Blog during 2010



2010-12-31 Yesterday Göte drown Angelica to her boyfriend to celebrate the New Year and today Jey are going to friends for the same reason. I am sitting here trying to update the kennel page and have a bit of panic because something is terrible wrong. Instead of getting updated the pages become total white!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING??? The main page, the link page and other pages are gone!??! I do not believe this. Well, have to wait for the working days to start again to get all problems fixed. Sough :(

How about this - the rain is poring down outside - yes truth, the children just got in and looked like drown cats! Our heating system in the house just went broken - like this time last year - this time we got woods home but it will take quite some time to get the water and house warm again. =(
Now it is time to prepare for New Years dinner and a evening under warm blankets. 

The mating between Rex and Brizna is going great. They do really like each other! At least something to be happy about now in the end of the year that did not work out the way we hoped for!


2010-12-28 Today I, Jey and Angelica went to the sellout to find some winter-outfits for the girls. Angelica found both a warm jacket and trousers but Jey did not find anything in her taste that also where warm. I also wanted to buy some nice Santa's for the Christmas table (read Winter land) next year and it is very cheep now when they are selling out all Christmas stuff, but I did not find anything I liked. I bought some small Christmas balls for the tree instead and cozy blankets. You might have notice that I have had major problem with my kennel-mail. All mails gets in but I can not send anything out. Have had correspondence with my internet deliver, but they can not help out the problem it finely shown they caused. They have closed a gate because of all spam going that way BUT forgot to tell their costumers about it....... They did not tell which one to use instead either. I have now got several different gate number to try but none is working and now they tell me they can not salve the problem unless I pay them to do it!!! grrrrrr..... 

2010-12-23 Packed up the car for the trip to mother where we will spend the Christmas this year. Wishes you all a Merry Christmas!

2010-12-21 Just arrived home from Olofström with Angelica. The trip was very scary bitwise because of the icy roads! If you just take it easy it is ok, but what the f-k (excuse the language) are some drivers thinking with? Scary how some are playing with not only their own life but others as well by the way they are driving..... shivering thinking of it....

2010-12-19 As as thought Raika went optimal the 16th and 17th  of December. The days I where on my way to Stockholm and Jeys school for Christmas-calibration and to bring her home over the holidays. 6 month from now she will start her heat again and then we will go to Germany to a male that is waiting for her =) That will be her last chance to have a litter.
This thing with heat is very contagious.... Brizna has started her heat too - 1,5 month to soon. Well that is no panic about that because we had already decided to do a re-mate between her and Rex because the way the A-litter has turned out =)) In beginning of Mars we hope the puppies will se the daylight ;) Then Brizna will have her last litter in beginning of 2012 with a very interesting male ;)

2010-12-15 It have not been a success mating despite the fact that Raika is more than willing, but the male is not...... Could be she is not optimal yet, but I have to go to Stockholm tomorrow and will not be back in time to try again. This means that it will not be a litter from Raika on this heat =( well, well that is how it can be and we have to wait to her next heat instead.

2010-12-12 Today I and the girls went down to south of Sweden to see if there will be a successful mating with Raika. SHE just loved him and did everything to get under his skin.... He liked her too, but where much cooler = not optimal yet. He also loved the girls very much =)We will try again 2 days from now and see if she is ready then ;) On our way back home we stopped at Susanne and Joachim (Kennel Ruby Rivers). The girls had pasta while we grown ups. Nice to see you again and we will meet on Tuesday =))

2010-12-10 Today my husband and I are celebrating 22 year of marriage! Well celebrating and celebrating ...... Göte is working very late, the girls are having a nasty cold so I guess they and I will have a cozy evening in front of the TV looking at the Nobel dinner and eat a tasty cake ;)

The preparations for Christmas are in fully speed here. This time we will go to my mother - nice!- but there is a lot to do anyway. Christmas gift to be bought, baking cookies, lists for Christmas food, schedule everything that has to be done, Lucia celebration, Christmas celebration in schools etc. It seems it is no way just drop everything because you will not be home this Christmas ;) lol..... Beside we are standing in front of the fact that Raika started her heat, yup 1 month to early - at least, and shall be covered! Germany is by this out of question and we have to do that combination next heat. Instead we will draw out our "jokern in the back-pocket"! A male we have had in our minds/plans since the day Raika was born and now the combination will be done - very excating! 

2010-12-05 Well then - we are in the month of Christmas. I am sitting here with the new Swedish Belgians club magazine "Belgaren" and enjoying it very much. A lot to read and great advertises and Christmas greetings =)

This weekend the girls and I have made house, outside privy, train of gingerbread. We have also made some Christmas gifts by decorating red hearts with glitter in different colors to hang up in the tree and off course calibrate Stephanie's baptize-day.


Angelica competed in 3-spot and it went good - congratulation. The final shooting became a terror because Angelica and her component had the same points so it went to a total shoot off. Everyone else where done so they all stood and looked at this shoot off! For every arrow that was shoot a sound came from the audience. They had 8/8... 9/9... 8/8 they thought but the last shown that Angelica had a 9 and big applauds break loose! Angelica took this shoot off with 1 points! Boy I would have liked to be there to feel the tense and atmosphere!!! Great done girl =)


2010-11-28 First advent! and we celebrated it on the Nordic Winner Show 2010 in Lilleström, Norway!!!

But let's take it from the beginning... 

Our plans (Susanne from Ruby River's and I) where to sleep here in our house to early in the morning drive to Norway for the show. BUT, the winter in Sweden came early this year and it seems it will stay - considering the icy roads and all the snow we would have to start from here in middle of night rather than early in morning therefore we decided to book a room in a hotel in Norway and go one day earlier. That turned out to be a very wise decision! The roads where very icy and the snow kept coming down from the sky. Here and there you did not se the road because of all snow, well until we came to the Norwegian border that is. They usually have more snow than us but this time the roads where much better and it where also less snow!?! Because of this we decided to pluck moss on our back home the day after   =9. Anyway - the trip went well and the GPS enjoyed it so much it took us for an extra sightseeing round Oslo before we finally stopped outside the hotel. An extra trip about 1 hour more it turned out when we asked in the lobby. The easiest, quickest and nearest way to the show where straight from the hotel and about a drive of 15 minutes!!! 

Susanne and my experience of staying at hotel is not the most updated and that was showing right away - in the elevator!!! Pushed the button floor 6, nothing happen, pushed again, still nothing, tried ALL the buttons, still "dead"!?! A hotel-guard came to our rescue, told us that we had to use the door key - eh.. ok... moved around the card in circles towards all buttons - nothing happened and the guard had it very difficult not to laugh out laud (yes, we did notice that...) took the card and hold it in front of an display over the buttons. ALL buttons started to light up and we could push the 6.  Hepp! The doors closed and the last we saw of that guard was a BIG smile all over his face (No, we do not want to know what he was thinking!!!). Ok, that's one on us!

The hotel room, a very nice one, but without any light. Finally we managed to light a small lamp on the desk and then we discovered a small cardholder beside the desk on the wall - that is a smart thing for the once that tend to "lose" the card everywhere in the room, but we are peoples with order so the hunt for light went on. For some reason we decided to put one of the card in the holder and WOILA! there was light!!! eh...ok... card in the holder to get light - card out - light of... ok nice, even clever... well.... down to the car, moved it to the nearby parking lot and went back in big troubles keeping us on feet's in the slippery snow with the dogs plowing in front of us.

In the lobby one other guard where standing and Rex, they whey he is, went straight up to him to say hi! the guy answered with a  - Hi again you (they had never meet before)! and his voice went up in falsetto. He also put his hands in his pockets? Rex did not notice at all because he where already on his way over to some nice dressed girls for the next hi-saying and the guard started to bread again.... It turned out he where terrified of dogs!, but before we took the elevator up to the room he had patted Rex =) and kept his voice in a normal tone - great done! Susanne and I decided to go to bed early after the long trip. We took a nice cup of coffee and a last round with the dogs before we turned in. In this techno room Susanne had major problem finding the swish to turn off the light on the small lamp at the desk - well not so strange while it was a normal lamp with the swish where it normally are - no card not noting - a bit to easy in this techno hotel..... I had almost none sleep during the night. Party at the hotel with the music so loud we heard it like they played outside our door 6 floor up! The elevator went up and down and the doors banged every time they closed. Beside, we got a room with windows towards the main road outside and in Norway people do not sleep at nights no, they drive cars!!! hahaha... This is sounds I normally do not hear - have I lived in the country to long all ready?

Sunday morning we gave the dogs some food, dressed up and went down to the lobby where we found our "doggy-bags" with the breakfast in. The breakfast at the hotel did not open until one hour after we had gone so the personal made bags for us to take with us! very nice.  In the lobby they also had very nice coffee =) Packed the car and drown of to the show aria. The GPS wanted one other road, and were very persistent about it too, but we took the one the girl told us to and after about 15 minutes we where at the show =) The feeling of "all roads goes to Rome" hit us outside the mess. Cars came from everywhere and all with the same goal. Inside beside the ring a lot of good friends waited for us. (thank you all for a very nice day). Rex where first out in the ring. Happy, crazy (bib-sound from toys makes him ... well... crazy ... hahahaha) The judge liked him and gave him Ck, his first Norwegian CAC, the title: Nordic Winner 2010 and finally also the BOB!!! The females attended where not so lucky: Majas junior female however got the title Nordic junior Winner 2010 (Congratulation!), but only with a 1st prize and honor-prize. Daphne got a 2nd prize, Xena as well and Inja a 1st prize - all in open class. The judge where impressed by the good condition Inja have in age of 9,5 years! and the judge-trainee where impressed that all teeth where still there ;)

While done in the ring we went to the photographer for BOB photos taken for the magazine. Everyone there where involved when it was Rex turn. They wanted him to stand up on a podium (desk) but for him a desk means = Veterinarian = lay down, and lay very still for exam. We had huge problem trying to make him stay up (hm... need to train this...) and gave up after awhile. The desk where put aside and the photos where taken on him at the floor. The photographer laugh at his crazy, happy and funny way every time he heard a toy, and took a lot of photos. After that we went to the shop for cockades and diploma and then a nice cup of coffee and. So nice to finally sit down for a while. Outside it had started to snow -heavily- (forget the moss) and thinking of the bad roads and the long drive home we decided not to stay for the finals. Instead we hurried up with buying things needed (dog related) and had a quick stop at the show-case for Belgians before we said goodbye to your friends and started the long drive back home. The road home where terrible - even worse than gotten here. Just after the Swedish border we met the plow car and because the wind was so hard (from the side) he plow up a lot of snow that the wind grabbed on to, and all went over to our side!!! It became total white! - a thick white wall - and both Susanne and I became really scared. It is not so nice to met the trucks when the weather is like this but the snow clouds after them is temporary and very soon you se the road again. Now it felt like for ever and thank God the road where straight there otherwise we would have ended up in the ditch for sure!!! That was a close death-experience!

