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2008-12-28 Christmas has now past by and we had a very nice calm family time!

Here is the house and train in gingerbread I was talking about =9 One nice thing, never thought I would write something like this, was that the computers have been of the whole Christmas! When starting them up again I had tons of mail and more cards to add to the site - thank you for them!

There where also a very chocking news among the mails. Irma at kennel Valkohampaan in Finland past away Christmaseve in a heart-attack. ....... Do not know what to say? Our thoughts goes to Irma´s husband, 4 children and her closest friends that are having a hard time right now.

I was not a very close friend to Irma, but we talked several of times when we met during the years I have had Laekenois. She always had someone with her helping out with the English language because that was not one of her strongest side. She did understand, but preferred not to speak herself. Sitting her thinking of the very first time I met her - she wanted my Effi to be breed to one of the males from her breeding..... I remember it like it was yesterday because in my eyes Irma was a BIG breeder of Laekenois and I hade the strongest respect for her. She had so much knowledge and was not afraid to say her opinion abut things at all! In other words I liked her and I felt chosen when she wanted one of her males for my female..... childish.... yes, I know but that is on me.... the same feeling came back when she, with help, called me and asked if she could use X on her female. Off course she could! if the male owner agrees! She did and within one month I will go to Finland to mate with one of the sons out of that litter on Daphne - the circle is closed. I had hoped for us to met and I feel so sad that can not be. Her daughter is already in the kennel but now she has to go on by her self with the work Irma once started. I wish her all the good luck she might need. And do hope we will met in Finland while I am there.

2008-12-15 The Lucia past by and it was very nice. Cassandra did very good and Stephanie as well. This weekend we have baked gingerbread... well bread... house and train more like it! It is for our winter landscape we do every year. I promise to take a photo when the land is done and put it up here for you to se =)

The Christmas cards is dropping in! Very nice to get and I have send our card for this year to everybody.... at least I think I sent to everybody, if I missed anyone it might be that the mail address is not working - have a few of those - the others that might feel forgotten please forgive me and copy the card from the site! Thank you!

2008-12-10 It is a special day for me and Göte today! 20 years ago we got married!  Where have all that years gone??????? Also it has been snowing the whole day as it did this day 20 years ago! We celebrated with a very nice dinner and a nice glass of wine =)

That it also is the Nobel day today just increase the celebrating feeling!


2008-11-30 1a advent! The time is running so fast I can not believe it! Today the family have baked gingerbread for this evening when we will have coffee, glögg (a mulled and spiced wine) beside the fireplace. Our two years old girl, Stephanie, had her own version of doing gingerbread - instead of roll out the dough and stamp out the figures she simply pushed in the dough into the forms and cut the away what was left well... that is one way of doing it!

Today it is also Even´s birthday. He become tree years of age today our "little" guy and I have asked him if that means he will finally grow up so we can do some serious obedient training - but he just kind of shake his head - I am guessing that means: NO WAY - I am at my best sleeping at the sofa, playing with the kids in their sandbox or flirting with females! Sough .... and he is suppose to be a working dog?! no - not much he is - no! Well I have seen him done both tracking and obedient - so I know he can do it and very good as well.... if he feels like it - that is. At least he has his great mentally and during next year he will go into breeding - Did you hear that Even?!!!

2008-11-28 Sadly all snow is already gone here  =(

Well well, It might just start to snow before Christmas - let us hope for that to happen.

Carole and Vajert Balto have earned their first title! They have competed in Rally Obedience and gained RN the 8th of November! So happy for you - congratulation - not to say very proud! Thank you for the feeling =)

2008-11-24 Today it is just one month left for Christmas eve! The day the children for sure are longing for because in Sweden that is the day we give Christmas presents, eat Christmas food (way to much for some of us...) and have our family traditions. I know that in USA, for example, you celebrate Christmas the day after and it is more common for you to do it with friends than we do here. Anyhow - the countdown has started and both Cassandra and Stephanie are excited over the present "mountain" that is growing here..... =)

The snow started to fall here on Saturday and has not stopped yet! Everything outside are white and the dogs are just crazy in the snow. The snow do in fact make it so much brighter and I cross my fingers it will stay to Christmas this year. The children have been out doing snowmen and ride sleigh for hours - now their noses and cheeks are red. =)

2008-11-08 After one weeks of training at 25 meter in free-style (Angelicas new class) she competed today and got new personal record with 335 points ..... you rock girl!  That is not only and increase of distance with  med 7 meters, it is also an 65 points up than last time (on 18 meters) and also she is in reach of the others points in this class and they have trained and competed in it for 3 years or more! (They have tried out her main class for fun and are not even close to here score here!) She ended up on 4th place this time! Am I proud or PROUD.......? 

