and I went to the veterinarian to give the girls the 12 weeks vaccinations and for a new health clearance on Hazta. Everything was great and now neither of them need any new Nobivac dhppi vaccination until they are 1 year of age.

2012-09-17 The last training outside became very exciting. All the shooters, except for 3, had to shoot with bare bows and on the targets we put up balloons. Not so easy to hit especially not when it is windy like this evening was. Sorry to say it was also very cold outside - the autumn has taken its grip over the country for sure. Afterwards we had a price ceremony for all the shooters. The training from now will be indoors (thank God).   

2012-09-16 It usually becomes very quiet and calmer when one puppy leaves but the two back home are doing everything they can to sound like 5-6 puppies themselves. And they do succeed! lol.... 

One big nice thing, when one by one is leaving, is that I will have my kitchen back! :))

2012-09-14 At 03:15 sharp - I and Jey was in the car for our long trip to Arlanda. Himbi was laying in Jay's lap. The trip went good and also faster than last Friday - how can that be? - at the custom we got a small problem .... I borrowed Götes care because it does not take as much gas as mine and despite our searching we could not found out how to open the hood. I searched, Jey searched and even the customer searched thru the whole inside front of the car! ... sigh.... IF you can not open the hood you have to leave the care outside the gates. Well, phoned home to wake Göte up - it turned out the releaser was placed under the wheel and then I mean right under it, almost on it - no wonder we could not find it. After the crate and all papers was checked and in order we took a long walk before it was time for watering up, get some candy and playtime with Jey (to get a bit tired). In the mean time the guard checked the crate for eventual bombs and/or Time to put Himbi inside and start the long drive back home.

At home the children, not so happy that the puppies are leaving one by one, waited for us. We got some rest before it was time to go for birthdayparty in Linköping with Stephanie. This time they where at a big play factory, something that made Jey very happy because she never been there. I and Cassie went to the shopping center for some quality time ;) When we where done at the center we had hamburgers at Max before we went back to the play factory to pick the others up. Considering the chattering from the backseat I guess Jey was the happiest over the CHILDREN'S party, at least over the place they chose...... lol...

The evening we had in front of the TV waiting for news about that Himbi has landed and is in the owners care - always a hard wait. This evening they had this lovely program where different choirs compete against eachother and that is something you can not miss. This weekend we will do as little as possible = resting weekend.

2012-09-13 Meet Göte and Jey outside Cassie´s school in the evening because it was time for parents meeting number two. Göte and the smaller girls (in age) went home to prepare dinner while I and Jey went to the parents meeting. After that home for dinner and to pack up everything needed for the trip to Arlanda with Himbi early next morning. Went to bed early with the alarm on 02:45.

2012-09-12 Again time to got to the veterinarian - well known there by now - for second health clearance and to put everything in Himbis passport. The trip there went good. Himbi laid down and was quiet. However when I got there it turned out she had drawled a lot. Poor girl! The veterinarian visit went well and now she is ready to go to USA on Friday. While I was there I booked up a new appointment for the 12 weeks vaccination on both Hexa and Hazta in next week.

In the evening Cassie was at the archery practice while I and Stephanie where on a parent meeting in Stephanie's school. Then home to get a hot shower and some hot chocolate. It is getting rather cold in the evenings here al ready. brrrrr...

2012-09-09 Woke up early, do not get how that could be, just to feel that the Viking festival at Söderköping will not happen for us this year after all. I felt it will be to much thinking I also should drive Angelica and Hindra home to Växjö (new 300 km/single way).

Before we left I got a nice phone call from Maria and Alpha. They had competed in the first working-class tracking and moved up to next class today. WOW! Super! Congratulations to both of you :))

At 01:00 in middle of the night I was back home again. Angelica and Hindra at her place with Oscar and his female Mimlan. I could not sleep so I went to the computer to se if I got anything back from the printer about the breeding-club's magazine. Nothing! Strange, it should have come last week so I can go true it and say ok for printing.

2012-09-08 If anyone thought the rest of the weekend was calm that one have to think again. My brother had planed a moving-in party at his house for everyone that helped them move in. Being to tired you should expect to turn down.. but no... why not travel 300 km/single way, the day after the trip to the airport (300 km/single way too) when you can... In other words I and the girls went to my brother to celebrate. We had a great time, but I admit that I was a bit tired when driving back home in middle of the night. At 04:30 we where home again and crashed to our beds... I do not know it there is a 47th breeding-time but I was sure in it by now.....

2012-09-07 The plan was that I and Angelica should go to the airport, but it turned out she have had fever for several of days so she became the one staying home making sure the girls got to the school buss alright. Instead I and Göte went. Exactly on time 03:15 we took of to Arlanda.

Harraz laid in my lap and slept more or less in my lap the whole trip. He woke up now and then to stretched his body out and give me some kisses mitt before he went back to sleep. The first stop we did after the half trip. Harraz lifted his right front leg when toilet! I told him that as a boy he was suppose to lift the back leg not the front, he looked at me put the front leg down, still doing the toilet, and lifted the left back leg instead!!!! hahahahaha... Later at the airport hi lifted his back leg directly. A bit soon for a boy in his age - yes!

Charming and with no fear of anything the staff fell for him as trees in the woods when cutting them down. They did not love him less when he started to chase the lift-truck in the warehouse...  It had so interesting lift-forks.... after that he climbed on a very rickety loading-stool which seemed not to bather him at all so I had to stop him before he would hurt himself. Very stupid if something would happen the last minute before traveling..... When all papers where done we went outside to "kill" two hours before it was time to put him into the crate. He did his toilet and then he laid down at the ground. Just behind him plane after plane took of and when the first one did I was scared. Not prepared they would take off so close - Harraz on the other hand did not react much. He turned his head and looked at the first one, still laying on the ground, and the rest he did not even looked. What a boy!

Late in the afternoon we where back home again and then the terrible time of waiting for news started. Tried to get some rest, but it did not work..... until the mail came that Larry got him and everything was great! Thank you! Good luck now to you and it was nice to here that uncle, Bazco "Kai", liked him as well. :))

2012-09-06 Fixed with Harraz papers today - a lot of papers it is - and packed a travel bag with everything needed for the flight. I have also put lavender in his blanket so it is a nice smell all over it. Harraz favorite ;) a stock with paper in as a toy and something to do during the flight and off course my camera. Well all ready for tomorrows flight.

After that it was time to meet the girls by the school bus and Göte picked Angelica up in Linköping on his way down to us. Then dinner. 

Early bedtime because I had to get up at 02.45 for starting the trip to Arlanda at 03:15 (only time I miss living in Stockholm.....) It was very hard to sleep......

2012-09-05 The delivery period of puppies is a hectic time, and this time is no exception. Today we went to the veterinarian for Harraz second health-certificate and traveling clearance. Everything was great and he is now ready to go to USA on Friday =)) His weight was 6.2 today.

Back home We took a lot of photos, just have to have a lot before he lives! Wednesday means archery practice and this evening it was so cold outside we just had to short the training down a bit.... brrrrr...... A cup of hot chocolate in front of the TV made us all warm again ;) Only miss the fireplace....

2012-09-02 The first report from Julia and Hilex (Now called Hilux) came and he had slept the whole night on the train up. Beside, to wait for three hours at the station in Stockholm for the night train to leave was no problem for him at all. - cool boy! :)

Nice everything went well and good luck both of you now.

2012-09-01 Rex an I stopped outside the train station much earlier than expected. The reason to be there was to pick up Hilex owner with friend. While we waited we took a walk in the park nearby. Suddenly a BIG rabbit jumped up in front of us and my thoughts was - Now Linnéa will get a lot of pain landing on the ground after Rex.... Nope! He did not care! Whom will care about a running rabbit when there are so many trees that must be "watered".  BUT when a young men came with backpacker and a football he kicked in front of him walking towards the station THEN I had to hold on to a tree avoiding to been dragged after Rex.  - JIHAA he said..... I want the ball! hm... Rabbit - no, football - yes, yes... crazy dog... lol....

Back home Julia and Hilex got acquainted and they love each other right away. Thank God to that thinking she had traveled from way up north to get here! ;-)


2012-08-31 To the veterinarian for the 2nd checkup and clearance on Hilex today. Everything went well at the veterinarian and I am happy he is not the one flying in end of next week... 7,2 kg was his weight today... Gosh! well, that bone structure will be needed in the north of Sweden. It is not long before they got snow there. Tomorrow I will pick his owner and friend up at the trainstation in Norrköping. Going to be very exciting to see what she thinks of him.

2012-08-30 On the archery practice I became positive surprised over Cassandra's shooting. First she did not want to shoot at all! When seen everyone there she changed her mind and then she wanted to try on 30 meters target. That distance it to far away with her material and no distance she will compete at for several of years a head. Well I was in for a surprise... She not only could reached the distance she did it with a lot of 8, 7th and best of all 3 x 10 - also the one that flown over the target landed on 40 meters! OH! well what could I say?