Finally we made it home and over a cup of coffee (yes, we had food both to Norway and home on the way - we do not only drink coffee ....) we talked the trip over. Even though we where very tired and still had that close to death experince in our thoughts we where very happy we did go for the show and also very happy over the results of Rex. =))   

2010-11-14 During last week I and Stephanie have had a cold. It has also been a period of stress because the Christmas number of Belgaren (The breeding paper) had its script stop. As the redactor I have had my hands full setting the adds and everything for the printing. It is fun but a bit hectic times around the script stop.

We have had our first snow and it came a lot! It stayed for 3 days before it melted away again. Sorry to say that the first snow always means a lot of traffic accidents. Cars in the ditches here and there and more or less chaos in traffic and I find it hard to understand why people takes with surprise every ear! Have they forgotten we always gets winter in this country? On Friday it rained and now the roads are nice to drive on again.

Angelica competed Saturday and despite nice score of 494 points it was not close to her goal. She ended up on 8:e place. Last year this score had given her the golden medal.! In the top it has started to be very crowdie ;) A challenge and also very exciting when it now are 10 girls fighting over the top places and they are very close in scores on each competition. We are so proud and are keeping fingers crossed. Next competition is the district-championship =)

2010-11-07 The girls have had autumn holidays the week that past by and it has been a full time week within the family. Probably already written this but we are also, since some months back, looking for a new house to rent because our landlord want to sell the one we are living in now. Anyway, it takes up all our time right now, but we have nice friends helping in the search and I want to say thank you for doing it =) 

Yesterday Maria and Alpha came over for coffee and play =). Anouk and Alpha are total crazy outside and it is so fun watching them play and run together.

I got a very nice mail from kennel Casfan. Dimma has been put up to show in Herning, Denmark, during this weekend and she took what could be taken - so to speak. At Saturday she got best female, BOB and CACIB! On Sunday she got best female, BOB, CACIB and the titles: DANISH WINNER 2010 & DANISH RACE-WINNER 2010 (for second year in a road!). There is only two words for this: VAJERT!!! & CONGRATULATION!!!


2010-10-23 Okay, so now we, or rather the dogs, have kennel-cough! How they got it or from whom is still a question mark but they handle it good. In other words they got it in "light" version and now they all are much better again. First we thought it was a cold because both Göte and Cassie have been ill the week that past by, but after seeing the veterinarian we now know it is kennel-cough, soon to be over.

2010-10-16 The indoor season for bow competition have now started.  Angelica competed in Vetlanda this weekend and with nice 501 points she took the silver medal! Jihaaa!!! Way to go girl!

2010-10-12 Inja and Susanne has been up to show this weekend and - almost written as usual - Inja got BOB, BOB Veteran and BIS4 Veteran! BIG congratulation from us!

2010-10-11 This weekend has flown by quietly (despite the chocking news on Friday night). Anouk where with me to a meeting with the breeding club. There he played with a tough Malinois girl at age 4 month. She was so cute with shag from end of tail to the nose...... hahahaha.

Jey and I have had nice evenings to ourselves when the younger girls gone to bed. We have talked, looked at some nice programs and films had tea and sandwiches. And off course cozy with the dogs. Thank you my beloved girls for a nice weekend.

Friday night - short:
Angelica phoned Friday night and put my hart into my throat! Could not bread until afterwards. 
- Hi Mum, I have been involved in a car accident and I am on my way back from the hospital now. Do not worry, I am ok, no broken bones or nothing. Will just turn blue/yellow/green and all kinds of color on my back!
- WHAT? Stop, back the tape.... what happen?
- Well, I was hit by a car when cycle home from bow training. Smacked into the street with my back first but I was protected by the rucksack. It reduced the fall for me because it was full of sheets. The bike landed on top of me.
- eh... sheets?
- Yes (laughing), we had photos taken in school today on the theme "toga" that is why I had them in the rucksack. At the hospital they did examine my head and body, did x-ray on my back and said that I got  away lucky in this. No concussion, no broken or split bones just hard soft parts injuries, a bit of a chock and that the Scoliosis is where it is - nothing to do with that ......
- What? Scoliosis? what?...... Do you have scoliosis in your spine?
- Obviously! The x-ray showed Scoliosis and the doctor thought I already know that. Total surprise but now I understand why I have had problems with the back now and then! My trainer had it right al the time, I was not over trained at all as the previous doctors said.....  NO, I had Scoliosis the whole time!!!

Good Lord! A lot of things makes sense with this knowledge. The pain in her back and strange muzzle-pain close to the spine earlier have now been explained. This time it where kind of luck in the un-luck that the accident happen. Now the training will be put up with the Scoliosis in mind. I can not help to get a bit angry with the doctors that she has been seen earlier and that told her she was over trained and just had to rest. Why did they not examine her better? If they had back then - this would have been known much earlier and her training could be adjust to that knowledge from that point. The young driver that hit her phoned the police and ambulance himself and stayed with her until they came - no hit and run there - he also went with her to the hospital and his father was the one driving her home. Poor man we do hope they will not take his driven-license away now. After all it did went well.

2010-10-03 After lunch and the cleaning up from yesterday - boy it did look like there had been a party going on...... - we packed up and left home. A stop to drop of Sid and buy dinner before we got home. Total exhausted after all driving and hm..... partying maybe?!.. I took a nap with the dogs before dinner. They seemed to be very tired after all playing, petting and driving this weekend as well ;) Happy birthday mum!

2010-10-02 Today we packed the caravan and went to Stallarholmen and to my mothers house for a combination of crayfish- and birthday party. First we stopped at Marieberg shopping center where we picked up Jeys boyfriend, Sid, and Jeys digital camera. We landed at mothers house in the afternoon and took a long walk with the dogs. Brizna and Anouk played in the fields for a long time. We had a very nice time at the party with good friends and family. A lots of laughter and jokes where delivered, good food and nice crayfish as well. On our walk with Rex and Raika they nearly gave me a heart attack because they, in the dark, started to run after a deer that suddenly run up in front of Rex nose. They where way out in the field and I shouted TURN, only once and not even laud actually, and BOTH of them turned back right away!! They came back in fully speed straight at me and none of them turned their head to look after the deer! YES I am proud =)) Anouk where with us all the time and became very popular among the guests.... well.... my sisters small pinscher might not agree here..... The night became late - in fact next morning - before we all went to bed in the caravan to get some sleep this 24 hour.


2010-09-26 Way to early in the morning I and Cassandra took Alpha with us to a show at Lindesberg Working club. Terrible cold, windy and a lawn filled up with water to splash around on where given us. We entered as number 5 in the ring and got very nice critics and a HP (honor prize) Because it was so cold Cassandra and I chosen to have our lunch in the car. :) Cosy. A good friend I have not meet in person for several of years showed up and we had a very n ice time - thank you Sussie for taking time to come and we talk by phone soon again (as usually). Back home it took awhile to get warmed up again and later in evening Maria came to bring Alpha back home again. I went to bed early ;)

2010-09-25 Anouk and Alpha became very cheep today - more or less for free actually - because they ran like maniacs outside and without looking they ran into my back! (I did not know I could that many cureswords ) . Flow like a rag and landed with my face into the flower-bed. - It where kind of good because I found a plant I did not know it was there, a little nice one of wild strawberry! - With more ache in every limb than usually I crawled, stumbled but managed to get up from there eventually. Just to get a big punch in back of my neck from Alpha, whom tried to jump over me!!! for about .... round 750 when they came with a speed like the wind but misjudged totally! Do I need to write they spend the rest of the afternoon indoors?! It took quit some time before all stars of universe disappeared in front of me and a big nasty colorful mark started to show all over my back and neck ...... - maniacs for sure.....

2010-09-24 Alpha came today to be here over the weekend. Jippie if you ask Anouk!!! They run like maniacs in the yard and it is quite dangerous to be outside at the same time they are..... - crasy siblings! ;) During the evening and the night we had terrible weather here. 2 big thunderstorms past by our village right over our house! they came straight after each other and made terrible noise. The lightening made the sky bright like in daytime....... the dogs?..... SLEPT true it!! :)

2010-09-19 Today Inja has done great in the ring again =) at Enköping working club she got CK, BOB and BOB veteran. She also took the place BIS 2 and  BIS 1 veteran (again!!!) VAJERT!

2010-09-15 My cold is gone and now it was Götes time to get it. After him it has gone true the whole family and let's hope its done now. We are still looking for a new house and there is one, to rent, that we like a lot but the owner has it hard to say yes or no....  he says he will tell us "next week" - but is stalling it all the time.... sigh... Guess we just have to keep looking!

2010-09-11 Today I went up way to early again - despite minor effect of the cold !!! This time the car where packed with Brizna, Anouk and show packing. Target for today where Tranås Working club where Maria with Alpha, Susanne with Daphne and Sussie plus Nicke with Inja also entered. Picked up Marion, her tervueren boy and my show tent on my way to the club. Finally there (fun that all of us "landed" almost at the same time even though we all came from different directions!) the car where unpacked and the show tent raised up, the nice breakfast with sandwiches and coffee we brought along where served ;) Yummy! Talking about Marion - she needs strong GLASSES ... She cold not find her dog in back of my car(?!) and the looks of the dog when she closed the door and walked away without him can not be described! hahahahahaha...... thank God the rest of us have better eyes and could show her that he was sitting there - still with a silly face! Well Marion, we are going to live in this one for a loooooong time.... ;)

First out, or in more like it, where the kangaroo Anouk bounds, bounds, bounds, yes well.... He did manner himself nicely (now and then in the running too) and the judge liked a Belgian in his age coming into the show ring owning and loving the whole wide world and everyone in it!!! He where rewarded with a honor prize. At the same time she gave him the HP she told med that she by principal never gave a CK to a junior...  he, he ... that principal of hers was to be changed when Alpha made her entrées into the ring! Oh yes, she also showed she got kangaroo genes but not as much as her brother. CK and 2 best female!!! Then it was time for Brizna and Daphne. Brizna first showed with her behavior where the kangaroo-genes comes from, kissed the judge and almost dragged me into the ground when she heard a sound from a toy outside the ring - but this time I where prepared and managed to stay up. She got CK and became today's best female and got the BOB. A more calm Daphne got HP today. Then it was Injas turn. She got super critic (well they all did actually) and became BOB veteran. The breeding group today where: Alpha and Anouk, mum Brizna, grandma Daphne and great grandma Inja!!! HP and ended up in the final as BIS2!!!