Yesterday Stephanie, I and Even took a long walk at  Åmmeberg. Did take some photos, off course, but they had been much nicer if the sun had been shining. Anyhow the walk took much longer time than I first planed and that's because Stephanie had to examine every little thing she saw. A good thing if you are 2 of age, but not when it is raw and cold outside and not when having Even to keep your eyes on the whole time. Yes - he will do something crazy if you do not!

During this week I have tried to work on different suggestion for a new site - Viking site - they asked me to do some layouts to choose from at their next meeting, but right now I have none ideas to talk about. Dry out like in Sahara-desert. I have made two so far ..... nope.... do not feel good on either of them.... sough..... Anyone with ideas?

2008-11-02 Today, way to early for my taste, Monica and I put the children and dogs into the car for driving down to Sävsjö working club for MH (mentally-description) on Brizna and Wynjha (Monica and Mike´s groenendael female). Is it not the best way to celebrate Halloween? With real ghost I mean?! hahahaha

When we got to the club Susanne at Ruby River´s had already gone the track with two males from her M-litter (we did se the last elements that Salute did) Beside this two Gina - Susannes import from Belgium, Blaise (also from the M-litter), two Flat Coated Retrivers (?!) entered the track, and, off course, Brizna and Wynjha.

All the dogs, even the Flats, did great and all with no fear of gunfire! Laekenois power! well yes..... some  groenendael power too off course! Wynjha did one of the best MH I have seen on groenendael! Congratulations to both Mike and Monica for two very nice dogs. During the day, beside a lots of laughs and nice conversations about different mentally of different breeds and dogs,  we had a lovely lunch, thank you Susanne, a very tasty cake to the coffee and Stephanie got to open her late birthday presents from her Godfather and Godmother - the top of the day if you ask her ;-)

When we where done at the club we went further south to Olofström, to leave Angelica have dinner and after a short rest we started the long drive home again. Back home early next morning - 02.45- proud over the good tracks Brizna and Wynjha did and total exhausted driving several of hours it was not hard to fell a sleep I tell you!


2008-10-25 Rather full of excitement we went to the working-club for the big mentally-test. Rather disappointed we left it!!!! We saw 4 collies at the track. 2 rough-hair and 2 smooth hair. If you do not have a dog with a lot of fighting spirit and willingness to fight and pull the stock you better not enter it at all! Some of the new elements was interesting, but I can not se why they where done. Some of the old ones was a bit changed in they way they do it and some was taken away. I do miss the drummer boy! And I have to agree that the old one was much better in showing the mentally of the dog, and yes - do train the dog and no one will ever know the true mentally of it. How ever I will go to two more just to se other breeds at the track as well before given my total opinion about it. Now when seeing it I am happy I already decided to take my dogs for the big mentally-test in Finland. I am pretty sure they would make the new one here, but can not se any good reason to do it when the old one is so much better in my eyes (and I am not even sure they would make the old one).

2008-10-24 Today it is just two month left for Christmas!!!!..... Where do the time go but faster the older you get? I have already bought my first Christmas-present and the rest is in top of my head!

This weekend I am going to see the new mentally-test (Korning) They have changed it and I have not yet got the chance to se the changes myself. Peoples tells me the old one was much better and that the new one is only for dogs with fighting spirit. I even heard judges say they would never put up their dogs unless they trained them in some of the elements first!?! That is not right in my opinion - a mentally-test shall show the dogs mentally without training for it - I mean what is natural and what is because of good training otherwise? .... hm ..... Promise to tell you what I think about it. 

2008-10-14 Today my husband was suppose to start his new job and what happens! During the night he came down with the flu!!!! What kind of a start is it to call the boss and tell him he will not be there. I do feel sorry for him.

2008-10-07 Well the poles stood up the first heavy storm, but the trees behind them did not! So we had to dig them down much deeper and the same evening storm number two crossed by, but this time everything looked normal the morning after ;-)

2008-10-04 The autumn is here for sure! A big storm is coming up and I am a bit worried..... we have just finish to get the pals down for the dog yards and now I am afraid to find them on the ground tomorrow...... We also have succeeded in making our neighbors enough curious, about what we are doing in our backyard, they have start talking..... hihi.... Today I put tulips into the ground with hope of lovely colored flowers to enjoy in springtime :-)


2008-09-26 Got the "big computer" back today! So far it looks like it is ok again. Do cross your fingers the "technical troll" will take a looooong vacation.