The news from Jenny and Heidi is making me all warm inside. Everything is going great both with the other dogs and to go working. I will put up some of her sms at Heidis own site later. They are so fun written and worth reading. On the photo she is sitting on the stairs to her new home. Thank you Jenny for the photo =)) 


2012-08-29 I am not feeling to good today. The news that our friend and best man on our wedding, has left the us. Way to early! He past away just before his 50th birthday. Our thoughts to his wife and young kids.

2012-08-27 In the mornings you do feel the autumn is coming closer and closer in more than one way. The schools have started again and today Stephanie was home with a cold. Cassie does not sound that good either, but good enough to go to school anyway. In other words it is time for high temperature, snore noses, bad troths and caught- the time of cold are here.

I just wonder how many times I have counted the puppies just to count again, again, and again before remembering they shall be one les!!! Heidi is at here place and you can tell one have left, a bit calmer and the pack structure has to be redone. I miss her! Now they are 9 weeks old and it is time for photos taken, weight, deworming etc... you know the drill by now ;) Coming weekend Hilex will go to his new home way up north in Sweden.

The males 9 weeks old: Brown and Blue - Both are spoken for.

Harraz - spoken for

Hilex - spoken for

The females 9 weeks old: Orange, Beige, Yellow, Olive and Red
- 3 are spoken for.

Hazta - for sale

Hindra - spoken for

Himbi - for sale

Hexa - spoken for


At the archery practice today Cassie and I did the same deal as last time. Was not scared it would cost me that much, thinking of last time.... BUT that was stupid of me... Cassie did more than great today and when finished I lost 100 kr... lol... hm... no more deals like that for a while... I just might get ruined. ;) After the practice we went to the store because she wanted to buy an ice-cream for her and her sister as well - what a nice gesture :)

2012-08-25 Way to early this morning I went up to drive to my mother and aunt. The we drown over to my brother to help him and his nice little family to move! Now he also has left the stress in Stockholm for a house on the countryside close to mum. I took Boyo with me and he was not sad over that when he discovered that mum got her Boxer, Daisy, with her. Daisy is 9 month old and the two of them found each other directly. Boy did they have fun, playing, running and smashed together in a boxer manner, a way to play that also the hard bodied Laekenois likes - at least mine do. He slept like a baby the whole trip back home later in the evening.

2012-08-22 Today we got the time at the veterinarian for vaccination, health-certificates, chip marking and two passports. None of them said anything the whole trip in or back home! =) When we pared outside the veterinarian and open the backdoor we saw 7 very sleepy puppies that kind of gave us the look: - Hey, close again, we are sleeping here! lol... Inside everything went smooth and both males got their testicles where they should bee :)

After some grocery we went home to prepare for Jenny's arrival to get Heidi home. God I will miss that fun little girl - always up to something in a very fun way ;) While I and Jenny did all the boring paperwork Cassandra went to the archery to compete in KM (club mastership) on 3D animals and hunting path (do not know the correct English archery word for it). It was her first time on a hunting path and she took the bronze medal!!!  WOW! You rock girl!

Warmly good luck to you both, Jenny and  Heidi.

Within the lines or what? To the left you got Vajert Xtra whom is a half sister of Vajert Hindra´s (to the right) great grandmother!!!

2012-08-21 The puppies are playing a lot thug and play bus now when Jey and Juhan is here. You can see they love all the attention they gets and I can work with the magazine of the breeding club. Nice to get some help ;))

2012-08-20 The archery practice today became very interesting. Cassie made a deal with me to get 10 kr for each arrow in the yellow aria (points 9 and 10) and I said yes, but I will draw 10 of if you miss the target (non points at all) total. Ok, why not. When she started to shoot you could see she have had holiday from the archery for little more than a month now. She became tired rather quickly. Suddenly Juhan tells her that IF she puts the 3d arrow in a 10 she would get what he got of money in his pocket.....ok.... 1st arrow an 8, second an 1 and 3d... 10!!! how about that!?! what is the chances to actually do that?! ha ha ha... Pay up Juhan! Is got 25 kr from him and in total she came up to 75 kr before she became to tired and did some mistakes, however in end of practice she had 35 kr. Good girl!

Hard to believe it was 8 weeks since the litter was born. Now the time has come to hug them, one by one, goodbye. Feels a bit sad and yet a big joy over the fact that the once spoken for will go to lovely owners to "chew" on ;) Now we keep fingers crossed the 2 still for sale also will get their own homes soon. One by one the ears are getting up and stands unsteady - sometimes as a cross on top of the head. To cute!

The photos this time became a challenge without words. How hard can it be to get puppies to stand still long enough to take a photo and a sharp one..... If we called to much they left the aria, to little and they looked like they had sold the butter and lost the money.... lol.... hahahah

Males 8 weeks old: Brown and Blue - Both spoken for.

Harraz - spoken for

Hilex - spoken for

Females 8 weeks old: Orange, Beige, Yellow, Olive and Red - 3 booked.

Hazta - can be booked

Hindra - spoken for

Himbi - for sale

Heidi - spoken for

Hexa - spoken for

2012-08-17 Jey and her boyfriend, Juhan, came home today =) After a nice dinner we concentrate to get internet to Cassandra's computer. Sad it did not managed to get is wireless - probably because the box is to far away - so it had to be by cable. Now I got an internet cable true the whole house up to her room. well, when it is attacked to the walls it will not be in they way after all. We also tried to do my computer better. It has having it's own life for a while now, but instead of getting better it total broke down and it took us 2 days to get it to start up again....NOT to funny! Now it works and I do hope it will continue to do so.

Yesterday we had a visit from Karin, kennel Eternity´s, with family. The children played the whole day while we discussed bone structure, looks, mentally among Belgians according to standard and tried to get some nice photos of the puppies as well. Tried because this pack is not reacting on sudden sounds anymore..... We called, clapped our hands, thrown toys (always works but they are not still then....), tried high sounds and behaved like "maniacs'"... not much of reactions - no... lol.... Thank you for a very nice visit. ;)

2012-08-13 The litter turns 7 weeks today and that means new weight, claw-cut, deworming no 3, cleaning of ears and photos taken.

The gang is outside most of the hours at daytime and they are eating everything they can find. EVERYTHING just have to be tested and explored. They are more under the ground than on it.... =))

The nights are total clam. They sleep - on their backs!

Males 7 weeks old: Brown and Blue - Both spoken for.

Harraz - Spoken for

Hilex - Spoken for


Females 7 weeks old: Orange, Beige, Yellow, Olive and Red -
3 are spoken for.

Hazta - For sale

Hindra - Spoken for

Himbi - For sale

Heidi - Spoken for

Hexa - Spoken for

2012-08-12 Today we started the day by given Stephanie breakfast by her bed. =) Then she open her presents and we ate more of the sweet cake. The rest of the day we did not see that much of Stephanie, she had her hands full playing with all new gifts ;))

In the evening we had grilled salmon, a wish from Stephanie as a birthday dinner. Very tasty indeed! Jey called to congratulate and a bit later Angelica did as well.   The fact they sang for her was clearly shown by Stephanie's big smile on her face. Then she told Jey what she got for presents and repeated it to Angelica. Taken the opportunity, on her behalf, to thank all for the congratulations that have been sent to her by sms, mail and on FB =))

After a long nice bubble-bath I and the girls enter the sofa in front of the TV to se the closing ceremony of the Olympic games.

2012-08-11 Today my mom came to celebrate that Stephanie will become 6 years old tomorrow.

We had sandwich-cake (is that the right word?) and a while after a special order, by Stephanie, birthday cake to the coffee. It was very sweet with both strawberries and smashed apples. Tasty if you ask Stephanie, Cassandra and Göte, but mum and I thought of it to be a biiiiit to sweet.

After the coffee and cake we sat at the front yard in the afternoonsun watching the puppies play and laugh a lot. Heidi was the one getting the most of the laugh, she is a spectacular fun and charming female!

2012-08-10 When I open the door to go for shopping in Linköping today I almost knocked the Plummer down with it....  We both got very surprised - he was just on his way to ring at the doorbell to say he could install the new hot-water container! .... EH NOW?!?! Ok, no phone call no nothing before.... strange... well I trust him (AND have good guard dogs) so while he did his work we went to Linköping as planed.

Back home again the installation where done. The electioneer had also been there and they had put the washing machine in place and cleaned up the place too!!! WOW! What a nice yester to do!!!

When the dinner where in the oven we where outside with the puppies. =)
I have to say I am wondering what will become of Hexa.....  Here she is in training, by her self, for upcoming working classes... She actually jumps over Himbi!!! WOW!

The big once got their time as well and Brizna and Boyo plays like maniacs in the back yard as soon they got the chance. She is very rough and hard-handed.... but it is nothing Boyo cares about at all.

2012-08-08 Finally some sun again. So sick and tired of all rain and thunder everyday. A nice day like this the door is wide open and the puppies goes out and in as they please - and they do.... hahaha.