I got the honor to show Inja in the final ring. First she decided that this "old lady" is not going to move more today..... lol....... but I managed to get her in into one other mind (like when I put her up when she was young) and she flown beside me. I think my shouting for joy when she got the BIS1 place must have been heard all over the landscape! I can not describe the feeling! She is still going strong for sure ;)

Thank you all for a very lovely day!

2010-09-08 A nasty cold and terrible pain (more than always) has taken over my body =(
Hot drinks and painkillers is the "food" to get well as soon as possible - at least until next weekend when Anouk and Alpha is going to show and start in junior class for their first time.... Our kennel will also have a breeding group there!

2010-09-04 Today I, Cassandra, Angelica, Stephanie, Alpha and Anouk went to Hallsberg to keep fingers crossed for Angelicas first competition at 70 meters. Deadly cold outside until the sun finally found its way true the trees and could warm us up a little bit. The competition went well and Angelica made her goal for today to reach the final shootings =) she ended up at 14th place - Super congratulation! By this her goal for this year is also achieved! Now they will start the shooting indoors and it is going to be very interesting to follow the season ahead. Will she been able to develop as much this year as last?


2010-08-21 Early - very early - the children, Brizna and I went to Eskilstuna for international show. Sussi and Nicke with company and Inja where already there when we arrived. They where suppose to take there show-tent with them but at the showground it turned out they had only the tent-pegs for it! The canvas where still home!!! lol! Thank God we had big luck with the weather, cloudy but without rain, that day! We had a lovely day and Cassandra proved to be a very helpful young girl the whole day! Brizna got CK, BOS and her first CACIB and Inja became BOB veteran with CK. Very nice !!! So fun to se a lot of peoples you have not seen for quite some time now.
When it was time to go back home I became really mad! I took Brizna and some packing to the car, went back to the ringside to get the children and the rest of the packing and when we came back to the car a note where put on the window. ZERO TOLERANCE  where written all over the paper! Excuse me!?! Are you not allowed to put your dog into the car while getting the rest of the things anymore? I got hold of the girl putting the note on the window and asked her what she where thinking. She defended herself with: - I did not know that! And added: that it is not allowed to have dogs into the cars. (well if it is a warm sunny day - I would agree, but a cloudy and a bit cold day? and for 17 minutes?) I where away for exactly 17 minutes - exactly - so I asked her if she had a solution of the problem to get the dog back home if she was not allowed into the car at all! She never came up with anything, just turned and waked away. No apology no nothing. ... Cloudy and a bit cold, 17 minutes away and BANG a note at the window - THAT is to go to far!!! I also know several peoples that put their dogs into the cars after they had been into the ring and what I could se .... no notes on their windows! ..... grrrrr...... It is a shame with a bad ending like this on a very nice day.

2010-08-17 Today it was time for Angelica to go back to the archery gymnasium. Now she start her last year at the gymnasium and I can not believe how fast the years have gone by?!! Now she has started to thinking about where to go after the graduation and on her dress to all the balls she will attend to before that (off course).

2010-08-15 Today I and Anouk went to Askersunds International show to keep our fingers crossed for the lovely female of Tarja. Anouk where there as psychological support (hm...) and for social training. He did great the whole day. So proud over him. We must have held our fingers crossed pretty good because "Hilman" got CK, BOB and CACIB! VAJERT! and congratulations from us. Thank you for a very nice day with nice coffee and bread. Let us do that soon again..... right?!! Back at home I had an email from Mary telling that Xena got N-CAC and the title Norwegian Winner-2010 today!!! WOW! Congratulations =)

2010-08-12 Our sweet daughter, Stephanie, had her 4th birthday today. We celebrated with cake, presents and a very nice dinner. Jey came from Stockholm and her boyfriend, Sid, where also with us this weekend. Stephanie jumped of joy over all nice gifts she got =)

2010-08-01 We are so sad since Even left us you can never understand. To easy up the pain we just have to do something! Therefore we took Rex and Anouk down to the lake for play and swim. Anouk had a little problem in the beginning to figure out how to swim with out splashing water all over the place. When he did figure out how to do it he shown to be a very good swimmer. The boys raced out to the tennis ball and well Rex won off course so Anouk tried to take it from him instead...... :) - time flue by even though it felt like it where total still..... we needed this ... :)



2010-07-28 Even left us today. We are so sad here we do not know what to do.... Misses him so much! A couples of hour later a clear big rainbow accrued on the sky! Never seen such a big one, and the sky went total orange. R.I.P Even!

2010-07-12 Yesterday Maria and I where at Örebro Working club for show and exterior description for Brizna.  It was HOT very HOT while the temperature where 30 + C degrees and no wind until the afternoon when a small wind found its way over the aria.  Alpha got HP, BOB and BIS-R puppy and Brizna became approved at her body exam.  =) Thank you Maria for a very nice day =))

Later at the evening the wind started to blow harder and suddenly we got some rain over us, just a few drops not enough at all, and hard thunder. Afterwards it felt much more fresh outside and a bit cooler as well.

Today I have talked to the insurance company about Even because we now know that he go atypical Cushing (overproduction of cortisone) and it is so bad the veterinarian have asked permission, from the insurance company, to put him down.  =( Despite medication his infections has not become better either. In other words this is the end of it.... and my hopes to get his great mentality and bone structure is now gone. A more kind, gentle and funny Laekenois than he is can probably not be found.

2010-07-09 Brizna and Anouk have now tried the life of camping =) A very nice aria with the playground just outside the door and with nice sandbank at the sea - well the bathing once told me abut the sandbank... Oh, yes I usually is one of the bathing once but a very detailed story from my family about a snake swimming among all people and when it got to crowdie for it he/she just went up on the beach.....  - thank you but not thanks - I where not down to the lake at all!

In stead I stayed in the shadow and put up a new tablet weaving and started on my broodier at my long coat (Viking coat). Beside I had my hands (read head) full study the new puppy of Tarja. A little "monster" eh..... rough hair collie ;) The girl has a lovely temperament and a lot of fighting spirit. She is also very nice in body. Brizna tried to clean the small one up and Anouk found her a bit scary but tried to invite her to play anyway. Well I did not let him because the size of him and weight are a bit to much for little Siiri to play with. They can play later when she has grown a bit =). We had nice barbecue evenings and very nice time and when Tarja and Micke left for Collie SM in south of Sweden we stayed one more day before we went home in the heat.

2010-07-05 Recently back home from the Viking festival in. It was in deed very hot to making pancakes with 3 dresses over open fire in 30 + degrees!!! This years event where, despite the heat, one of the best so far! We had lovely time and it was very nice going there a couples of days before to help out built up the village and everything for the festival. =))

Angelicas boyfriend, Jimmy, was with us for the first time this year and he just loved it. - I have found myself a new hobby, he said!!! Great - one more Viking to count in =)  Thank you both Angelica and Jimmy for all help during the festival and after.

Now we are going for camping with the small girls - out with the Viking stuff from the caravan and in with everything you need for a nice couples of days at a camping.  Micke and Tarja are already there waiting for us with the gloves for the barbecue on.... ;)


2010-06-30 It is quite some time since I updated last. We have had an hectic period of stopping school, getting Angelica form Olofström and lost of electric power now and then in the house!!! Looking for somewhere to stay when we has to move and now we are working hard to get the cloths done to the girls  for the Viking festival. They need new once growing way to fast ;) We have also been to the veterinarian several of times with Even because he is still ill. A lot of test has been taken and it looks bad. We are waiting for the last tests to se what the problem might be.

Brizna have had her heat and Raika started just after. Sorry to say Raika started just before we went to Denmark so we have to wait with the mating until her next heat. Rex, that stops eating when the right time is, has just started again and poor thing.... the neighbor female started her heat a couples of days ago. It is going to be interesting to se if he will stop eat during the days of "right time" for her to. He has already been there to say HI, but it was before she even started.... thank God.....

Måsparet med bebis på vift. Klicka för att se bilden i nytt fönster.On the neighbor roof at our back side a couples of common gulls has tiny babies (second litter) now. The small once are as big they have started to crawl around on the roof, or more of it, sliding down having problem getting back to the nest again.   Mr. and Mrs. common gull are the most terrible "guard-dogs" (good parents) I ever seen.... you have to be quick to duck when they come one after other! They start from the roof, right towards us, screaming, and.... well yes.... "bombing" us (read shitting) when they are just above. They come so low you can touch them sticking you hand in the air!! Both Göte and I have been attacked and they actually touched us on the shoulder! (kind of scary - yes!) Anouk, Mr. and Mrs. common gull have some kind of training going on. It looks like some kind of COURAGE TEST - from both sides actually! First Mr. common gulls comes and Anouk is crouching down towards the ground making the common gulls to get as deep as it dears to. When Mr. is just in front of Anouk he jumps up after him as high as he can!! Anouk gör sig redo att möta herr Mås. Klicka på bilden för att se den i nytt fönster.The common gull screams and turns straight up 90 degrees in the sky - still screaming.   When Anouk has landed Mrs. common gull is just behind or above him and he tries to jump again as high as he can to get her in stead but without crouching down to get speed he has no chance.  Mr. common gull, however, almost lost his feathers coming to low a couples of times!!!  Anouk is running after them towards the front side of the house where they turn to get back to the roof at the back side and Anouk turns and takes position, sneaking back slowly towards the back side, waits, crouching down... lower..... lower..., waits AND the couples of common gull starts from the roof. Anouk starts to run towards them to jump as high as he can to get either of them.... well... think you get the picture! The courage test is now forbidden, I do not want him to end up on his back and brake it - or hurt himself in some other way.... hu.... or even get the common gull!!! 