2008-09-19 Got the TV back today. A very small thing was broken and replaced so now it works again. :-) The laptop and the print as well as the cooler too..... One have to be happy over nothing sometimes.... ;-) 

2008-09-18 Remember the "big" computer? Where at the "computer-doctor" to take the "temperature" on it and it was all over his desk.... in peaces..... He told me that the allocation arm in the hard disk was giving up and if it did I would loose everything on the computer. So he had started the "save what ever could be saved" job and was hoping the arm would not give up until he got everything. We order a new hard disk and after that installation the computer will be tested for 3-4 days to make sure it is not anything else - read the sound card, picture card etc. - that also wants to give up. This computer is just 2,5 years old so I do not get it. How can the hard drive been over already? Crap! When getting to the gas station next thing appears ..... the gas meter is telling me I have no gas left, but when filling it up I could only get half tank in it? Do not tell me the "thing" in the tank is given up also..... yea, why not.....    

2008-09-17 Believe me.... we have a technical-troll in our equipments at home. How can it bee that when one thing brakes down some kind of chain starts and thing by thing brakes?

First out was our printer- total dead one day, then the "big" computer - is now at the "computer-doctor"  and it should take about 3-4 days to fix but I have not got it back yet (2 weeks later!) Well always thought about buying a laptop so why not now. Going to the store bought new laptop, new printer and a cooler for the lap. Back home happily unpacking our new things thinking our problem is over...... hm... No they just started...... The brand new laptop will not work with the printer at all?! After 7 reinstallations of the software I call the printer-service to get help. A very nice person is doing everything to help out but it is not anything wrong with the printer! It just have to be the laptop.....  Going back to the store to have it replaced and find myself standing with one of the most disobliging unagreeable salesmen I have ever meet. Still surprised I did not swept the floor with him .........

After a lot of discussion he finally agrees to install the software of one printer they had in the store and hehe... oops sorry... but the laptop did NOT work with the printer! He the switch the cables twice - still no printing! Then he makes a call and the man he is talking to tells him so loud we can hear him - What are you thinking with, replace the laptop! Something is wrong with it! Ok, that was what I said when I enter the store....... Then it turns out they did not have any at the store, but on Monday next week one shipment should arrive so they should call me and I can come back to get a new one. Ok fine nothing to do......

Thursday the week after I had still not heard anything from them. Called the store and came to a answering-machine saying they could not answer, but I was most welcome to the store! Well not driving 80 km one way not knowing the computer is there, so I called the headquarters. Was put in line and after 3 minutes a nice voice told me they had a queue for 54 minutes!!!!! and that they will take my call as soon as they could.... OR I could leave my number and they would call back when anyone was available - that became my choice! 54 minutes! how could that be?

The day after they did call back and a very nice lady asked if she could help me. I told her about my problem and she called the store for me. And yes, the computer was there, but they have not hade the time to call me yet... I was most welcome to the store to get it! I was out of town the whole weekend so Monday I entered the store and believe it or not - the same salesmen again whit the same way! He did not ever remember me until he saw the laptop. Then he said that he could not call because he lost my phone-number - he wrote it down on the copy he took of my recite - and now he lost it! At the same time I returned the cooler because it has broken down and he was not happy over the fact he had to replace that too. Got home major irritated and when I unpack the new laptop and open it the first thing I saw was a rather big dead pixel at the screen!!! The words that came out of my mouth I will spare you, but our youngest daughter did get some new one to try out.....

On my way downstairs to call the headquarters again thinking no idea to call the store at all, I run into Cassandra that tells me the TV is not working?!!  WHAT?! Not possible.... off course it works, but no she was right! The TV just blurred, no light, no screen, no nothing! I do not believe this is happening! Made the phone call and it was no problem for me to replace the laptop in one other store. Thank you!

Later that evening we installed the TV from the caravan. The picture is knife-sharp but very small ;) The day after we leave the TV for reparation and went to the store in the other town to replace the laptop. There we got the boss of the store him self and he was very sorry on our behalf over everything that have happen with my laptop. It turned out that he had worked at the other store, but did not know the salesmen I meet.... No, right.... never mind... he replaced the laptop after checked it up so their would be no pixels problems anyway and gave us a better price on DVD disks that we bought - that is service! He also wrote a note to the staff (making sure it would be no problem if he was not there) saying we could buy Norton antivirus for half the price and that we got the whole week to decide. A very nice offer I think.

Got home and unpacked the new laptop. A bit nervous when I done everything and started the printer to se if they would work together...... YES they did!

2008-09-15 As if I do not have enough to do, I stumbled over the idea of starting my relative resurge I always wanted to do thinking how hard could it be? hehe.... well let me tell you it is not easy! Fun, interesting, educating but NOT easy at all.  Well we see how far back I can come ;-)

2008-09-12 When I bought my laptop and open the site for the first time I got a chock. It looked terrible and I just had to do something about it. Now it is done! My site is very BIG so every time I want to change it it feels like ages before everything is done and even if I look true every page I always miss something. Please let me know if any link or photo does not show.