I just wonder how many photos I take in one day... well I actually know that sitting by the computer in the evenings trying to get some nice out of them all. Out of 100 photos there are about 45-60 that are not blur, where the motive still is at the photo - the whole puppy that is- not just the tail or half head etc..... hm.... or where there are no children legs or arms in middle of the photo when they suddenly walk right in front of the camera. Beside with 7 puppies there are Kodak-moments all the time - more or less - but very difficult for me to be everywhere with only one head and one camera. In other words a lot of Kodak- moment are missed because either I or the camera are fast enough.... hahahahahah...Guess I just have to be happy over the one that I do take and that actually became something... a nice photo.... ;)) 






It starts to show more and more the willingness to thug and play. What ever they can find they start to play with. Guess it is time to give them alternative towards shoe-lace and hair!!! Probably very fun for them but the later is very painful for the owner of the hair.... ouch!


2012-08-07 Yesterday the puppies discovered the pool and today they where not late to jump right into it or out of it for that matter... ;)





Except for rumbling around in the flower-beds and measure their skills towards each other the puppies  got a new acquaintance today... the rag. THAT was fun and they have a lot of thug and play in them.


The puppies have also meet Boyo today. Well they seen him before and smell him but this time I let him in to them. Both the small once and Boyo found it exciting and behaved very nice towards each other. I will not allow him to meet them outside the outdoor crate yet, because I am afraid he will make some Belgians rounds and might just run one, or several, over by mistake.... Nope will not have that so he will be with them inside where he can not get any speed up. When Brizna gave them food Boyo got very interested and in a second it looked like he actually tried to join them...... the eye Brizna gave him was nothing but cute, Boyo understood and let the "food-bar" alone just for the puppies to eat.

Here he gets a comforting kiss from one of the puppies before it returns to the food. Boyo laid down to wait for them to finish. After he helped Brizna to clean them up a bit...... especially on their noses because the smell good of milk..... ;)

We also had a visit from Azka with owner, Kristin, today. Boy how look a like her aunt, Raika, Azka has become! Very nice to sit in the sun on the lawn talking while the puppies run around exploring what ever they could find. Thank you for the very nice visit =))

2012-08-06 Today the puppies become 6 weeks of age. We have had a bit of drama at Kennel Vajert during the days (today actually). Have done a pdf file for you to follow the drama. It is about the pool and a boat in it. Hilex and Heidi are involved too ;) Pool-drama (Open in new window and text in Swedish.)

Here is the 6 weeks photos =P This time it was harder than before for Cassandra to hold them. The puppies are growing and have started to have opinions about "stay still long enough" or - lay still long enough... lol... I think she is doing a great job if you ask me ;)

The males 6 weeks old: Brown (Harras) and Blue (Hilex)

Harraz - Spoken for

Hilex - Spoken for

The females 6 weeks old: Orange, Beige, Yellow, Olive and Red
 - 2 want homes

Hazta - For sale

Hindra - Spoken for

Himbi - For sale

Heidi - Spoken for

Hexa - Spoken for

2012-08-05 Home after hard night driving. To take it from the beginning we went up at  03.40 in the morning (yesterday) for breakfast and then for the long drive to SBU. Landed at the parking lot at 08.15. There Ozzy with family waited and soon after Susanne at Ruby Rivers came. We had a very nice day with a lot of conversations, laughter and hugging. I also where in for a very nice surprise (two actually) - Annelie and Stefan came and had Doc and Anouk with them.... Gosh how happy I became... not to mention how happy Anouk became....  Boy do I miss that fellow! The show itself became the newt surprise in favor of kennel Vajert. Honor veteran Vajert Inja (11 years old) show herself from the absolute best side and ended up with BOS and BIS3 veteran!WOW! Daphne was called "the puppy of this class" also entering the veteran class and was the youngest in it with her 8 years old!!! hahahaha "puppy of this class" - well thank you for that - found it funny. She got Excl and became 3d in the class :) Ozzy got VG today and a super critic where the judge, among everything else, wrote that he would been given Excl. if he had been better trimmed. I think it is the first time ever I have seen that written in the critic - it is usually something the judge might say but never write down. After we where done with the Laekenois in the ring we did trim everything down and then we discovered it was a shame we did not do it directly in the morning! Under the soft long coat a very read nice one was hidden - enough to put up for a show!!! Well now we know ;)

Cassandra and Ami did compete in the "Children with dog competition" =) Ami together with Vajert Daphne and Cassandra with Sussi´s charming spitz Honey. The girls did great and to our (read proud parents) big joy Ami came on split 3e place and Cassandra won!!!!

After the show and clean up at the aria, I Cassandra and the Chairman of AfBV went to the hotel where the judges was located to represent the breeding club at the judge-dinner. It became a very nice dinner and also a bit late before we started our trip back home. At 04:00 I stopped in Nyköpings bro, leaned the seat back and closed my eyes. By this hour I had been away for 24 hours and it started to catch me up. A few hours of sleep and I started to drive again. A bit after breakfast time we where home again. Thank you al, attending at SBU this year, for nice chats, a lot of hugs, laughter and conversations! Hope to see you soon again.

2012-08-03 Today the puppies where outside on the front yard. A lot of new interesting plant arias to discover and Heidi found the children's play box for outdoor toys. THAT was interesting indeed!!!

The pool are filled with water but so far it has not drawn any big interest. Going to be interesting to se whom it will be that enter it first. I do have my thought over whom it will be.....  ;)

The stair is forced - yet with some cautions - and the wood stairs got some nice holes that becomes sleeping nest for each and one of them when they are tired.

Harraz found his favorite plat right away! Lavender. He throwing himself into it, rolling around and doing what ever needed to get the smell of it all over the body. The whole front yard is smelling of lavender by his doing =))

Tomorrow we will go to the Swedish race specialist show SBU. I am putting up Ozzy and is going to catch up with friends I do not see that often. Cassandra is coming with me to meet Ami, and she is also hoping she can attend "Children with dog competition". We will se if there is any nice dog for her to borrow. =)

2012-08-01 Today we had a visit from the upcoming owner of  Heidi. The puppies did there very best to show themselves from their best side..... they slept more or less the whole time..... lol.....

Brizna, Rex and Boyo did not mind at all because then they got more time to thug and play with the visitors without interruptions from the small once :)

In the evening when the puppies when inside again they did everything but sleep..... God what a play sound..... some catch up to the it seemed. lol.....


2012-07-31 OS is going on and Stephanie has been inspired. Here she is standing with her favorite puppy, Himbi, on the 1st place because they won, and she is actually loud and clear singing the Swedish national anthem!

Wonder what will become of here in future? ;)

2012-07-30 Oki, so now the puppies have turned 5 weeks of age and I have my thinking about if I was to quick to pick out my own girl. They develop differently from day to day and it makes me feel that I could change one day and pick one other to go back to my first choice the very next day... Hm... not easy this... Hilex got spoken for the weekend that last and will go to a very nice girl in north of Sweden. Her whole family is doing wild animal-tracking and that will be just great!  =))

The males 5 weeks old: Brown (Harras) and Blue (Hilex)
 - Both are spoken for.

Harraz - Spoken for

Hilex - Spoken for

The females 5 weeks old: Orange, Beige, Yellow, Olive and Red
 - 2 are spoken for.

Hazta - Can be booked

Hindra - Spoken for

Himbi - Can be booked

Heidi - Spoken for

Hexa - Can be booked

2012-07-29 Indeed we got thunder and rain this weekend, but not as much as they first said it should be (Thank you). In between the sun came true and the puppies where outside directly. The only time they have been inside is during thunder and when we saw something from the Olympic games. By the way... I just have to say I was very imprest over the opening ceremony :) Liked it a lot. Then I also want to get the chance to complain a bit.... I want the "not so common sports" to get much more time in TV. I like any form of shooting (not only archery if you thought that ;)) fencing, canoeing etc. I want to se more of it! but as always the "bigger" sports, that you can se on TV any day are the once getting most time during the Olympic games too :(.  While at it I will give the TV-producers (at least here) a complaints note too because I already know they will show WAY TO LITTLE from the Paralympics when they start. Always has been and always will be it seems...  Sweden is a head when it comes to Paralympics and I do not understand why those medals should not count. In my opinion it is something to be proud of too!.... but maybe it is only I thinking like this?

2012-07-27 A tremendous nice afternoon and evening gave us a lot of new "Kodak-moment" of the puppies. Very nice to been able to sit outside for a change to all thunder and lightning that have had passed by over us during this summer. Unfortunately they say there is more to come during the weekend. Therefore we where out for a long time laughing to the play and craziness the puppies did. Spiritual Himbi (yellow) got herself in some trouble with the water bowl. Nothing to get upset about if you ask her - you can sleep like this too and so she did! She fell to sleep half up side down in the bowl.... lol.... 

Brizna gave the puppies food several of times outside and after they run around freely in the garden. The backyard is not flat so the puppies are automatically training up their balance skills and you can see they are getting better and better for each day that passes by.  We had a late dinner and after it we took place in the sofa in front of the TV to see the OS opening ceremony.