When he does not chase common gulls (or any of the others in the pack) he chase water.....  like father like son..... and in this case double up while having a mother that is just crazy by water...

We have not had the chance to take him down to the lake yet, but I believe he will bath and swim as much as his parents are when ever they can.

Got news about that Alpha is swiming as good as her parents and also with joy  ;)

Tomorrow we will take the caravan and go for the yearly event in Stallarholmen - the Viking festival!  After that we will go camping with our friends Tarja and Mike outside Katrineholm. They are already there waiting for us with gloves for grilling on!

Ok, so now it is updated a bit again then..... ok, ok.... DANMARK:

Beloved, wonderful Sari and Hannu came to us the 21st of June with Heppo and Hilma to get me and Brizna down to Denmark. After packing everything into the car for the trip next morning we had lunch in the garden. In the evening we had barbecue and talked a lot about everything in life. They slept in our caravan and the morning after we went up early for breakfast! We had a few stop on our way down to Denmark and in late afternoon we where at the cabin there the others where waiting for us. After a long walk with the dogs we had some coffee and sandwiches and went to bed total exhausted after the long trip. The next day we drove in to Herning to take photos and for shopping. We also had a nice lunch in town before we went back to the cabin. While back we sat in the sun in the afternoon just relaxing. It was rather windy and the wind where a bit cold but that is how it is to live close by the sea. 


I took Brizna with me down to the sea! Had to hold on to her tight because she wanted to take a bath or two...... but I could not let her not knowing how the coat would react on saltwater. It where just lovely to stand there and feel the salty winds blowing true the hair smelling the water and ...... just take deep breaths!

We, enjoyed!

We stayed for a long time by the sea and I took a lot of photos =)

Resultantly we started our way back to the cabin before the others would be worried and send someone after us. When we got back I could hear them laugh and talk - they where preparing the dogs for the show the nest day. They saw us from the cabin down by the sea so they where not a bit worried - we could have stayed longer..... After fixing with cloths for the day after, all paper in order, pedigree and everything else, it where time for dinner. We had a lovely time talking, laughing, going thru the verities differences and similarities, breeding, combinations and training methods for tracking and agility - in other words a marvelous time =)

Show day. Up, before the rooster..., breakfast, out with the dogs and of the Herning. On our way there we saw both and Polecat and a Fox. =) Inside the area, when all things you have to bring with you (crate and stuff) where on place, thank you Joachim for helping me out, I took a walk with Brizna. There where a lot of time left before the judging to start so I went over to say hi to a lot of friends and Belgian owners I have not seen for a long time. There where a lot of hugging that morning!! =))

The judging started and it became a very interesting settlement in open class females between Brizna and Susannes Gina!!! The judge had it hard to choose and told us so and why. Finally the choice felt on Gina for her lovely movements. Brizna got excellent and R-CACIB. Gina became 2d best female total, after the junior female, and because the junior already got a title the judge gave Gina the WW- 2010 title!! I thought Susanne should faint of happiness. A not so nice thing happen outside the ring when a men started to yell at Susanne because she came out of the ring to get hugs from us. The others where still in the ring despite the judgment where over, and he obviously wanted her there as well. Howe bad can you be with words and behavior towards others? This was very bad and even worse he is from Sweden. I do not know what to say... Never mind - we where all very happy and after photos taken with the judge we went back to your chairs. I took Brizna for a walk, also to the veterinarian for the deworming and and back to the ring to look at the Malinois before a went out to the Groenendael and Tervueren ring. At the ringside on the lawn some owners and breeders of Laekenois where sitting and I went over to them. We had a very nice afternoon talking about breeding, the Laekenois in general, combinations, puppies  and a lot of other stuff. We laugh a lot and they told me that next year the gathering of Laekenois in Holland is celebrating 10 years and I just HAD to come! Sari and  Hannu past by so I took the opportunity to present them to the other breeders. They all liked Heppos head very much ;) They, Sari and Hannu, went to the car with things they had bought and the rest of us went inside to get some coffee. When leaving the area we stopped to get some nice food for the evening in a little town close to the cabin.

While Sari rested and the steak where in the oven I went down with Brizna to the sea. This time she got to swim. Happiness! I could not find a stick to trough out for her so I took a small rock - not so good choice - she went very far out and did not get back in when I called her because she could not find the "stick"...... finally I ran towards the road and then she came back in. Twice it happen, but the third time she did turn and came back towards me when calling. Good girl =) 






In the evening we had a very nice dinner and celebrate the success from the day!  Alva (malinois female) in our cabin got the Word Winner Junior title, so we had champagne!

The day after we went to Fredrikshamn to get the ferry over to Göteborg. Home turning day I am afraid. I wanted to stayed in Denmark longer and get a chance to visit Hanne and Lindy Pelsen, but we had to get back home. Tank you so much Sari and Hannu for brining me and Brizna up for this journey =) And thank you all that I meat in Denmark for a lovely time! Love you all!!

2010-06-06 Some nice things have happen this week that gone by. One of them is that Raika is well .... I do not find a good word for it .... in obedience training right now. =)) It is so fun training her right now and she is suuuuucking in everything we are doing. If this keeps on, and she will be more steady in lay down -stay, it is time to start her official again!! Rex, well we talk silent about that.... in fact we do whisper - again! Except for one thing .... his barking towards decoy (things) is getting better and better .... he is doing it towards the flies in the roof too!!! (Who knows they might get scared and "drop down" so Rex can take them.) Brizna has started her fist heat after the litter and is lovely in her behavior. Even is ill =(

We are renting this house and our landlord where here inspecting it and the garden. (He told us he where very pleased with us as tenants - that was nice to hear!). He want to sell the house now, so we have to find somewhere else to stay. THAT came in total wrong time for us......... so... 3 month from now we do not have anywhere to live.  =(

Yesterday we had a barbecue evening with the neighbor. It was a great evening and their mix breed, Thea, and Anouk played a lot - well that is AFTER Anouk understood that she do not eat young boys for dinner..... Thea found the girls pool and loved it she lay down in the water several of times and poor Anouk did not know what to do - water makes you wet!  Is he in his ghost period or what!!!

Today he got scared over a ball that where close to the bushes. GOD ....... bolls that do eat small laekenois boys.... but you probably already knew that. He went closer and closer and decided to face the ball once and for all.... NOW the boll is dead! 

Azzlans owner called today =) They had been to a show at Piteå Working club and Azzlan got HP, BOB puppy and BIS1 - puppy!!! WOW!! VAJERT and congratulations! Judge for the day where race specialist: Sonny Ström.


2010-05-29 The week that has past by has been very strange  - talking weather - and hectic for us - talking life. It has been raining for almost 1,5 week now (with glimpse of sun in between) and we have had a lot of thunder passing by. Every time we hear the thunder rolling in our way, we plug out internet and other electric stuff because the lightning tender to strike down here. When the risk is over we start everything up again so you can just imagine how much we have been running in the stairs for the last 1,5 week!! It has been so much raining and lightening that Örebro went out of water! The lightening strike into the watertower and some eclectic problem made it to dry out - as I understand by the newspapers - it has never happened before! Also a lot of houses had their basements over floated by water!! When I went to Hallsberg to pick Jennifer and her boyfriend up for the weekend it started to rain so hard we, and several other cars, had to stop beside the road to wait until most of the hardest rain had past by. We stood there for a long time and in middle of the raining - you could not se the road at all - it started to hail!! Big hails! I think we stood there for almost one hour before the weather calm down so much we could drive - carefully - home. There where several of cars in that ended up into the ditches because of the rain that day.

Angelica has been ill, or still is in fact. Some strange infection that will not let go and it worries us - off course. The doctor has taken a lot of blood samples and given her strictly training stop for awhile! She can compete if she does feel good the morning of the tournament otherwise not! The spring has not been to nice for her either. It came late due to the cold, but when it came it came hard and her pollen allergy has been worse than ever. We have also visit Jennifer in Stockholm this week and it seems she has it good there - hopefully things will start to change and it will go better for her from now on. On our way back home we stopped at mothers house for a coffee brake. 

Brizna has taken her blood-sample for the rabies. A appointment has been booked for Even, whom shall be examine totally because something is wrong with him not gaining weight. We do not know what to look after, but crossing our fingrs it is not cancer. He does not feel good that much we can se and I need to know what is wrong with him (if it is possible to find out). Yesterday Cassandra and I where down at the lake taken new Viking photos. (some you can se in the Viking album) Why are we taken all this photos you might wonder?! Well the Viking association we are in asked for it because they need to do new posters for the upcoming festival in July. It where freezing cold by the water and the wind where rather hard there - poor Cassandra - she did great and I am happy with the photos. Hope they are good enough for the posters - the last one where not because the background where to dark.  When we left there it started to rain again and we could hear the thunder in distance. It never came by us this time.

While the sun was shining for a change we had an garden day. We took care of the weed, cut the lawn (heavy said the cutter because the lawn where to wet in places) cut off some dry of some bushes and had the first rhubarb pie for the year. Even though the sun where shining it was not warm outside and it was rather windy. Sorry to say one of our beautiful (the photo) Rhododendron died during the hard winter. The other has only came so long you can se the color of the flower but they are not yet open. In Stockholm they where in fully bloom.   

2010-05-17 Back home at Maria's place we started with dinner and then her husband and a neighbor to them helped with the bowl. They too had problem getting it tight enough, but finally we think they succeeded...... fingers crossed... and THANK you so much. I took this photo because Mats (Maria´s husband) is very tall and yet he managed to trick himself into one of the trunks!!! lol!!!

Back home to our house Cassandra wanted to sleep in the caravan, so she and I slept in it the whole weekend. =) Today I checked the bowl again and sorry to say I does leak, not much, but still......

Today I have been out with the girls in Viking clouds to get some new photos. I noticed they have grown a lot this winter so they need new once now!

We had fun take the photos and are started to long for the next festival. (More photos in the Viking album). Now it is high time to start with the new dresses for the girls. Lovely! 

2010-05-13 Show day! Up to get breakfast before carry down everything you need to have for a good show, chairs, crate, the box with tools for the coats etc. Then back to the caravan to get the "pack" =) First to enter the ring was Rex and he played clown as always.... even the judge started to laugh at him and said

- He is a very happy boy!