2012-07-24 The first night in the kitchen was no problem at all. Usually some noise of displease will follow before the puppies finds their new favorite places to sleep on, but that was not the case with this litter. If they are tired they "fell" down where ever they stand -  kind of it will do good here  :)

Today the first visit of strangers came. Angelica and Oscar with mother and nice =). Strangers are fun. Nice to chew on and to kiss all over the face and if you are quick enough you might just been able to grab something that could be a new toy until the owner manage to take it back again. 
Sorry to say, well sorry and sorry thinking of the weather we have had this summer so far in Sweden, the sun was shining from blue sky causes the hottest day of the year. Puppies (normally) do not play or eat when it is to hot - they just lay around sleeping in the shadow. This litter is no exception - when it is to hot the activity is very low. Later in the evening it became much nicer (cooler) and the puppies started to play a lot! Time to take back some lost time..... You should just see them running around total wild! A lots of laughter and "Kodak moments" was given to us :)

2012-07-23 To move up to the kitchen was no problem. However I am a bit afraid it will be to hot there for them because the Kitchen is laying toward south. Just have to wait and see and if they seem to "suffer" of the heat I just have to think differently. None of them have reacted on all sounds so far - if they sleep they sleep! They have also been outside in the new play pen we made for them and they did like it a lot! So nice to sleep in the shadow and very fun for us to observe when they play around with each other or with some toy they just found. They have also discovered that if you put your feet into the water bowl you will be cold off quickly! Both orange, Hazta, and yellow, Himbi, are often lying in it with half their body ;)

The males 4 weeks of age:
Brown (Harras) and Blue (Hilex) - 1 is spoken for.



The females 4 weeks of age:
Orange, Beige, Yellow, Olive and Red - 3 are spoken for.






2012-07-22 Today the puppies where outside for the first time. Exciting with all new smells to explore and the grass is tickle under the feet as well in the mouth when testing it.  As always the litter went of to explore even though they all kept a near distance to us - just in case. While inside again they all felt to sleep - heavily ;) Tomorrow they will become 4 weeks of age and will then move up to the kitchen. 

2012-07-19 Today we went to Åtvidaberg to pick up the pedigrees. It is not "priceless" when it comes to the amount of them and where I in for a surprise when open the package and there where no sales agreements in it as before!!! Nowadays you have to print them out by yourself from Internet..... so what are you paying for you could ask. Well the registration (pedigrees) and the print in the owner register at SKK (even though the puppy might be exported). Got a bit of the feeling that they also have started with the "new concept" of selling. The price is the same but what you get for it is less and less!!! Like it or not. Well, the names was correct spelled anyway and now the puppies are in the register.  :))

The pack in the box, well, more outside than in it nowadays, are growing and growing and are now exploring everything around them. The playing is getting tougher and tougher and it do feels more now when the small "needles" are getting true their gums. The body control is also getting better and better and they do succeed more often when attacking each other. That goes for everyone except Olive, Heidi, whom already got a tremendous control of her body for quite some time now. After playing and food it is time to find a nice spot to rest on. Yellow, Himbi, wants to lay in our laps or to get ass high as she can towards our shoulders - even if that means that she has to stand while sleeping......hahahahaha......

2012-07-16 This day started in a strange way .... Göte called from Askersund with news from his friend, Manne, about the problem with the car and how it might be solved. The instructions where: Put back the pole to the battery,  click on the alarm bottom twice (is never used otherwise) but ok - anything to make it work again! The car was looked but the warning light did not started again. Car unlooked and still no warnings light! So far so good! Next step to actually start it.... Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees, it started on the first try.... he wait... the fact is that I have been without car for over a week and then it turned out the solution of the problem was lying in my handbag al along..... hm... well, well... now I know it the lightning should strike again what to try first! ;)
Eating and growing, eating and growing =) Today the puppies are turning 3 weeks of age and except for photos, weight and claws taken they will have their first deworming (not tasty if you ask them). Little Olive is climbing and running around like no one I've seen before - total out of fear and with a super balance for her age! :) A former agility -dog maybe? Harras (brown) looks to be the philosopher of the gang =) Sitting and thinking of life when the girls it throwing themselves all over him and when he want to leave the girls kind of glides of him when he stands up (latterly). Hilex loves to pet and he also love to grab on to the girls when they passes by him. Red, Yellow and Orange are playing with what ever they can find and Beige is growling when playing....... already!?!.... gulp....

Males 3 weeks old: Brown (Harras) and Blue (Hilex) - 1 is spoken for.
Females 3 weeks old: Orange, Beige, Yellow, Olive and Red - 3 are spoken for.

2012-07-14 Today we went to Linköping to a play and run land for children. Very expensive to enter for the girls!!! Well never mind, they had a great time and my heart got total warm to se them and hear their laughter =)  The puppies are playing more and more. The toys Cassandra and Stephanie made for them are becoming popular. First to "grab" one was Beige followed by Oliv... hm... beside the new toys the blankets in the box is getting drawn and shaken as much as their small bodies can manage... hahahahaha....!

2012-07-12 My car is still dead after the thunder and lightning last weekend! (Happy I got home before it died!) Some electrical stuff seems to be the cause of the problem and it is my understanding it can happen if you have an old alarmsystem in the car that is not removed properly. The car has been dead for 3 days now and it is no good living here without a car that function. The closest grocery store is 150 km away.....  I had a promise to get help before Sunday, but so far no help has arrived yet. Grrrrrr for old cars and technical stuff that does not work......

2012-07-11 Now it is for sure not my fault the update of the blog is late. The awful weather we have with lightening and thunder is to blame. It come and goes the whole days with some sun in between - almost in a teasing way. Well photos of the litter is taken anyway and as soon as it is possible, without loosing computer and anything else, they will come up.

2012-06-09 Back home from the festival of the year! Great weekend and so nice to meat both Ozzy with family and Mizzy with family that came by =)).

A BIG surprise to both me and Cassie when my cosine, Anders, came with a bow and 3 arrows he made himself to give Cassandra as a gift!  Warmly thank you! Anders and thank you Monica for the thought of Cassie.

The festival stopped on Sunday afternoon in quite a hurry you might say, because the God of thunder, Thor,  was in a bad mode - whom forgot to offer?.... Big water arias (read smaller pools) started to grow here and there, also within the Viking tent, and the lightening came down in the electric station and caused that the whole festival lost the electricity. Cooling containers, Kitchen, etc... the alarm started on some cars and on others the warning lamps started to blink. The whole caravan shaken!! Well nothing else to to than close up for visotprs. The children, and one or two adult, had fun in the poring rein by running towards the "pools" true themselves into the water and glide in the mud. Not a single photos was taken by me this festival because we had Natalie with us for that "work". Now I am waiting for the photos to arrive by mail. When we where done and just before putting the caravan on the car again Thor calmed down and the sun started to shine.

Back home and after some trouble turning the caravan around to get it into its place we started to remove all wet clothing's and everything else needed to get into the hose. Start the washing machine and, the best, kiss the puppies! :)

Today the puppies are turning 2 weeks of age and all of them have open their eyes.  Walking around and are trying to play, soooo cute!!

Males 2 weeks old: Brown (Harras) and Blue (Hilex) - 1 spoken for.
Females 2 weeks old: Orange, Beige, Yellow, Olive and Red - 2 spoken for.

2012-07-05 Now it is time for the Viking festival of 2012 at Stallarholmen =P

Talking of course about the festival that will take place the 6, 7 and 8 of July. This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary!!! and that is the reason we have open for 3 days this time.

Me and the girls will go and Göte will take care of the house, the dogs and off course the puppies ;)

12-07-02 Today the puppies became one week old ;) Photos, nail cut, new weight, new ribbons and normal "gone true" have been on the schedule. The weight from birth is just a memory now and that goes for Harras for sure!!! The whole litter is very strong in body and they now more kind of walking that crawling when going for the food-bar. There are nothing wrong with their smell sense either! No open eyes and yet they are exploring they box every time I change and also they smell phrenetic on you hands when holding them. Today when I handle them several licked me on my cheek for the first time ;))) WOW! My hart just melted! The red female, seems to always be the one getting the red ribbon, is open her mouth when Brizna is washing her. Looking like she is trying to play with her mum :))

Males 1 week old: Brown (Harras) and Blue (Hilex) - 1 is spoken for.
Females 1 week old: Orange, Beige, Yellow, Olive and Red - 2 spoken for.

12-07-01 Time to start a new month! I still got this strong feeling I do not have the time needed to update the blog as often that I would like too. However it will come updates (even if they are late) so a tip is to go back to June now and then, because I will do my best to update as soon as possible. Among other things, that happen in June, the birth of the H-litter with photos etc will come up! ;)

The weekend that was Angelica competed in NUM (Nordic youth Mastership in Archery) for the last time (She is to old next year to participate). It did not went as good as last year but she did a great result anyway. With only two points from getting to the semifinal. Congrats girl, whom is the 9th best in archery within the Nordic countries.  =))


12-06-05 Today the B-litter is turning 5 years old, congrats to you all, and pregnant Brizna is celebrating it in her own way... with a very strange rest..... hahahahah... so typical Laekenois!


Sitting here waiting for Angelica to call. She is on her way home =)) Yes, some help its on its way here and I do hope she will remain a few days this time. Except for fixing in the house, have nice dinners and enjoy life, training archery will be on the schedule because she is going to compete in Nordic Youth Mastership this year and for the last time (then she will to old to attend). I also feel it should not harm if there was more money on the account, because then we could go shopping some new plants for the garden and thereby make the flower-beds even better... well, that just have wait for later (read next summer) 

12-06-04 The weekend that was where calm. The girls and I have been by our selves and we did some shopping, worked in the garden between the rains, had nice dinners and did empty some boxes as well. In the evenings we had some quality time in front of the TV and we did start a fire in the fireplace for the first time too. A very nice weekend that we all enjoyed.

Plattgången efter =)Plattgången innan rensningThis is how nice the path in the backyard turned out after our work. Before and after photos. =)

It is still some work to be done on the path closer to the road but we have to do it between the rains - in other words it might take some time before it is total done! The laundry is rinsed several of times by the rain ;) The only thing that been a bit hard/sad is the hard winds like in autumn that came with the rain. Cold! I do hope this is not the way this summer will be....


12-05-30 After dinner we went to Finspång for the archery outdoor competition called:  "Östgöta- Tour". Cassie is shooting very good again! Despite the fact she got the sun in her eyes in the end of the competition she made new personal record with 353 points and took a new GOLD medal! Super congrats girl! =)
Sad the competition was in middle of week though it was very late before we got into bed and tomorrow it is school day. Well once might not do a different....

Now it is time to take a look at the competition-calendar. Wonder what will be the next competition... A debut in hunting-track?

12-05-29 "The gun was loaded"! The ultra-sound today showed what we already had a feeling about, Brizna is definite pregnant! We saw a lot of active foster inside. In end of June it is time for birth =)) The news we celebrated with this years first strawberry and vanilla ice. This will be "Runars" first litter and Brizna's last. A "look-a-like" combination and it is going to be very interesting to se them be born and to follow them grow up. 

12-05-27 This weekend has been fabulous! It is very rare that I cry but now the tears has flowed rivers and that out of pure JOY!

First, the 26th of May - yesterday, Maria called from Varberg telling that she and Alpha had enter the big mentally test and done it straight out and with dash! Approved with 482 points and total "deaf" for the gunfire. WOW1!

Then, a bit later the same day, Mary calls to tell that shen and Xena competed in lower class tracking today and this time they moved up to the next level! A "bunch" of champion titles "fell" automatically over them, to be added to the already conquered. Swedish Show Champion, Nordic Show Champion, and International Show Champion!!! Then the tears came for the second time! WOW2!

This plus the result of the x-ray and eye-exam of Ozzy a few days back.... no wonder the tears came :))

Thank you Maria and Mary for working so hard with your dogs and by that gives both the kennel and particularly the breed such a nice publicity!  Also a warm THANK YOU for sharing the result so I, as a very proud kennel mom, can feel involved in a part of a corner. Enjoy your well deserved success now :))

Then today Angelica refilled the cup of joy when she called to tell she took two (2) GOLD medals at the archery competition today and thereby became district champion in her class!!!

The whole weekend can be summed up in one word: VAJERT!

12-05-23 Yesterday Stephanie and I was at the preschool for a few hours. Today she started there and what a nice start, they all got into the school buss for traveling in to Åtvidaberg to meet the teacher they will have when starting school in autumn. They have it as an tradition here and call it "The rollercoaster day". :) Cassie and her class where also away to meet the new teacher they will have when starting 4th grade in autumn, the 6th grade will meet the their new teacher and so on .

But this day started for me in a total different way, and the best way ever. I woke up getting a sms from Ozzy's owner saying the official x-ray result now is up at the SKK:s database. Ozzy got HD-A/A and ED-0/0. VAJERT!!! This means that one more offspring after Rex and Brizna is free and now out of two litters! It also means that all, x-rayed so far, are free!!! =)) Jipiieee!!

After dinner we went for archery practice. When we got there it turned out one of the shooters have had Groenendael before. Btw I also got the news that the headmaster of Stephanie's preschool owns Tervueren! Small world - right?

12-05-21 Today Stephanie and I baked cinema-bread with smashed apple inside.  Yummy! After dinner we went for archery practice for Cassie to shoot the outdoor competition (going on for 7 weeks and all shooters, that wants too, in whole Sweden is shooting it on their own clubs once a week.) called "korren". Do not think I've seen a faster shooting than Cassie did, well thinking of it I actually have - Angelica is faster,  way to fast and needs to train it away, anyway without mistakes she did it very fast because of the thunder closing by. We wanted this weeks competition done before the lightning - it is not so good to shoot archery in lightning - and she did 36 arrows in just 30 minutes. 208 in points despite the thunder. That is very good! =) After the shooting we went to the store and when we entered the rain started outside. We never saw any lightning though. 

12-05-20 Up early for traveling to Linköping for Cassie´s first outdoor competition. 20 meters and 60 arrows. She was a bit nervous, but what a competition she did! Not a single miss at the first 30 arrows. In the break we had our lunch and after that it was time for next 30. The wind increased and moved around a lot in the aria. That fooled a lot of the more experienced shooter to make mistakes and it fooled Cassie too. She missed with 3 arrows on the last 30 but it is a very good result anyway. She got a new personal record (being outdoor for the first time) and she took the gold medal! WOW!!! As a memory of the first competition the arranging club gave her the paper that she had been shooting on. What a nice gesture! =) After the competition we went shopping and to meet Göte and Stephanie. I and the girls went back home and Göte went to Askersund.

Rabatten utefter huset innan rensningen12-05-19 Today I took hold of the flower-bed, or what ever you should call the mess...., along the house wall. Here (photo) is how it looked before I started and I did ask myself what might be hiding beneath. Except for fixing this flower-bed I took a lot of photos of my new garden. Looking forward to se what will come up during summer.  

Rabatten efter rensning!

It turned out it was not so hard to clean it up, since the soil was more sand than soil. And look! Under all that grass a flower-bed of rocks and plants for rock beds came into light. Who would have guest that? I just love it!!!

Liam and his mother picked Cassie up to go to the stone caves. After that she had barbeque dinner with Frida and her family. Finally home she started to prepare for the archery competition tomorrow.

12-05-18 You take what you have as a famous women from Sweden always said. Started to fix the hedge today, but not having any hedge trimmer, I used a small pruning shears! A lady came by and gave me credit for making it straight despite the tool I used and she added that it can be cut with a nail scissors as well if I would like that..... lol..... However my hands could not do more than the outside of the hedge. The inside and the top of it have to wait until I got a hedge trimmer.

12-05-17 Today I have, among other things, fixed the light over the table in the kitchen. It needed new lamp-shade, new socket and the change is cleaned up. Now there is light in our kitchen! Suddenly a car came up on our yard and a classmate to Cassie, Liam, and his mother stepped out of if wondering if they might take Cassie along to a path with trolls. Off course they could! Later in the evening when we had barbeque dinner it turned out that Liam is Cassandra's boyfriend... wait a minute now... boyfriend?... that was quick..... 

Alpha was put up to a scow in Nora today and got exl., but the judge hold on to the CK for a strange reason. She also did the exterior part of Korning and with approval. Congratulations! 

12-05-16 Cassie really enjoy her new school and has already become one of the other in the class. She also got herself a best friend already! I am so happy for her even though I find it tough to start the day at  6.40 every morning to start breakfast and take her to the school bus. It is ok now, but how will it be in late autumn and in winter... beside at that time Stephanie will go as well. 

It was planed that Angelica should come here today for a few days to help me, but the universe changed her lessons so she will not make it any longer =(  Cassie did really well at the archery practice today and on Sunday she will attend at her first outdoor competition. Exciting!

12-05-14 It took two (2) hours before the computer finally started up today!!! Two hours! Angry? no... not at all... PISSED more like it. When it came along and wanted to be a bit cooperative I sat down with the club magazine - Belgaren. So happy I did a lot on it before the move, it paid of now, in just a few hours I had done what I could and now I just have to wait for the rest to arrive. =) 

ÄppelblomIn the O-litter Ozzy is the first one out to do x-ray and eye check. The eyes - clear, Jiippiiee, and the plates looked good I am told. now we will keep finger crossed for the official reading at SKK to came to the same conclusion.

Cassie got permission to skip the archery practice today because she got one more friend, Frida, who also is living here in Falerum and they wanted to play. Friends nearby is very important in here age. Hope Stephanie will have the same luck in finding friends.

12-05-13 On today's schedule is stood; cutting the lawn, the anchor for the clothesline into the ground and watering the flower-beds. Check, check check - done ;) After lunch I drove Angelica back home to Växjö and Göte went home to Askersund. Boyo will stay with us for a while because the female Angelicas boyfriend has is in heat right now. Back home again the girls and I had a cup of hot chocolate and a sandwich before entering bed. Cassie is a bit tense because tomorrow is her first day in the new school.