He even jumped to get the cockades when the secretary held them up in the air!!!! He got; CK, BOS and BOB Open class. BOB total went to Vajert Inja (still going strong and she also got BOB vetran!). Then we changed ring for the puppies to their debute. Kristin and Tova with Azka came to visit and for a mini -sibling reunion. Nice! First to enter where Anouk, and he just forgot that he is a bit spooky right now, and did not mind the judge touching him and checking testicles and everything else - good boy! Alphas liked the judge a lot  ;)... nice man this one... need to give him kisses.... then it were time for both to enter the ring.... God ... bounce, jump, bounce, play invites.... some nice running and new play... lol.. puppies!  BOB-puppy to Alpha and BOS-puppy to Anouk  =)

After that we went down to a bridge to take some generation-photos with Inja. The pups are great-grandchildren to her!  

Back at the caravan we had coffee and took some photos of Rex and his children and also to fix the heat..... you know the warm water bowl...... we managed to get it so tight that we could start the heat and warm the caravan up total. Great! When Kristin, Tova and Azka left I and Maria took Rex and Alpha down to finals. Did some obedient work with Rex while waiting Alphas turn to enter the ring. She got BIS-2 puppy! - Jihaaaa, Rex became BIS-3 open class.... New Jihaaaa and HE was the happiest of us all because the nice people brought a lot of toys, fighting-roughs and other stuff into the ring as prices and ALL of it just had to be for him ..... hm.... maniac! He bounced up and down and grabbed one toy just to let it go to take the next and the next and the next.....  I just have to say.....he is a clown for sure =)

After the finals we went back to the warm and cozy caravan and had a delicious dinner and took a glass of wine (well a couples glasses) to celebrate the winnings of today.  After a couples of hour talking, laughing and just having a very nice time, we started to hear some strange noise.... sough.... the bowl has started to leak again!!! While having it warm and cozy we just turned it of and reason we should take care of it back home again!

2010-05-12 The day for traveling to the show. Maria and I decided to take a lot of water with us and take the white Volvo. If we stop before it heats up to much we just might get true with it.... We picked the bowl up on our way and just had to stop for gas and to take the dogs for a walk. Yes, we did refill the water, but much less than we thought should be needed from the beginning. Thank God! At the camping we found our spot and got help from some strong men to push the caravan on place.... a bit to strong.... one of them broken one of the handle of the caravan!  :(

Maria went down with our meat to the grill and I started to prepare the rest of the "stuff" for the dinner and also to fix the warm waterbowl. Could not get it tight enough so it was leaking water. No warming up that night!

2010-05-11 Up to get the new contact on the car fixed. While they fixed the car I went for window-shopping and found books with wallpapers. There are a loot of nice wallpapers - and a lot of not so nice... if you ask me. 1,5 hour later I went back to get the car, but they where not done yet, so I sat in the sun waiting. Went home to change car with Göte whom shall help Jennifer to move back to Stockholm today. The white Volvo we got still has the problem with the cooler for the engine so better take my care the whole way to Stockholm. When I and the girls ate dinner Göte called from Stockholm - my car did not start at all!!! What!?! He called a friend that came over to the gas station, and he told him it probably where the start engine that died! NOooooooooo... I shall have that car down to the show tomorrow...... Called the mechanic to check if they had any cooler for the engine in and also if they had a new start  engine. Yes, they got both but asked way to much money for the starter. Let me tell you I almost started to cry.....

2010-05-10 Been to 4 caravan salesmen and NONE had the bowl!! Then it turned out that there might be one place on our way down to Ivo-island that might have one. I called them and YES they did. Will pick it up on our way down. Even though everything seems to solve itself I started to get the feeling it is not over yet.......

2010-05-09 A day with rain, cloud and more rain. Packing the caravan for Ivo-island. Checking that everything is ok with it and almost screamed when I saw that the window in the roof  in the toilet is gone! - the one that they fixed!!

We had to put plastic over the whole to stop the rain to come in. Then I called the one fixing our caravan and told him what had happen. He just could not believe it. Further more it turned out that our warm waterbowl has gone broken this hard winter and a new one is needed to get it warm inside the caravan!!! By this time I am start to think we will not get to the show this year after all. A new window is about 1500 - 2000 SKr and the warm waterbowl is 1200 SKr. If w are lucky it will not rain that hard and the plastic might do, but a new bowl we just must have.

2010-05-08 Today we had an very nice training day with Maria and the gang. It was very cold outside and I had to put on the winter clods again!!! We had minus degrees during the night. However when working with the dogs you move around more or less all the time. And if you are behind a tracker like Brizna you will even get warm! ;) Cute little Anouk do not understand what we are doing in the woods yet. He is tracking now and then, but mostly he is asking me what we are doing. Well seen this before and he will come around in time. Rex, the little "thinking" fellow, is CHECKING the track then he is getting up in high wind and seek....I´ m rather convinced that if he had not had the tracking line on he would have taken the figurant by personal seek because he KNOWS where the figurant is..... so why go by the track ???? Well I will not give up and he just have to learn to go within the track - like it or not..... Alpha got a harder track today - 90 d angulation and shifting vegetation. She thought the angel to be a bit strange but manage it very good. One more like this and then we will put in more angulations in the track. Tack you, Maria, for a nice day as always ;-)

2010-05-06 On my way up from Angelica I picked up our caravan that has been in for service. Now it should be done for this season and the first trip will be to the Belgian special show at Ivö-island newt week. I will go there with Anouk, Rex, Alpha and Maria, but first I need a new contact on my car for the caracan because the one I got is loose.... not so good......  

2010-05-04 I went down to Angelica in Olofström today. Lovely to get "out" for a few days. It has been a little bit to much for a long time now and I do feel quite a need for rest. Also I am a bit disappointed over the spring that never seems to come.. not with much warmer days anyway... we still have nights with minus degrees! Anyhow the trip down to Angelica went well and I will be here for 3 days before I need to get home again. 

2010-05-01 New month .... AGAIN!!!!.... and yet very cold outside. The spring is here but it is not that warm as it can be this time of year. Today it was cloudy and windy. A lot of people where probably at the workers demonstration somewhere in the country. Maria and I decided to do our own demonstration..... hahahahaha tracking in the woods ;)

Alpha did a brilliant track and it is very funny to se her finding the things in the track...... talk about "whole world coming down of happiness"  The tracking went much better for Rex today! He did more track than search - good boy. Anouk, however, did not manage his track in the wind. He went backtracking, so we stopped before he learn the wrong way. He does not understand what we are doing yet so he where as happy as ever anyway. Mum, Brizna, knows for sure what this is about and because it where a long time ago she tracked she was overheated. Boy..... I had to lean backwards to hold back in the line, trying to slow her down. A very fun and nice photo where taken by Maria when Brizna tracked. Look!!

At the photo she is turning up towards the track where she lost it because of the speed! More ran than tracking it seems..... but we know why... so happy over finally be back on track (so to speak...)

After the training we let the dogs stretch out by running and playing. Maria got the boll-thrower and did they run after the boll!!!!

Notice how the gentlemen Anouk and father Rex lets the girls carry the boll..... ;) .... or was it they could not run as fast as the girls......




2010-04-25 The week has past and for me trying to get well from the nasty cold I still got (3 weeks now). I also spent time for obedience with Rex - mostly. We do not agree about how things shall look or be done so now and then I "put him away" to train with a dog much more interested in obedience - Raika!! She is great in it (a bit to hot) and so fun to do things with after struggling with Rex.  ;)

Yesterday Maria, Kennel Sinanjus, and I where in the woods for tracking. Alpha has done tracking about 5-6 times now and she is really good at it! Anouk did not quite get it first, but he did track as well, from time to time, and when he did he where very good too! =) He went very happy finding Maria behind the big root in the end of the track. Then it was Rex turn, poor boy, he really IS a search dog ..... well yes he did track... but every time I thought he where "stuck in the track" he went up towards the woods because somewhere in there the figurant must be.... he had found the track.... right!?!! When not letting him go for search he started to track again, a bit, and the same procedure cured - towards the woods total still waiting for me to give him the signal - not getting one starting to track a bit longer.... In the end of the track I could not stop him. He got Maria by high wind and sat off with thin me hanging like a rag in the end of the line - not letting go - trying to keep up with his crazy fast speed. I even had to jump over a small stream!!! Happy I did not brake any legs there......

The day where lovely. Sun and just a light wind. The only bad thing where that Rex and Maria´s goenendael Taiba had a not so nice discussion, and Rex had to train lay down and stay for a long time..... bad boy!!... you do not talk to ladies like that - even if they do answer...

I did remember to bring the camera and got a lot of nice photos. Beside training we sat in the sun drinking coffee watching Alpha and Anouk play like crazy. They had fun I tell you....









 The weekend that past by, Jennifer where home and we hade a very nice time. Sunday I helped her with some schoolwork she had to do and it where total in my taste. Viking age!!! A lot of work where done and we had fun doing it. =)

2010-04-11  Ok, been awhile since I updated the blog, but I have not find any inspiration for it..... Spring is one month late here. Not until now we have a lot of spring-flowers and the tulip blade is sowing too. The Azalea has also tiny blade (the photo) and I do hope it will have flowers too this year. It did not set any flowers last year because the spring came early and stopped because of a week of cold and snow! Azalea do not like that.....

I am privileged to hear from the owner of the A-litter and so far everything is working out fine. The gang is now in a age of shifting teeth a time where you sometimes wonder how they can chew when it can be rather empty in the mouth. ;-) Anouk shifted is front teeth both up and down at the same time! He looked as if someone had pulled in a stick or something and got every teeth out!!! If he could speak he would have had problem pronouncing S - for sure. Now the new once is up and he will have correct scissors-bite as it looks now =) The P1 & P2 is also where they should be =) The puppies pages will be updated with the information I got so far since they left for their new homes.

Speaking of updates..... I have change the pages of the litters. Now there is information of each one of them directly when you enter the litter. Here and there some puppy photos are missing - earlier litters - and it will be there when I have gone true all paper photos and scanned them in. It will take awhile because my scanner "died"...... grrrrrr.... Some adult photos are also missing. The reason is that I have not got any from the owners. All "puppies" will still have their own pages except for those I have not got any information from since they left home - no need to have an empty page is it?!


2010-03-13 We have had sun for the last couples of days and the snow is melting rapidly - me like. We still have minus degrees, especially at nights, and that has made it dangerous to take walks during the day. The melting snow has turned into ice and it is so slippery that even the dogs takes it more slowly.

Rex has been a bit confused this last week ...... I am training the clicker on him and he do not understand why he got candy, after a click, while he had done nothing.....   hahahahaha..... However he is a smart boy and now he has started to try out different positions to make it click. Sit,  lay down, healing ... yes, even barking .... Is that a proof that he got it and I can move on to the next step?

I have also heard from the owners of the A-puppies :) Everything are getting along just fine and several of the owners have booked a new puppy in about 1-3 years from now!  Alpha has done her first tracking and she just love to find the husband of the owner with her toy in end of the track! Azzlan is very occupied learning great stuff - if you ask him - bowling with dachshund , trough and play with Papillion-ears, cleaning up after the horses........ Akira is doing success in shopping markets and on other public places - where she just "owning the whole place" ;) Azka love it in the zoo market and still want to be in "ma´s" lap - even though she starts to get a little bit big for it. Last I heard of Anzir and Attli they had their full time meeting people that never seen a Laekenois before and none of the girls seems to mind a bit! They also seems to have adjust to the different of weather and are doing fine in the heat. So happy everything are getting great and that you all (owners and dogs) seems to love each other. I will update the pups sites with what I have got in as information. =) Keep up the good work!!!

2010-03-05 On Monday this week I went to the doctor for taking blood samples and as well height as weight where checked to calculate my BMI - hm... it is very low I tell you..... any how I have gain 2 kg in weight and that is good! After that they "empty" me on blood for 7 (seven) tubes and as my beloved friend Tarja said - So much for 2 kg up ..... hahahaha...

During the week that has past Rex and I has been training barking on command. I also have tried to learn the program In design 4, and it has not been that easy, even though I do recognize a lot from the previous (read first) program: Page Maker. The reason for it is that I have accepted the editor post at the Belgian breeding club magazine in Sweden and when I did the magazine where already 1 month late. Now it is almost ready and next week it will be printed =). Stephanie is back in kinder garden again after her operation. She sleeps nice, the whole night, and do not snore or is having any breeding stop during sleep any longer - releasing! We also got more snow - as that should be necessary - but also very nice sunny days! The temperature is about - 11 degrees at the nights and gaining up to - 3 -- +1 at the days. We are still taken care of Anouk, for Annelie, and for each day that passes by I get more and more found of him - it will be hard to let him go home .......



Rex släpper inte!!2010-02-25 Every summer for the last two years my plan had been to attend to a week seminar in IPO, but both summers things always came up that spoiled my plans......

.... believe my happiness when I Thursday morning (18/2) packed in Rex and his son Anouk into the car to FINALLY drive to south of Sweden (Skåne) to attend in a weekend seminar with no less than Fabrizio Coppola! The weekend where amazing! Interesting, learning, uplifting, and energy kick giving AND weather changing - for sure! And the food - boy it was good!!!
Anouk did success with his clown-behavior and Rex did very nice in training. He is a quick learner, honest in his behavior, though, no sorrow lays over him and he bought what ever they tried with him or did to him! However everything almost ended before it even started ....... the backdoor of my car looked itself and it took quit a while before two strong men could open it - thank God! It is impossible to try out the dog in the sport if he is looked into the car ...... right?! About the weather then - during a time of two hLottas malle - Lisaours we had very changing weather! It started with heavy snowfall where the snowflakes where as big as a coin (2 cm diam.) and also so thick it took a while before they melted in the hand. Then it started to get very windy (as always in south of Sweden) - less nice. You could hardly see anything in front of you. After awhile the snow went over to a hailstorm ...... ouch!.... it really hurt when it hit in the face even though the hail where not big. Then it went over to..... RAIN... eh yes it actually came cold rain..... and went over to snowing again (for the rest of the day) - the Gods of weather had problem to decide it seems. The only thing we did not have this two hours where sun, but that we got on Saturday morning and to about lunchtime  =)

The night to Saturday was very cold and it came a lot of snow. The sun came through in the morning and it became a lovely day - almost spring feeling - and it made the snow started to melt on "our" cabin roof sliding down to finally hit the ground with a heavy noise..... just outside our door - where else? In the end of the first exercise for Rex his thong became blue - poor boy.... he could not get enough air in the neck less because he worked so hard - therefore the exercise after lunch where made in a harness that I fortunately could lend from Christina (tank you so much for the kindness), and Rex could act much better and to his fullness. Good boy!

Iris terv - ArnAfter the last dog of the day we went inside and while waiting for dinner Fabrizio went through the exercises of the day (different for different dog) and explained why they had done as they did and the goal of the exercises at the end. He also draw parallels to wild animal in hunting, playing and pack life. Educational I tell you!

During dinner and afterwards we had very nice time talking about everything - not only dogs, training and competing even though it of natural reason became a big subject. I find it very interesting to learn how other do theirs training and theirs thinking about dogs, problembehavior and solutions they have done and discovered working. Dobben - Gaia  A lot of histories about mistakes during competing and training where told and we laugh out laud several of times. In other words it was a generous bunch of peoples. at the seminar =) ! 

The night to Sunday where very cold and just before it started to freeze it came a lot of snow - just incase.... In the morning I could not open the backdoor - again - but this time because it has stuck frozen. The  only door that had not where the one on the drivers side. Finally we got it open and could start to warm the car up for Rex to be there Christinas riesen - Zeldabetween the exercises. With the harness on even today Fabrizio told me he wanted to try something more dificult on Rex. He also told me that he would probably not make it - to soon in his training - but he wanted to se what Rex would do anyway. Ok, try! The helping figurant took Rex, Fabrizio played and run behind the shield and they let Rex free! Of he went, rounded the shield and sat down, but no barking at all. After a short while he tried to get behind Fabrizio to steal the toy - when he understood that could not be done he barked twice!! and got his reward =) Rex almost made the exercise correct and Fabrizio where impressed! 

Mycket trevlig SchäferhaneI have to say I like seminaries where I do not have to do all the work! This weekend I where behind the help figurant most of the time telling Rex he did great and learned how to do it myself later in his education (that is when the help figurant is our figurant and I am on the other end of the leach. He told me later that he liked the reactions of Rex and is willing to be our figurant when times for this work comes). That was not hard work at all!! ;-) lol...... =)) We only trained Rex once today because you could tell he where very tired.

After all dogs had gone theirs for today - about lunch time - Fabrizio went through what he thought of the seminar time and each dog with its owner. He also gave homework and tip how to move further from now. After that people started to leave for home. I packed my things and the dogs and started the loooong way back home.

Even though you are a bit "cut of the world" on seminars like this we have had news about the weather and all the class two warnings that had been given. When I now started my trip back home I where a bit nervous about the slippery roads and how much snow there actually would be.Rex och Fabrizio But it turned out I did not have to worry until I got closer to Jönköping!  (Have they sold their snowplows?) The higher up I got - and closer to home - the worse the roads got. Not only by the "tons" of snow but also of the cold. It was like driving on pure ice! I had a brake at Maria on kennel Sinanjus where Anouk and Alpha played a lot =) Then I drove the last bit to home and the temperature became lower and lower. We had - 19 degrees Celsius outside........ brrrr......

Thank you beloved Lotta (kennel My´s Lya) for this week end and for your super delicious good food!! Now Rex and I will work hard on our homework so we can show you hove far we got next time we meet. And I do hope it will be soon ;-)

2010-02-14 Anouk has, since Anzir and Attli left, clearly shown that he find it lonely without his siblings to terrorize! Then early in Friday morning Alpha came to be with us over the weekend and the joy for both Anouk and Alpha is indescribable! Both got ....... total crazy - that simple ...... They have done their best to "kill" each other during these days and boy they have had fun! =)  Ma, Brizna, also became very happy the "lost" puppy was back! - well she needed to get a totally clean up (do not have the same smell as "home" any longer.. poor puppy) beside she must be starving being away so long...... so Brizna gave her milk! Anouk go a small zip before Brizna told him - enough young man! He has not been lost for several of days so he had to leave for bed so Alpha could get what Briznas might have to give. Then it was time to clean her up again before they started to play. Brizna had her hands full trying to play with them both...... hahahaha.... I actually do not understand that she lets them go on like she do..... boy it must be painful.......

When Alpha left for home today Anouk felt to sleep and slept for a long time!!! It is hard work to "kill" sister.....

In the afternoon he was out with his aunty, Raika. He find is a bit frightening when she come in "110" around the corner.... and yet.... very interesting and just have to run after her..... hahahahaha.... Raika is smart enough to understand she has to be gentle when he is close to her and - she is! Talking about a female that is giving of herself! Lovely! We hope for her to have her own puppies during this year - what a great mother she will be!! =)))

We also love to tell you all that Angelica got a new golden medal, yesterday, in archery!! Again! and again VAJERT! girl!

2010-02-09 Today we packed Anouk, Attli and Anzir in the car for traveling to Arlanda airport. They day had come for Attli and Anzir to flue home to Trinidad. The car trip (4 hours) went good and they slept most of the time (except for the short brake we had off course). At the airport we took a walk with them all before it was time to enter the flight-crate. Anouk then had to wait in the car. They got the biggest water bowl (or bucket actually) I ever seen in a flight-crate! Very nice! After a lot of kisses - as usually - and after making sure the food and their papers where good attached on top of the crate we started our journey back home. We had promised our children to have "dinner" at MC Donald's on our way back, so in Enköping where Anouk's owner lives we had our stop. She came over to meet Anouk and to give him a lot of kisses. She can hardly wait for the day she can bring him home. =) Anouk, on the other hand, had his hands full "talking" to every one on two legs that past by him. Good boy!

2010-02-06 Yesterday we went to the veterinarian with Anzir and Attli for their second and last health certificate for traveling on Tuesday to their new homes in =) Anouk followed too as companion and training. The car traveling went just fine and the puppies where quiet and slept most of the trip. At the veterinarian Anzir jumped up towards a trashcan of plate - it looks like a tube and is about 89-90 cm high - and the metal sound it made hitting the floor where terrible. Any of the puppies scared? No not a bit .... the only thing that happen was that the 2- legged of us still have that terrible metal noise ringing in our ears and also that the veterinarian came into the room wondering what could have be left in the room for my dogs demolish this time!! hahahahaha. She also wondered if all Laekenois puppies where this "non belgic" ...... what  can I say..... ;) ... Anouk took a big jump and landed on the veterinarian table and a new one down again! He also gave the veterinarian a big lick and after a tooth status in her nose when she forgotten herself and bend over the puppies to pick one of them up. She laugh and said - Hey young boy, you  are something I will keep you myself. Thy can forget you where even here and go home without you!!!  lol!! (Just wonder what the owner of Anouk, Anneli, should say about that) The trip today made them calm for the rest of the evening - nice =)

Today Angelica have competed in archery and it went just great! 508 points is new personal record, new club record and was enough for the golden medal!!! VAJERT girl! We are so proud of you! Keep up the good work and we keep our fingers crossed!