Went in to Åtvidaberg to leave Cassie at her new friend, Eva's , house. Then up to Linköping to get Angelica and Boyo from the train station. From there some shopping at IKEA before we went home. Among other things needed I bought an orchid, coolest is this one - green and purple! I also got an orchid from Angelica - dark wine red and white- very nice too. Empty moving-boxes, moved around furniture - Angelica and Göte moved down the things that should have ended up downstairs in the first place - when we moved - and up things that should been up from the beginning. Now it is more like it!

12-05-11 It is a lot to attend to when you move into a new house like this, so today chimney-sweeper (right word?) came. Now everything is in tip-top condition, so I can start a fire in the fireplace when feeling like it. He showed me how to start it up in the best way and what to think about... he could not know talking to a Viking... lol.... ;) Later in the afternoon the girls and I went shopping for the weekend. At the  wood market I got a discount because I have just moved in!!! Nice!

12-05-10 Yesterday I had a conversation with the headmaster of "Långbrottsskolan". She told me that Cassie is written in and will go in class 3B - that was quick! Today we went to visit the school and her new teacher. Cassie liked it a lot and is looking forward to start on Monday!

12-05-08 The technical support of Telia woke me up early this morning, just to tell me they now have a signal to the modem so internet and my phone should now work. Could I please check that it did? Just to get up and go downstairs to take a look. Yes! Internet works but the phone was still dead.... He promised to look into it right away.

Later in the evening the phone started up and the first call was made to my mother in Stallarholmen :) However, the computer is still living its own life.... Closing down when feeling like it it seems or not starting up at all.... grrrrrr..... not good thinking of the script stop at our club magazine is within two days. So frustrating when the technology does not work as it should.

12-05-07 Started the day by phoning our phone company, Telia, from my cell phone! No wonder I do not have either internet or home phone, they have no signal to the modem and here I am walking around thinking I have done anything wrong with the connection somehow. A bit nice to know the fault was not mine ;)

After dinner we went to find the archery-track in Åtvidaberg. I drown by tree times before I understand to turn into the small, and I do mean small, gravel road next to the fence. Cassie did a great training and met a girl who is one year younger than she. Both recognized the other and it turned out the had meet before at an competition. now they are good friends! =))

12-05-06 Still no network. Took a walk in the garden wondering what will come up in the flower beds, well except for grass and weeds of course. I also wonder what kind of bushes we have - broom is one, can say that because it has flowers, but the rest... have no clue. I feel it is going to be very interesting to follow the garden during summer and autumn.

After dinner the girls had a bath and when I pull out the plug a miner "sea" started to spread out on the bathroom floor. The carpet was floating around in the water because the drain was not able to swallow fast enough... grrr... laugh or cry?.... at least the floor heating works! 

12-05-05 First night in the house and it took awhile to get use to all new sounds. One of them is the airheat pump. Today I will make my bedroom as I want it. The bed must be put together again and the room itself to be furnished. Need a lamp in the sealing for the darker period to come. We have no TV, phone or internet working yet... :( hm... might be a good thing... a lot of other important things will be done in the home ;) Sorry to say there are just a few places in the house, and on the stairs just outside, where the cell phone is working properly. If I do not stand exactly on this specific spots the conversation will be interrupted all the time because the phone will shut down or the sms will not be delivered.... crap!

12-05-04 Now Cassie has done her last week in Hammar school and thereby our last week in Olshammar. It has been cold staying in the caravan during the week but very cozy. =) The cars are packed with up and now we will leave Olshammar behind us for good. Well Göte will stay here because of his work in Askersund. On our way to the new house we stop for purchases what needed in both freezer and fridge. The meal of the evening became pizza.

Felt really nice to step into the new home, although it is boxes everywhere. However we nowadays got big experience of zigzag between boxes, so a coples of weeks more will make no different.


2012-04-30 Cleaning and a second painting of the room, Jey started with, is now done. The girls has stopped in daycare and after school center. The one owning the house came to check everything out and looked pleased - just some small stuff he wanted to be done except for what we done so far. We had dinner in the caravan before we left for archery practice in Motala and to let Angelica and Boyo of at the  train station. Tank you beloved daughter for all help this weekend and see you soon again. Also a big thank you to Jey for your help and to mother, my sister-in-law Zara, Maria and Larsson for helping out with the actually moving and packing. I will also say thank you to the once giving support by sms and phone - the Fransson family (Ozzy's owner) in Gävle, Magnuson in Stockholm and Andersson in Eskilstuna. BIG hug to all of you and next time (move) IF there will be a next time I will use professional moving- and cleaning company to do everything because this has been a bit to much work for me! I will just take my handbag, check everything up and look the door behind me..... ;)

2012-04-27--28 This weekend we have packed, drown down, unpacked the trailers several of times. Down at the new house, in Falerum, Angelica waited and started to reorganize the girls rooms. During the weekend almost everything went down including the plants I and mother digged up. The plants was put right into the earth when I got down and now we will cross fingers they will like the new place. The night between Saturday and Sunday the girls slept in the new house with Angelica. Exciting!

In Olshammar it is now some cleaning material and some small things that we will bring down later. Our caravan is packed up and we will now live in it for a week - spring holiday - well holiday and holiday... Cassie will attend school and the rest of us is cleaning the house from bottom to top! Do not know if I shall call that holiday actually......

2012-04-26 New trip to Krylbo and Runar had his "gun" reloaded ;) This time a nice mating took place with hanging. Now we will keep finger crossed there will be puppies out of this.

In hurry back home to pack, pack and pack. Tomorrow Maria, Alphas owner, will come to help me with the move :) Jey is painting the room and it starts to look really nice now.  

2012-04-24 Yesterday Jey came home to help me pack and to paint the room that just have to been fixed before moving (do not ask why it has not been done until now) Rex became very happy over her arrival and... do think that he told her we are not to nice to him not getting it is a nice girl upstairs just waiting and that he would be very happy to help her out.... forget it boy!

Put Brizna into the car for our trip up to Dalarna, Krylbo, to meet the lover. Lovely Runar waited, but a good mating was not done today, however they trained a lot. We will go back on Thursday for better luck.

2012-04-22 While Göte digged up the pals of the dog-yard I packed further. A lot of stuff will not end up in the new house, instead it will be thrown away for good. A nice feeling to finally get rid of stuff you never use anyway. Even though a lot will be thrown away I am a bit surprised over how much you actually use. A clean up could be good to do from now to then a bit often I think.... hm... something to start up maybe... by every spring and autumn maybe? In the family it turns out that the best of throwing away stuff is Cassandra. I thought she would hold on to her things, but in this case I am the one stopping her from totally rule out her former life.

2012-04-21 My mother and sister-in-law came to help me with packing and transportation of stuff to the new house. Göte went early with the fist things and while waiting for his return we packed the cars and the smaller trailer as much as we could. When Göte came back we had lunch, a stew that mother brought with her. Very tasty indeed.  We packed the trailer that Göte had and went down with everything to the house. Thank you so much for the help and see you next weekend for the BIG move :))

2012-04-20 Went to Askersund to get Rex, whom will stay with us during this weekend. Poor Rex, if you ask him, will NOT mate Brizna this time. A massages that he took .... well not so good ......

Later in the evening we got the trailer and started to fill it up with our stuff - ready to go down to our new home in Falerum tomorrow morning.

2012-04-18 Today we went to the vegetarian in Karlsborg to give Brizna a herpes vaccination. It is getting closer and closer for some "love affair" with Runar in Dalarna ;) The veterinarian was, by the way, the same one that gave Brizna and her brothers the vet. certificate when they where 7 weeks old. She loved to se Brizna again after all this years and it seemed Brizna thought the same by jumping up on her giving a BIG kiss all over the face! :)

In the evening it was time for border meeting at the breeding club. This time by Skype Did not work at all! Suddenly the computer went "poff" and became total black!!!..... ahhhhhhhhh..... after a long time of trying to restart it came on again, oh no did not curse that much...., but after being kicked out of Skype for the third time in a road I gave up and continued with my new "hobby" (not - urk) packing for the move.

2012-04-15 Maria called to give me the super nice news that she and Alpha made the obedience test for patrol-dogs today. They made it with very high scores right through! More over, they where the only oven that was approved today. Vajert girls! She was on her way back home to celebrate her daughter Felicia, who turns 17 years old today. Congrats Felicia! Talked to the owner of the house in Falerum, that we looked at on the 6th of April. It might be the house we will move to.

One advantage of moving is that al lot of stuff will be clear out. Today we "worked" on the garage. Was surprised that it was not that much crap in there I thought it should be. It turned out that because of the fact most the stuff was spread out it gave a messy impression. We did trough away a lot anyway. However we did not get the whole garage done today, so the rest we just have to do during the evenings this week as long as the light lets us. One other remarkable thing of moving is the packing inside. The moving-boxes are growing in numbers and stacked upon each other every where in the home, and yet one feels that it does not appear to be packed at all. It is because while emptying drawers and cabinets the things inside was not shown anyway. When taken down things from the walls and the bookcases etc it started to be noticeable, empty and echoing..... It does not amuses me to pack everything up for moving - wondering if I am getting too old for this!    