2010-01-31 This weekend has been a bit turbulent - emotional so to speak! Yesterday Barbara and René from Switzerland came to our house. We hade a great time, ate good and talked about everything and they got quality time with Akira. After all paperwork, signs and translations we sat down and and had cheese and biscuits and talked to way after midnight.

Today I got several of phone calls because I am turning 45. Thank you for all congratulations, also the once that came by mail, where written in the guestbook at the kennel site and on face book =) Maria and Mats, from kennel Sinanjus, came just before lunchtime because both Alpha, whom we have been puppy guarding for one week, and Akira shall leave us today for their new homes. Outside the sun where shining and it was - 11 degrees = We where out with the puppies taken a lot of photos and our other dogs had their chance to charm Barbara end René - and they did for sure. Especially Rex and Brizna off course! After a nice lunch Akira and her new owners left us for the airport and I thought my heart should burst into peaces!  Despite that... it feels so right with this family and they promised me a female back if they will breed Akira in the future. We, the whole family, want to thank Barbara and René for a lovely weekend and we will for sure keep our fingers and claws crossed for big success making Akira a rescuing dog. Warmly good luck =)

I also felt lucky that Maria and Mats could stay longer. Nice to talk for a while and to get a chance to collect all thoughts and  impressions during this weekend. I was also lucky to get a phone call from the owner of Azzlans. She started to tell me that everything goes well, BUT there is a small problem she said...... right... here it comes, I thought..... It is total impossible to train Azzlan to come when to call on him!! eh.... what? is he running the other direction? .... now she started to laugh out laud, NO she said but it is impossible to train a dog to come on call when he ALWAYS is on the feet or very close by!!!! hahahahaha well yes that is true. I asked if she had tried to run away from him and she had, but he was almost as quick in the snow so that did not help at all. God we laughed for a long time......

Now there is only tree puppies left in the house. Anzir and Attli, waiting for the airline to tell when it is time to fly to Trinidad, and beloved Anouk "Noucken" whom we are puppy guarding while Anneli has some stuff to take care of before he comes home.  We do not mind a bit - take your time Anneli - because he is just fantastic!!

2010-01-26 On Sunday, 24 of January I and Azzlan started our 1000 km journey to his new owner in north of Sweden. First by car to the train in Hallsberg. The train from Hallsberg to  Bålsta and from there by buss to Arlanda airport.

Azzlan and I played in the snow outside the airport for a while and he also did his toilet. Good boy! Then we went inside to get his ticket and the boardingcards. Done with the custom we went to a nice café. I had a needed big cup of coffee and shared with Azzlan a cheese sandwich - tasty he said. Peoples started to fill up the aria and Azzlan made a success among them all ;). After one and a half hour it was time to border the plain. When you travel with animals you are to be seated in the back of the plane, so we had to go down and outside on the ground and up on the loose-stairs to the backdoor! Our seat was the last ones in the plain. During "take off" I feed Azzlan with small peaces of lever to make him swallow as much he could - THAT was even better than cheese he thought and did not reacted that the plane took of! Good boy - again :-) When the plane where over the clouds and leveled out - Azzlan made it comfortable for himself and felt to sleep =) The flight to Lulea (Piteå the town he will live in has no airport) takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. It was 3 airhostess or more correct 2 airhostess and 1 steward on our plane and we had them ALL in probably 40 minutes all together of the time. ;-) What can I say..... Azzlan is charming!! 
When we had landed I went to the big parking lot for the taxi cars on the other side of the street trying to find the one booked among them that should take me and Azzlan to Piteå (1 hour drive from the airport.). There where a lot of cars there but non of them had a booking for a confused lady and a pappy....... but they all wanted to help out and make room for me if mine would not show up after all.  - BOY such lovely peoples they where! In mean time waiting Azzlan did his toilet again and we played a lot at the parking aria. The cell-phone started to ring and it was Azzlans owner wondering where I was because the taxi driver had call her and said he could not find me anywhere! Well - he was looking inside the building! It turned out that he had been standing in end of the stairs where you go down, looking for a lady with a puppy in her arms, but Azzlan was in his bag so he did not se him therefore I passed by him by. ...... lol..... I told the nice drivers outside a big THANK YOU for everything and with Azzlan under my arm I went back to the building and meet the driver just outside it. Then it turned out that his car where parked among the ordinary parking lot - NOT at the one for the taxi...... During the drive we talked about everything and it turned out he had a sister living not that far from us - just below a small place called Hjo and he had a brother in Olofström!!! I could not believe it! Here you travel 1000 km and meet a person that have siblings almost where you live your self and one in the small town where Angelica is at the archery gymnasium!! We do live in a small world do we not?!

He drove up at the yard outside the house and  Cathrin and her son came out to welcome us. Nice the traveling finally where over for Azzlan and he loved that food waited for him inside =)) During the evening he got acquainted with the pack he now will live in. One older tervueren male, two dachshunds (a male and a female of normal size and long haired) and two male papillion. The most happy over the fact Azzlan where there was the youngest male of the papillion. He had a character you do not se that often in small dogs =)) He decided right away that Azzlan where HIS puppy!! They played, slept and played from the first sight of each other....... lovely. The one that was not so happy and wanted to have something to say about it - if she could - where the dachshund lady. She could not se the charm in a bearded "thing" within her home. Especially when the "thing" totally without manner, took one of her crocks that laid on the floor close to her blackleg.......

20 minutes after midday (13.20) the next day, the taxi stood on the yard outside to get me back to the airport and the long traveling back home again. The driver was a woman that was as nice as all the people I have had the fortune to meet up here. Is there anyone of you that have been thinking: nothing special have happen during this trip - so far? For those who do not know yet - it is ALWAYS happening crazy things when I travel. Everything from driving over foot by car, chasing new arrived lam in Germany or be landed at the showground with the car up on a breakdown lorry and the caravan after..... well you understand ....  The owner of Azzlan also know about this so she kindly asked me to make nothing happen during the trip up to them, no if it should happen anything it better be on the way home she said the night before I left.... and it is now it starts ....... fist of all every car we meat on our way to the airport where given light signals to make us pay attention because a huge police-control a head of us - and it was but they did not pay any interest in us at all, at the airport the customdetector reacted - but not with the usually sound (I more or less always starts that sound when passing) - no this where total different and I have never heard it before (never started one before either for that matter......) and a custom worker waived to me to come up to him while he called out for assistant from a female worker on his walkie-talkie. When I approached him I told him I found it strange that the detector reacted because it did NOT yesterday on Arlanda airport. Well he said it is not that.... the detector has chosen you for body search!!!! WHAT??? MOI, ME???? It turned out to be a body search outside the clouding - thank God I am not ticklish - and they totally empty my pockets and the bag and when true everything! I am great full I where allowed to keep the clouds on and they did not find anything of matter in the bag either!!.... chosen by the detector..... yeh.... right.....

The absolute most fabulous sunset I ever seen in my whole life I had the fortune to witness over the clouds this evening! What a feeling and what an experience so beautiful - everything went kind of calm inside! wow..... A bit over one hour later we landed at Arlanda. Took the fast train to Stockholm Central to get the main train to Hallsberg. I was a bit worried that I might miss my train home because they have rebuilt so much at the Central station I do not recognize it any longer! But I did not have to worry, when arriving there I got 30 minutes before my train should leave and it turned out from the platform just next to the one I came from. =) stod det ett där..... kliver på det och en dam utan platsbiljett sitter på min plats och flyttar så snäll på sig till platsen mitt i mot. Vid det här laget är jag helt slut - det känns att jag varit på resande fot sedan morgonen dygnet innan och jag är alldeles mosig i huvudet till dess tåget börjar röra sig .... 20 minuter innan avgång! Kan bara konstatera att jag sitter på fel tåg! Konduktören kommer och medan han kikar på min biljett säger han att alla vagnar hamnar förr eller senare i Hallsberg så även denna - om ett dygn eller två - det är bara att sitta kvar.... hahahahaha... så la han till att jag skulle gå av i Västerås och invänta det tåg jag skulle ha tagit från början!!!! Jag är så trött och i det här läget finns det två kategorier människor 1) de som börjar stor gråta 2) de som börjar skratta ohämmat och jag tillhör den senare kategorin. Jag känner hur det börjar bubbla i magtrakten .....och jag måste bita mig ordentligt i tungan för att inte fullständigt brista ut i asgarv. Kvinnans blick framför mig var oslagbar! Hon hade ju flyttat på sig för min skull, som inte ens skulle vara på det tåget! Vilken tur att det inte gick åt något helt annat håll........ Straxt efter 8 på kvällen, efter tågbyte i Västerås, landade jag i Hallsberg där Göte väntade med bilen. Straxt efter 9 klev jag åter innanför dörren här hemma och det var med en tung duns jag landade med uppvärmd mat i soffan. Nu är det omladdning och planering för mottagande av ägarna till exporterna som gäller. De beräknas anlända till helgen. 

2010-01-22 Today the first of the puppies left for her new home. We wish beloved Azka and her owner Kristin warmly good luck with everything you will do together - and the plans for messenger- dog we like a lot and will keep fingers crossed for you ;)

2010-01-20 The first time the puppies where out today they chased each other a lot. Suddenly they discovered the birds and just had to bark on them.... flying there and sitting in the bushes singing... no.. no.. not in our garden!! Anouk and Alpha had not time with any birds they where playing "you can not catch me" around a big tree and, to Alphas big surprise, she suddenly MET Anouk instead of having him behind....... he is not so stupid that one... got it to turn around and get her quicker by that..... a smart guy!!! 