2012-04-10 The time is going fast, to fast. Days becomes weeks, weeks turns into months and month becomes years and you do not think that much about it. Life has its course, but now and then you will be reminded that the years have "flown by". The Children leaves the kindergarten for school, confirmation, takes the exams goes on to collage/university or starts to work and leave home. The puppies will be in age for mentally-description and x-ray, MT age, adults and maybe get their own puppies, turns into veterans and then memories. Today is one of those days to get reminded of how fast the years goes by. 27 years ago I and Göte moved together. 27 years!, fells unreal in a way. In end of June, we have lived in Närke for 6 years, but as it is now, only Göte and Jennifer will be the once celebrating it. The rest of us have left Närke before that day to come. Angelica already when she started archery school and now the university studies in Växjö. I, Cassandra and Stephanie will move in end of April. In time of writing this we do not know where yet, but it is most unlikely we will stay in Närke. Göte has his job in Askersund and Jennifer got her own apartment here, so both will remain.
Brizna has now started her heat! Mating will be around 24-26 of April Exciting!

2012-04-08 Happy Easter! Friday we went to look at a house for rent. Very nice house but with a stupid decline garden. Cassandra and Stephanie found the rooms they wanted directly and Cassie started, in her head, decorate it. HERE she will live! The sloping garden was just nice because they can go downhill by sled in the winter!!! Afterwards we dropped Jey of at the buss station for her to go to Stockholm (are we a travelling family or what?) and went back home for dinner and a lot of thinking to do. More packing and now we have boxes high and low... in every room it feels. Om Saturday we celebrated Cassies baptize day with a nice dinner, wine and candles. The girls drank some soda in the color of blue - shivering just thinking of the color - but the girls liked it a lot. Later in the evening we had a nice calm time in front of the TV with cheese and biscuits (yes, order by Stephanie and Cassie.)

To day we went to Småland (south of Sweden) to look at one other house for rent. The garden was just ME - wonderful - but the house to small for us and neither of the girls liked the place. Before we went back home we met Joachim and Susann with sister children for some talk. We where suppose to have coffee together but the shop was closed. Very nice to finally meet the male they kept from the last litter. Very nice bone, nice head and a great coat. Thank you for a nice hour, good to see you again :)

Tomorrow Alpha should have started the big mentally-test (korning), but got the messages there was no room for her.  :( 34 applied to get one of 8 possible spaces - talking it's own language. Way to few opportunities for MT and almost impossible to get a space at any. Now I do hope Alpha will not have the same misfortune as Brizna had, coming to get a space at a MT - she never got one before she was to old to enter. In Örebro they will have a double-day MT, and we got news there was dogs redrawn from it, BUT their places was filled up before the new landed at the desk properly.... :(

2012-04-04 Went to Askersund to pick up Jey, Rex and Göte and then with a bit of a rush to Mjölby station for the girls. When we arrived at the station it turned out we could have driven very slow (almost walked) because the train, the girls should come with, had not yet arrived in Alvesta! After one hour we got a new massage telling the train was stuck in Älmhult because some people had stolen copper and it caused the train could not go any further... grrrrr.... thiefs.... Finally a train came from one other direction and the girls, plus the other passengers waiting, could come along, but they had to stand up in the passage because the train was crowded! After awhile two passengers, already on the train when it came to Alvesta, left their seats to the girls. How kind of them! They reasoned that IF the train had to hit the breaks hard the girls could get in big trouble getting al standing adults all over them. When everyone was in the car we went to get some food and I called Angelica to tell her they arrived nicely and where with us now - thank God! The plan, after eating, was that Cassandra should go for archery practice but because of the train delay we did not make it in time, so we went back home instead. Tired and happy the girls went to bed and I feel I am happy they are back home again. Thank you - Angelica and Oscar - for these days. The girls have had a great time and also thank you for the Easter present!

2012-04-03 It does feels a bit strange to be alone at home and I think Brizna feels the same because she is following me like a shadow. Anyhow I do get a lot of things done. Packing, packing and packing. The day, when we are suppose to leave the house, is getting closer and way to fast if you ask me. Would probably felt better if we had a new home waiting, but there is not the case yet. Maybe I just have to magazine the furniture and live in the caravan with the girls for a while - do not feel like a nice option to be honest.

Later in the evening I got a sms from Cassandra telling that Boyo is almost as big as Rex and just as much for kissing as Brizna. Well that is nice - a bit of some from both of them then! ;) They had spent the day with pottering Easter things and after that they went to the public baths. There it turned out that Stephanie can swim with just help of swimming floats on her arms! WOW did not know that. Cassie is more or less like a seal in the water ;-) After the bath they went to a restaurant - hm... well now we are talking - and neither of them will go back home tomorrow.

2012-04-02 Today I drew Cassandra and Stephanie to the train in Mjölby for their tip down to Angelica. In the waiting hall I just had to check up the end destination of the train thinking IF they miss to get of in Alvesta where will they end up? Copenhagen in Denmark! Oh NO, regret I checked and I do not know how many sms I sent to Angelica - whom started to get irritated - to make sure she would be at the station to pick them up! I also started to, in my head, get true my friends in Denmark to figure out who to call IF anyone would have to pick them up there.... nervous... oh no...not at all.... just thinking of the fact the girls never traveled by train before and because of this never alone either. Well in Alvesta Angelica stood at the station waiting for them and they traveled, on a new train, the last trip to Växjö. Everything went great and the girls loved the tip! (ha! did know that!....) Later in the evening Angelica sent me a sms telling the girls felt to sleep like clubbed and who did I think lay all over them?... yes, a very happy Boyo!

2012-04-01 This first weekend of April I have been to a conference within the breeding club (AfBV) and the working groups from the different places in Sweden. We had a great weekend with a lot of information, ideas, solutions and will now work for the future by the motto: One breed - Four verities! One group was put together to start with the work to put up the breeding- and breed enthusiasts conference next year. One I will do everything possible not to miss!!!


2012-03-26 Today a sms came from Denmark. They had done ultra-sound on Dimma and yes, there are at least 5 puppies inside! =) Rex and I are shouting out of joy over the fact he will become a father again - how exciting! Congratulation to Danni and Dimma. See you when the puppies are 5-6 weeks old =))

2012-03-23 What a competition! Cassandra took a new personal record on 30 arrows with 197 point in the first round. Super shooting of her and I do wish I had a video camera for recording. Second round was harder. She got tired but worked her way back into the competition and ended up with new personal record total with 340 points and took the GOLD in the class. WOW!!! We just had to celebrate on Burger King before we went back home. Extra fun that the whole family came along to se her shoot =))

2012-03-22 Yesterday at the archery training we got the news that Cassandra ended up as number two in the Östgöta-tournament. The list of the results was shown and then we saw they have put the boys and the girls in the 10 year old class together! Super done my girl and congratulations! On Friday she will compete in Motala at the competition called the Easter-egg ;)  That will be something to look forward to!

2012-03-17 & 18. Got a nice massages from  Larry (Bazco´s owner) today =)) They are competing in obedience like never before! Big congratulation from us and good luck in the AKC obedient now. How exciting!

Nice weekend! Kai finished his UKC CDX (lvl2) obedience title! First show taking 1st for his group, then taking 2nd in the second show. In 4 shows to earn his degree he/we finished 1st twice, one 2nd & one 3rd with a high in Trial! Next month we will be going for his AKC UD (lvl3) degree, which will be hard.

2012-03-12 Yesterday I went to the breeding club (AfBV) annual meeting in Goteburg. We had a reader with the name of Jan Gyllensten (former police officer and now dog trainer, breeder and reader of mentally etc.) and I laugh from time to time so my tears came. He is a superb reader! The actual meeting was quick this time and the way back home was very nice indeed. Thank you - Camilla Ljungberg x 2 ;) - for e company.

2012-03-06 Today I got a very nice massage from Trinidad that make me feel al warm inside =) The girls are Anzir and Attli:

2012-03-06 Hi Linnea, my girls are doing perfectly. The best dogs I've ever had. Thank you so much.

We took Rex and a lot of furniture to Jay's home today. He is going to be there - at least for awhile - to keep her company. He is not sad at all because he is allowed to sleep in the bed..... hm....

2012-03-02 Today I and Jey went to IKEA to get a lot of things you need when moving in to your own house-hold =). Later in the evening Cassandra and I went to the yearly annual meeting at the archery club. After the meeting they ha a super delicious cold-buffet with cheese and a lot of fruits too. Very nice indeed!


2012-02-29 Jey came home today to be with us for a few days while her own apartment in Askersund gets in order to live in. The girls became thrilled because it was quite some time Jey was home the last time. Now she and I will have a few hectic days to fix everything for her to move in at her own place.

2012-02-25 Today Cassandra competed in archery in Skövde and, while being the only girl in her class, they moved her into the men's class (HK 10). Because of the fact she competed for the first time in the men's class we can note a new personal record on 313 points AND she took the silver medal!!! :) Great done girl!!!

2012-02-23--24 Finally it became time for Rex to charm himself in with Dimma. No problem at all! 3 calm and very nice act of mating took place during 2 days. Now we will have our fingers crossed there will be puppies in Denmark in end of April. In about 28 days an ultrasound will be done, and then we know for sure. SO exciting :)


2012-02-20 Now it is decided, the little boy will be given the name Rigge after the Viking Rig. I like the name a lot ;)

Right now I am sitting here waiting for new from Denmark. My guess is they will be here on Wednesday or Thursday in this week. So excited!

2012-02-12 18:47 a sms came from my brother and his girlfriend: Congratulation, you are now an aunt! Their little Viking-boy had been born. 18:42, 3525 and 51 long. Discussions within the family and among friends is now about the name for the little boy. Well something Nordic and with Viking sound is for sure, and the suggestions are many to consider ;)

2012-02-10 Finally the mail we have been waiting for arrived. Dimma has started her heat, so in about 12-14 days from now, depending on what the prog. test will show, they will be here for mating with Rex. So exciting to se if she will be able to leave the care before the mating will be finished.....  ;-)

2012-02-09 Yesterday we celebrated  Cassandra's birthday! The day started at 06:10 with a breakfast-tray I and Göte made and went up to her singing. In middle of the day the neighbor, Manne & Ida with family came over for coffee and cake. Very nice and fun for Cassandra to really feel celebrated. In the evening we had pasta carbonara for dinner, as always when on Cassandra's birthday and when she got the chance to decide what to eat after that we hade cake in front of the TV. Grandmother and her big sister, Angelica, phoned to congratulate and Ami, Ozzy's "little owner", sent a sms :)) Beside a lot of people have sent congratulations by my profile on facebook. Cassie says thank you for all birthday wishes. 

2012-02-06 The girls has started all over with the cold. Fever, cough and headic =(. Cassie was fit for fight from start of school, in beginning of August, to new-year, but now she also has started her 2nd time with illness with a short period of 2-4 days when she was back in school.

2012-02-05 In end of January and 2 weeks into February one birthday is coming after the other ;) Family, and a lot of our friends, are "collected" within this period! Strange, and yet nice and fun :P


2012-01-31 Woke up early this morning because Cassandra came with breakfast to my bed. =) WOW! I can get use to this! No problem ;)) She had made everything by her self, sweetheart! Rest of the day I spent in front of the computer. Made collage to the mating add., fixed the page of plans as well as the litter page. Later in the evening we had a nice dinner and I got gifts from my girls =)) Göte came home, after a meeting with the owner of the house we are renting and the broker, with the messages that we have to move out latest the 30th of April..... Oh great.... 3 month is a short time.....

2012-01-29 Came to the archery arena early to pack up the bow and everything else and to get an extra breakfast before warm-up and start. Cassandra had a nice day shooting and when the competition where over it turned out she done a new personal record with 331 points and won here class! =) Great done girl!

2012-01-28 Grrrrrr.... the whole day has gone by to make the antivirus program to accept the new license key and to salve the problem that the computer does not want to restart properly.... technical stuff is fun when it works. Later in the evening Cassandra, Stephanie and I did the spit with fruit, meatballs and sausages for tomorrows lunch. Packed everything needed and checked the travel way and time for travel once more, just incase, and we went to bed. Big day tomorrow!

2012-01-27 Jey came home for the weekend and we celebrated Götes birthday with good food, tasty wine and presents. The rest of the evening we spent with cake, coffee and snacks in front of the TV.

2012-01-24 Finally is the magazine of the race-club in printing so now I can concentrate on updates of the kennel page. I feel I am behind in that matter ever though there is not so much that has happen lately, but I do have to fix some of the pages a bit. One resent happening is that Odin got a new home. He is now living on a horse farm in Eskilstuna and we wish him and his new family good luck. =))

Hoi Sepke of the Border River. Photo: Kennel Eljomis2012-01-21 Today the whole day went to the budget meeting of our race-club. Note home until dinnertime in the evening. Then I got a phone call, still making me feel happy when thinking of it, with the lovely news I may use the male I so long wish fore! Jiipie!!! It means that when Brizna goes into heat in April, she will go on love dates.

2012-01-10 Back to everyday life you might say. Schools has started up again after the holidays and I am back from my trip down to Växjö where I celebrated Angelicas 20th birthday and helped both her and Boyo to settle in. He is going to live with her and after x-ray he will be castrated because of one testicle - yes, why not when keeping a male out of a litter...... Sigh ..... The birthday celebration was very nice. We started at the "Systembolaget" (the Swedish liquor-store) for Angelica to premiere. (Now a explanation is in order, I believe. In Sweden you have to be 20 years old to buy alcohol. You may order alcohol at a restaurant or pub from 18 but you can not buy it in Systembolaget.) Anyhow, at System-bolaget the cashier made Angelica blush because she LOUD and CLEAR (after checked her ID) said - Well that is today! CONGRATULATION! and have a nice birthday! It was not that many people in the store, thank God, but they ALL turned and smiled at Angelica. It was as the time stopped for a moment - like in a movie. LOL. After that experience we went to the dog-store to pick up food for Boyo and then back home to Angelicas place to start dinner and to make the cake. We had a stew of chicken boiled in cream and cognac (yes, the reason of the visit to Systembolaget). We had a very nice evening and Boy seems to like his new home ;)

2012-01-02   2012 then.......

The plans for 2012 low put. Why? you might ask, well the reason is simple - to find a new home and MOVE is number one priority! I have total lost the count over how many km and houses we visit last year and we always ended up as the 2:nd choice of the house owner. If it was anything to live in at all that is. :(

We do have some exciting things to look forward to, moving or not, - some with feeling of horror (the x-ray of the O-litter & the small mentally-test etc) - other with joy. Rex mating with Dimma in beginning of January/February. We might let Brizna have her last litter and Alpha will do her big mentally-test (MT) and the CAC test for military-dog. The Viking union has the 10th anniversary this year and that means the Viking festival will be for three days this time (6, 7 and 8 of July)! I am also going to be an aunt! My brother and his girlfriend are expecting a boy close to Cassandra's birthday (8/2) - well... actually ON the same day, no Cassandra is not happy over it.....


A look back at the year 2011

Ok so it is now time to do the "look back" at the year 2011 and help.... it has been a year full with happenings... where do I begin? Well, I just chose a small part out of everything. The year started with happy kennel events. There are a lot of Vajert dogs with owners that have done great during the year! First we got the official x-ray back of Alpha - free on both hips and elbows - and that result that turned out to follow the A-litter =) Everyone that is x-rayed so far is free! Beside, during the year, some of the A-"pups" went to the small mentally-test and approved. Great done! Raily did his re-test as an guard-dog (has to do that every year) and approved with grace! 

O-litter was born the 2ond of Mars. 4 males and 2 females. It is the second time I have did a re-breeding - to get more females - and, like last time, it came most males!! Typical or what?

In June Mary and Xena showed their pawls, well yes.... the whole side... Norwegian Show Champion and Danish Show Champion at the same time! Later, during the year, they moved up in working-class tracking and got the first Swedish CAC! Vajert Dimma became KBHV-2011 and visit us to have a good look at Rex. They like what they saw and in beginning of 2012 mating will take place. Anouk moved home to his owner and is still missed a lot. I got the honor of debuting with Ozzy in the showing and that on SBU. He became BIS-3 total! Akira and Alpha got several CK + BOB during the year and so did Inja whom also got several of BIG and BIS placement - the veteran "girl" whom really stands for the "still going strong" expression. Both Ihana and Ilex past over the rainbow and that leaves only Inja out of the I-litter still alive. In that context the hardest decision of the year was made. We let Raika move to Annika, Kennel Acktiva, in Finland (Ihanas previous owner). Now, looking back, I am so happy we did. They are doing together =) Brizna got her fist CAC in Norway and also got the BOB. Sad we never could enter the big mentally-test with her as planed. Short straw in lottery (6 times), heat, litter and then heat again demolish that plan for sure and that even though we got dispense to start a test even though she turned 4 years of age. :(

I have been down at Angelicas place in Olofström a lot more than earlier years. First to bring down the Viking-costumes and everything else that goes along with that to her Viking exhibit at the library - mega success! The other BIG event was her graduation! A very special happening I never forget! In the evening they had the ball and she was so beautiful in her own designed dress. The following days we packed, cleaned the apartment out and moved her belongings to us. She also got a lot of medals in archery during the year and the best, we are still enjoying it, was the Nordic youth mastership in Denmark where she ended up on 4th place and thereby the best Swedish female shooter in her class! WOW! In August she moved to Växjö for university study. Cassie started with archery during the summer and also attended her first training camp and got her first silver medal at "the day after Christmas day arrow"! Beside archery she went to swim school for two weeks and got 6 swimming marks =). Stephanie had chicken pots and the longest flue I ever experienced. She also lost her first tooth. Jey turned 18 years old and we celebrated at the Viking festival at Stallarholmen. We also went to the autumn festival and it was very nice to ware the new winter outfit.