The second time they where out both Rex and Brizna where with them. The puppies had to move around for sure trying to get mom and dad when they run. Rex tried to get Brizna because she had taken his boll, and they all chased after as fast as they could. When Brizna stopped she instantly got 7 "wiled animals" under her trying to get some milk before she took of again........ Interesting that she still gives them now and then despite they will turn 8 weeks tomorrow - Good mom!! Either Rex or Brizna stepped or frighten any of the puppies. When they got close to any of the pups in their way they just took a long jump over! Good parents! Nice! After a while we let the pups in and they ate a BIG meal before they felt to sleep.

2010-01-18 Veterinarian visit day! They did there best to turn the practice down!!! =) Nice puppies! Found a cleaning broom and dragged it around or struggled with it when they where not climbing in her bookcase or under the table. Some of the electrical stuff had to be rescued as well from their sharp teeth. Then when they got tired they just laid down and felt to sleep - one by one. The veterinarian where very impressed by them! =)) Only one of the puppies did not like to go by car... it might have something to do with that we do not have a radio so she solved that by singing for us ....... the whole way (60 km) to the vet and the whole way (60 km) back home again!!!!! The other slept! 

2010-01-17 Today the puppies where our with Even. They seemed to like it and so did Even. He had to stand up for a lot of fussing from them because he is soooooo big...... lol..... Alpha tried her best to make him play a bit with him, but you can not start Even up that easily. He went of to the compost with the "gang" after him probably to teach them where to find some nice stuff to eat..... BUT we have to much snow so they could not get in there..... la la la la........

2010-01-16 It is now settled that tree of the girls are going to be rescue-dogs in their future. Two of them are going to Trinidad and the third to Schweitzerland. We have had the fortune to deliver two males there before - also to be rescue-dogs. These two are Vajert Xantos and Vajert Xendi. Two brothers to the grandmother out of this litter - Xtra!! So happy it now will be one more there from our kennel =))
One of the girls, Alpha, is going to be a military-dog here in Sweden in her future and she is in good, safe hands when Maria at Kennel Sinjanus is in the other end of the leach!! Nice ;) Azka is going to south of Sweden, Hässleholm. They will do tracking and obedience and probably agility as well. Kristin, owner of Azka, was looking at Rex when he was a puppy and it feel extra special that she now came back for one of his daughters.

They boys will stay in Sweden. Azzlan (which means lion - suitable right?!) will go high up north to Hortlax. A small place outside Piteå. They will do tracking and obedient and I did hear something about wild animal tracking! That is great - he LOVES wild pork...... at least as an soft toy........ ;-)
Anouk will go to Anneli in Enköping (middle of Sweden), the owner of Vajert Lobo during his life time. :-) They will concentrate on tracking and obedient. =))


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7 weeks of age

Anzir/Trinidad Azzlan/Hortlax Attli/Trinidad
Azka/Hässleholm Akira/Schweitzerland Anouk/Enköping Alpha/Tibro

2010-01-14 "Only" -6 degrees today = we have been out with the litter for a longer time, one hour actually, and as long as they keep moving around there is no problem for them. Now you can tell they have been out a couples of times. They run so the snow is whirling around them ...... *lol* ...... They become snow monsters with snow all over the body. The stair outside is very funny to run up and down and now they are doing it in a crazy speed. They also play a lot more, chasing each other.

Our clematis on the house wall is a big fighting rag and they are hanging in it as soon as they comes out trying to rip it down!! They have not made it so far.....

The one that like to go in first is usually Azka/Grey - but only to get rugged, dry and warm to instantly run out again!! Today she managed to get the towel with her when she took of to get outside to the others. I found it in the hall on the right side of the door where she dropped it. ;) When 6 of them are inside, rugged warm and dry again waiting for food there is still 2 outside that will  NOT come in at all ..... Azzlan/Blue and Alpha/Red!!!

To give you a feeling of how the landscape is when the pups comes out I took this photo of our garden today ;)


2010-01-12 Today it was again -8 degrees Celsius and the puppies had a great time outside. We did not carry them out today they had to walk themselves and it was no problem. I do not understand why I thought our stair outside would be any problem for them.....   Azka even jumped the last step. =))

They do run like crazy and Anzir/Wine red found a heather sticking up in the snow. It is no longer! She pulled and dragged until it gave in. Thank God we got frozen soil so the root is still under taken the winter nap  ;)

Lovely Akira/Lime got behind a wall of snow and had a "hard" time coming over it, but with the purposefulness and stubbornness (in a good way) she got she made it over by her self. I will miss this female a lot when she leaves home for her new country. I am sure she will do great within her new family and future work =)

They all slept good and for a long time after the play outside =)  

2010-01-10 The thermometer shown - 20 degrees Celsius yesterday when Göte drown Angelica back to the bow gymnasium. The pack, included mom Brizna, had big playtime with Cassandra and Stephanie - and I do not know who had most fun of them =) Stephanie laugh so much she became red in her face. After about 45 minutes the puppies dropped of one by one and it took not long before even Brizna slept deep on her back. They all slept for a LONG time after all that playing! The girls went to watch TV and they both almost fell to sleep in front of it! It takes on the strength to play with 7 pups and their play-crazy mother ;-)

Today it was "only" - 8 degrees Celsius. So when Maria came we took the puppies out for the first time! Yihaaaa... fun and cold for the pawls... but they started to explore instantly. To taste leafs, bushes and snow where very exciting and fun it seemed! I do hope the weather keeps it like this so we can take a new exploring time tomorrow. =)

Lime tasting the snow

We also had a visit from Kristin (Azkas new owner) with family - Lovely time and thank you for the chocolate. See you soon again =)

2010-01-07 Our oldest daughter, Angelica, is turning 18 years old today!! We celebrated that yesterday with family and close friends. We had a very nice time and Angelica is very pleased over the way the whole day turned out.

Today the puppies turns 6 weeks of age and we have cut claws, taken weight and photos of them as usual =) The time just flies by, it feels, and the first puppy will soon, way to soon, leave home....  They are crazy wild when they put that into their minds. A lot of fighting spirit and the temperament that a Laekenois should have. Yet no problem what so ever to sleep when they are tired even though it can be very high sound-level a round them. It is a lovely litter that are using their curiosity and teeth into everything they explore - boy that do hurts ....... Now we just wish the temperature outside will be better, so we can take them out to explore the snow, but as it is now it is way to cold! The weekend to come shall be better, at least the newspaper and TV say so, and we are crossing our fingers it will. The grey female have almost both ears up now. Only the yellow female are doing like the "old times" Laekenois - waiting longer =) No hurry to get the ears up....... She is so cute! Only 1 female is not spoken for yet, so there is still a chance if anyone is interested :-)


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Vinröd/Wine red Blå/Blue - Azzlan Gul/Yellow
Grå/Grey - Aska Lime Grön/Green - Anouk Röd/Red - Alpha

2009-01-02    We wish for all of you a great 2010!  

After a nice visit by Lotta at Kennel Mys Lya - at last - I have spent the afternoon/evening looking back at the year 2009 to do a summation of it as always. Sorry to say the year 2009 was a year of sorrow! Well there have also been some light happening and thank God for that otherwise I am not sure we would have coped with all bad stuff.

Starting with the family year: Angelica have had tremendous success with her archery - way over our expectations for the year! At the Middle-age festival at Gotland one of her bows where broken into two peaces, that could have ended up very bad, but she had great luck. Now they call her "bow killer". ;-)

Cassandra has done her first term in school. She reads very good already and we can not write down things she should not hear any longer (secrets)! That means we are talking a lot of English now days just to learn they have started that in school already!!!.... she translate some of the words for her sister..... ..... hm....

Stephanie has become a leader at the kindergarten and we understand she like that position very much. Wonder what she will be in future....

Jennifer has done her first term at the gymnasium and it has not been easy for her. Her difficulties makes it hard, but she is a fighter so she will do better next term.

Kennel- related then. Well.... sough... except for sad news of beloved dogs that are not longer with us, the year did not go as we planed and hoped for. Started with no second litter out of Daphne and no puppies after Raika. I could not attend at the training camp I hoped so much in after all. That because our electrical things (TV, washer, laundry, the car - twice ....) in the house broken one by one - EXPENSIVE experience =( .
On the other hand I had one, that I have longed for in ages, wish come true: DOGSLED RIDE! WOW! It is with warmness in heart I go back in my mind to those days in Finland and when I do I always send a gratitude thought to Sari that made it happen =)

Other happy things that have happen are all the Vajert-dogs with their owners that have achieved a lot during the year! Not as many as we are used to, but the once that have come to our knowledge have all made us smile and we are very proud over you! I usually do not take them up one by one - that because I do not want to risk to make any one feel forgotten. How ever there are some "specials" I will mention anyway and all of them with mentally "status"  . First of all Rex and Raika that went to Finland and did their mentally-test with approved as result! Then Raily and Rex approved the Swedish big mentally-test: Korning. Now we are waiting for the exterior-description of Raily, so he can have the title as Rex has. Raika also went for the big mentally-test but her score where to low for approval. In the end of the year Raily also approved the L-test (Polis dog test)! Now he is training for guard-/police-dog work. All the dogs success, no matter in what they done, you have had the chance - and still have - to read it on their own pages. I hope you all will continue to send me what you are doing with your dogs - we love to read about your doings! and please send photos! =) I will also herby Thank you all Vajert-dog owners for what you are doing with your dogs and for doing it so great!  

They year ended up much better than it started!! And one of the reasons is the birth of the A-litter. WONDERFUL to have puppies in the house again and such a joy to se them develop to the individuals they now are. I am sure they will give great joy to their owners (and us) one day =)

2010 then .......

Well I have also give the new year a thought. A couple of things are planed already and the biggest event will be the World Dog Winning show in Denmark 2010! Rex and Brizna will be there and we are planning to stay for a week, so we can visit friends we have not seen in a long time and also for the children to visit Lego land. Rex and Brizna will also attend the Swedish Winner show before WW 2010.

We also have plans to go to the SBLO special show at lovely IVON, but that is not settled yet. Training and hopefully obedient competition this year. And, and, and, if things goes as planed training camp with start in February and a camp in July. Keeping fingers crossed for this year to be "the turning winds year" - because now we would like to have some "lucky" winds for a change .....

Ending this with photos of the "pack in the kitchen" when they are 5 weeks of age! Only one female are not booked yet ;-)


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Vin röd Blå Gul
Grå Lime Green Röd

Wish for all of you a great 2009 what ever you do with your dogs!